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lifeboost coffee affiliate program

Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Program

The Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program is a lucrative opportunity to earn money by promoting its products. Join now to make your first passive income.


5% per sale


30 days


Check, Direct deposit, Wire transfer, Payoneer

Lifeboost Coffee is a premium provider in the coffee market that offers a unique and high-quality coffee experience. Its affiliate program provides an opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to monetize their content.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll provide you with all the needed information about the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program. Check out now for further understanding!

Overview of Lifeboost Coffee

Founded in 2013, Lifeboost Coffee is a health-focused coffee company based in the United States. This brand sells premium, single-origin Arabica coffee grown organically at high altitudes without chemicals. That’s why Lifeboost Coffee has attracted millions of customers worldwide.

The company specializes in light to medium roast specialty coffee that retains maximum flavor and health benefits. Lifeboost carefully selects coffee beans grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil, overseeing every step of production from planting to packaging.

Overview of the Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Program

The Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Program belongs to the food and beverage industry. With the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program, you can make money by promoting its wide range of products. You earn fixed commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links.

There is no limit to who can join this program. Yet, it’s suitable for creators and influencers in the food, and beverage niches. It also works well for publishers with health-driven content. Publishers from the coffee niche can also benefit.

The program is managed by ShareASale, a major affiliate marketing network. This 3rd party tool will be in charge of approving your application, tracking your performance, and processing your payments.

Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Commission Rates and Payment Details

Lifeboost Coffee pays 5% commissions from sales driven through your shared links . For example, if your audience buys a $149.4 Grata Medium Roast via your affiliate links, you’ll get $7.47 in commission.

The cookie period lasts for 30 days. This means your referral is eligible if your audience completes an order within a month from the last click.

ShareASale pays publishers monthly through PayPal, bank transfer, check, Bitcoin, and Google Wallet. The minimum payout threshold is $50.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Program

This affiliate program may contain both benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits Drawbacks
Generous cookie duration (30 days) Low commission rate (5%/sale)
Diverse payout options $50 Threshold for payouts

Lifeboost Coffee affiliates benefit from a generous 30-day cookie duration, giving them ample time to convince their audience. This extended period also allows for earning from repeat purchases. Additionally, affiliates have the flexibility to choose from various payment methods, including PayPal, bank transfer, check, Bitcoin, and GoogleWallet.

However, this brand does not offer attractive commissions, only 5% per sale. Thus, you may need a long time to accumulate large affiliate income. Besides, your affiliate revenue must exceed $50 so that you can receive your money.

How to Sign up for the Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Program?

This section will guide you through a step-by-step process to sign up for the program.

Step 1: Visit the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate homepage

You can go to the main site of this program at: https://lifeboostcoffee.com/pages/affiliate. This site may provide you with helpful information.

Step 2: Access the registration site

On the homepage, click “Apply Now” to move to the registration site.

Step 3: Complete the registration form

Fill in all the required information with your valid details. Then, submit your form to send the application request.

Step 4: Wait for approval

ShareASale will check your application to see if you meet the criteria. This process may take several days.

Step 5: Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program login and start promoting

Once approved, you can log in and access your affiliate dashboard. Then, you can start promoting by placing referral links on your site.

How to Increase Your Earnings with the Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Program?

Here are some tips to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts with the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program.

Publishers should identify and target a specific audience that aligns with the characteristics of Lifeboost Coffee. For example, health-conscious individuals, organic food enthusiasts, or coffee lovers. Then you can tailor your content to meet potential customers’ needs.

Your content should focus on highlighting the key features and benefits of Lifeboost Coffee that set it apart from other brands. This could be its organic, single-origin, low-acid qualities, and its commitment to sustainability. Educating your audience about the value and quality of the product can help drive customer conversions.

Another tip is to use various marketing channels to reach a wider audience. This could include your website or blog, and social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can also use email newsletters to keep your audience updated and loyal.

It is also effective to work with the brand to provide exclusive coupon codes or special offers for your potential customers. People are often motivated by discounts, and these incentives can encourage them to purchase through your affiliate links.

Why Join the Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Program?

For publishers wishing to develop in the affiliate marketing industry, the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate could be a perfect opportunity.

Although the commission rate is relatively low, you can still expect a large affiliate income. This is because coffee is widely used by people of all ages and backgrounds. You can also tap into its huge reputation among millions of customers for repeated purchases over time.

The key to success is getting ready to put effort into producing high-quality content and continually improving your performance.


  • Does Lifeboost Coffee have an affiliate program?

Yes. Lifeboost Coffee allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting its products.

  • Is the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program legitimate?

Yes. This program is completely legitimate.

  • Who should join the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program?

It is ideal for publishers in the health, wellness, and organic products niches.

  • Is the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program for beginners to join?

Yes. Affiliate beginners can join this program. You can ask for support from the Lifeboost Coffee team.

  • Is there a fee to join the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program?

No. The program does not charge any fees to join or remain an active affiliate.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Lifeboost Coffee affiliate?

There are no explicit minimum requirements to join. Yet, your application must be reviewed before being accepted.

  • Can the Lifeboost Coffee program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. There are no exclusivity requirements with the Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program. You can freely promote other brands and products.

  • What are the best Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are Koa, Javy, Super, Volcanica, Stumptown, 1st In, Black Rifle, and Lavazza affiliate programs.