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lasso affiliate program

Lasso Affiliate Program

The Lasso affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions by advertising its services. Join now to make your first passive income.


20% per sale


30 days



Lasso is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that helps users manage and monetize their content. As a publisher, you can turn your content into money by attracting new customers to this platform.

In this comprehensive overview, we’ll delve into all the needed information about the Lasso affiliate program. Read on now to know if this opportunity is right for you!

Overview of Lasso

Lasso is a WordPress plugin that allows affiliate marketers and content creators to maximize their income. By installing it on a WordPress website, users gain access to a suite of tools and features tailored specifically for affiliate link management.

With Lasso, users can effortlessly create, track, and update affiliate links within their WordPress dashboard. The plugin provides a centralized hub to organize and categorize links, making it easy to find and manage them efficiently.

Overview of the Lasso Affiliate Program

The Lasso affiliate program pays publishers for each plan sold through their affiliate links. The commission lasts for 12 months as long as your audience stays subscribed.

Lasso allows publishers from every niche to join this program. Yet, it’s most suited for creators and influencers with affiliate marketing or business content.

The program is hosted by Tapfiliate, one of the leading affiliate marketing tools. You sign up through this platform, and Tapfiliate provides you with reports, links, banners, and more.

Lasso Affiliate Commissions and Payment Details

Lasso pays a flat commission rate of 20% for all qualifying sales. If your audience signs up for a monthly plan, your commission is recurring for 12 months as long as he/she stays with Lasso.

This program adopts a 30-day cookie duration. Accordingly, your referral is only qualified if your audience completes an order within a month from the last click.

Publishers will receive their money on the 10th of every month through PayPal. The payment process requires no minimum payout balance.

Pros and Cons of the Lasso Affiliate Program

The table below will show you the pros and cons of the Lasso affiliate program.

Pros Cons
Good commission rate (20%/sale) Limited payout method (PayPal only)
Long cookie window (30 days)
No minimum payment threshold

With a 20% commission for each sale, this program is a lucrative opportunity for every publisher. For example, if your audience buys a $756 Advanced annual plan, you’ll get $151.2 in commission.

In addition, the 30-day cookie period gives publishers plenty of time to promote. You may also take advantage of this ample time to improve your strategies. Besides, publishers can receive their affiliate income timely without worrying about a minimum payout balance.

However, Lasso allows publishers to get commissions through PayPal only. Affiliate marketers cannot receive their affiliate revenue through other popular methods like bank transfer or Payoneer.

How to Apply for the Lasso Affiliate Program

Now we’ll guide you through 5 simple steps to apply for the Lasso affiliate program.

Step 1: Visit the Lasso affiliate homepage

You can go to the main site of this program at: https://getlasso.co/affiliate-program/. Here you can find helpful information.

Step 2: Access the registration site

On the homepage, click “Join Now” to move to the registration site. Or, you can directly access it through: https://lasso.tapfiliate.com/.

Step 3: Complete the registration form

Fill in all the required information with your valid details. Then, submit your form to send the application request.

Step 4: Wait for approval

Your application will go through a review process. It usually takes 1-2 business days.

Step 5: Lasso affiliate program login and start promoting

Once approved, you can log in and access your affiliate dashboard. Then, you can place your referral links on your site and start promoting.

How to Maximize Your Income with the Lasso Affiliate Program

Here are some tips to maximize your effort and earnings in the affiliate market.

First, publishers may consider building an email list and regularly communicating with their subscribers. You can share valuable content, product recommendations, and exclusive offers through your email newsletters. This helps to drive traffic to your affiliate links and increase conversions.

Next, affiliates can produce content showcasing the benefits of using Lasso’s services. This could be a tutorial video or a review post. You may also use visual content to attract more visitors and effectively convince potential buyers.

Furthermore, marketers can join online communities, forums, or social media groups dedicated to affiliate marketing. This can widen their network and increase their position in the affiliate niche. Here, they can connect with fellow affiliates, learn from them, and seek further collaboration.

Finally, don’t forget to implement SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your affiliate content in search engine results. Publishers may conduct keyword research, or optimize their content with relevant keywords like affiliate, marketing, etc.

Lasso Affiliate Program: Worthwhile or Not?

For influencers in the affiliate marketing space, promoting a high-quality, relevant product like Lasso could be very lucrative.

The 20% commission and high prices of Lasso’s subscription plans allow marketers to earn hundreds of dollars monthly. According to Lasso, its affiliates enjoy a conversion rate of over 8%, so you can stay optimistic about your potential earnings. There is no limit to how much you can earn with this program.

Everything you need to do is hustle and consistently promote Lasso over time. By targeting the right audience and using effective strategies, you can ensure your high earning potential over time.


  • Is the Lasso affiliate program legit?

Yes. This program is completely legitimate. There is also an affiliate agreement for publishers to consider before joining.

  • Who should join the Lasso affiliate program?

It is ideal for content creators, and influencers whose audience is interested in affiliate marketing and related fields.

  • Is there a fee to join the Lasso affiliate program?

No. The Lasso affiliate program is free to join.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Lasso affiliate?

There are no specific traffic or sales requirements to join this program.

  • Can the Lasso program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. Lasso affiliates can promote other affiliate products alongside this program.

  • What are the best Lasso affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to the Lasso affiliate program are Amazon, Get Lasso, Gucci, WordPress, and Etsy affiliate program.