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hostelworld affiliate program

Hostelworld Affiliate Program

Hostelworld affiliate program allows publishers to monetize their content by attracting customers. Join now to make your first passive income.




30 days



Hostelworld is known as a trusted booking platform in the travel sector worldwide. It now offers an attractive affiliate opportunity allowing publishers to earn commissions from promoting its services.

In this in-depth overview, we’ll explore the Hostelworld affiliate program to provide an inside look. Let’s dive in before deciding whether it’s worthwhile!

About Hostelworld

Founded in 1999, Hostelworld is the world’s leading hostel-focused online booking platform. Hostelworld aims to facilitate global connections by making travel accessible. Their platform allows adventurers to book and explore the world on a budget.

With Hostelworld, you can search, compare prices, and book hostel dorms or private rooms anywhere. Also, they offer extras like airport transfers and tours, along with travel insurance and SIM cards.

How Does the Hostelworld Affiliate Program Work?

Hostelworld affiliate program pays publishers to refer users to book hostels and other travel products through affiliate links. This program is hosted by Partnerize, a trusted affiliate network worldwide.

The program is for any publisher with an audience of budget-conscious travelers. Still, it is well-suited for budget travel blogs, backpacking sites, or influencers.

Partnering with Hostelworld, you can benefit from a committed support team with timely assistance. It also allows issues detailed performance reporting and global self-billing options with 60 currencies.

Hostelworld Affiliate Commission Rates and Payment Details

The Hostelworld affiliate program pays an 18-22% commission per referred bookings. The cookie lasts 30 days, meaning the booking must happen within 30 days of the first click for you to get the commission.

Affiliate payments are processed on a monthly basis via the PHG platform. It requires publishers to have a minimum threshold of at least $30 to receive and withdraw their income.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hostelworld Affiliate Program

Before joining the program, consider the advantages and disadvantages carefully. You may need to go through them first.

Advantages Disadvantages
Strong property base Limited payment method
High earning potential (18-22%) Minimum threshold required ($30)
Long cookie duration (30 days)
Dedicated affiliate support

You can benefit from the program in many aspects. Hostelworld offers bookings at over 36,000 properties worldwide. Thus, you can approach a wide range of customers no matter where they are.

Besides, it offers very competitive commission rates, up to 22% per booking. This is coupled with a 30-day cookie lifetime and turnkey support from the affiliate team.

Yet, this program has some limitations in its payout process. Publishers can only receive payment through the PHG platform. Additionally, you have to reach at least $30 to receive your earnings.

Hostelworld Affiliate Program Sign-up Guide

In this section, we will give you a step-by-step guide. You can use it to become a Hostelworld affiliate.

Step 1: Visit the Hostelworld affiliate homepage

Go to the Hostelworld affiliate program page at https://partners.hostelworld.com/. Then, click “Sign Up Today” to create your affiliate account.

Step 2: Complete the application form

Fill in the required information of contact, address, and extras. After that, read through the terms before accepting and submitting your registration. Your application is then pending for review.

Step 3: Wait for approval 

Partnerize will review your request within several days. After receiving approval announcement, you are officially accepted for the program.

Step 4: Start promoting and making income

Once approved, you can access your affiliate dashboard and promotional materials. Now you are ready to integrate affiliate links into your sites and earn commissions.

How to Optimize Your Income with the Hostelworld Affiliate Program?

There are many ways to succeed with the program. It’s necessary for publishers to diversify their strategies.

To increase conversion rates, it’s important to target the right audience. Creators can create email lists based on user preferences and travel interests. This way, they can send the most suitable options to users.

Besides, you can naturally incorporate affiliate links into your social media or blog posts. Using captivating captions and calls-to-action can encourage your audience to make bookings.

Next, publishers should work with Hostelworld for special deals. You can create a sense of urgency by offering limited offers. This will prompt your subscribers to pay for Hostelworld’s offerings.

Note that it takes a long time and effort to be successful in this program. So, affiliates should stay determined and keep searching for optimal strategies.

Is Hostelworld Affiliate Program Worth It?

Joining the Hostelworld affiliate program could be a worthwhile choice. Publishers who want to monetize their travel-related content should opt for this program.

Hostelworld is a top platform for booking accommodations. It helps you connect with a large customer base. The program also gives affiliates access to marketing materials. These materials include banners and tracking tools. They make it easy to integrate the program into your sites.

The travel industry is always growing. Thus, affiliates can tap into this market by partnering with Hostelworld. At the same time, you can improve your credibility in the affiliate market.


Does Hostelworld operate an affiliate program?

Yes. Hostelworld now operates an affiliate program. It allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting its travel products and services.

Who should join the Hostelworld affiliate program?

It is effective for budget travel blogs and backpacking sites. Influencers with travel-focused audiences also find it promising.

How much does Hostelworld pay affiliates as a commission?

The program offers a flat commission rate of $50 per referral.

Is there a fee to join the Hostelworld affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the Hostelworld affiliate program. Registration and account access is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Hostelworld affiliate?

Your site or audience should align with Hostelworld’s focus. Hostelworld focuses on budget accommodations and hostel bookings.

Can the Hostelworld program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. Hostelworld combines well with other travel, transportation, tours, and experiences affiliate programs.

What are the best Hostelworld affiliate program alternatives?

They include Skyscanner, Trivago, Booking.com, Hostelbookers, Hostels.com, Airbnb. You can also consider Tripadvisor, Expedia, Agoda, etc.