Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech Affiliate Program

In this post, we will explore everything about the Logitech affiliate program, including its commission rates, payout details, and how to promote its products.


4-10% per sale


30 days


PayPal, Bank Account

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In this post, we will explore everything about the Logitech affiliate program, including its commission rates, payout details, and how to promote its products.

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About Logitech

Logitech, a Swiss-based company founded in 1981, is a prominent manufacturer of computer peripherals and electronic accessories.

They specialize in designing and producing a wide range of products, including computer mice, keyboards, webcams, speakers, headphones, and more. Logitech’s offerings cater to various user segments, including gamers, creatives, businesses, and everyday consumers.

Their product lines encompass wireless mice, gaming headsets, computer speakers, keyboards, and video conferencing equipment.

With a strong emphasis on innovation, design, and quality, Logitech has consistently delivered award-winning solutions for over three decades, enhancing digital experiences in multiple domains.

About Logitech Affiliate Program

The Logitech Affiliate Program allows publishers to generate income by promoting Logitech’s products and driving sales.

Affiliates gain access to Logitech’s promotional materials and receive some revenue from sales generated through their referrals. In essence, this affiliate program encourages publishers to direct potential customers to Logitech for product purchases, rewarding them with commissions for successful referrals.

It’s an ideal arrangement for product reviewers, tech and gaming bloggers, deal websites, influencers, content creators, and anyone with an audience keen on computer accessories.

To participate, Logitech equips you with a range of promotional tools, including banner ads, text links, product feeds, and marketing collateral, which you can integrate into your website to showcase relevant products to your audience, ultimately leading to commissions for qualifying sales.

Logitech Affiliate Program Commissions Rate

The Logitech Affiliate Program offers a tiered commission structure with varying rates based on the specific brand within the Logitech family.

The base commission rate is 4% for most product categories. However, select gaming products earn 10% generous commissions.

If you focus on Logitech G, Astro, or Blue, your commission rate increases to 5%. However, if you’re particularly interested in promoting Ultimate Ears, you’ll enjoy the highest commission rate at an enticing 10%.

Also, the brand has an average order value of $125, so affiliate parnters can expect to earn up to $12.5 for each referral order.

This flexibility allows affiliates to tailor their marketing efforts to different brands and earn commissions that match their promotional strategies and audience preferences.

Paying Out Options

Logitech uses Impact Radius for its affiliate tracking system, so all payments will be handled via Impact.

Affiliates will receive payment monthly when you reach the $100 minimum payout threshold via PayPal and Bank Account. A 30-day cookie duration, so you earn on repeat purchases.

Affiliate commissions through the Logitech program are typically paid out around 90 days following the completion of a commissionable sale. This waiting period accounts for potential returns and necessary adjustments to ensure accuracy and fairness in the commission payout process.

How to Sign Up for the Logitech Affiliate Program?

To become a Logitech affiliate and start earning commissions, follow these simple steps:

Application: Fill out the Logitech affiliate program application.

Acceptance: Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you’ll become a Logitech affiliate.

Create Affiliate Links: Access Logitech’s family of brands in the Ads section on Impact and generate affiliate links for the products you want to promote.

Promotion: Integrate these affiliate links into your website and start promoting Logitech’s family of brands to your audience.

Monitoring: Log in to Impact anytime to access reports on your website’s performance, including visitor activity and sales data. Reports are updated daily.

Earnings: As customers purchase Logitech products through your affiliate links, you can earn commissions of up to 10% on eligible sales.

How to Promote Logitech Products As an Affiliate?

To make the most of your earnings as a Logitech affiliate, there are several effective strategies to consider.

First, crafting in-depth reviews of Logitech gaming mice, headsets, keyboards, and other products can provide valuable insights to your audience. Creating informative articles that compare various Logitech products or offering guidance on choosing the right one can also be beneficial.

If you’re inclined towards video content, making unboxing and review videos on platforms like YouTube can engage viewers. Building buyer’s guides and recommendation posts specific to Logitech products helps customers make informed decisions.

Don’t forget to publish tutorials showcasing how to use Logitech gear effectively. Targeting relevant keywords like “Logitech G502 review” or “Best Logitech headset” can improve your content’s discoverability.

Additionally, incorporating geo-targeted content to direct users to localized Logitech stores and offering coupons and deals to encourage purchases can boost your commissions.

Weighing It Up

When evaluating the Logitech program, some potential upsides and downsides include:

Pros Cons
– Globally recognizable brand

– High lifetime value

– The gaming niche has a 10% commission on gaming mice, headsets, and keyboards.

– Diverse product range

– Marketing assets, including banners, text links, and product data feeds.

– Allow global affiliates

– High competition from other affiliates promoting the same products.

– Product pricing may limit average order value amount.


Can a website outside of the US become an affiliate?

Affiliates from outside the United States are welcome to join the program, provided they specify that their promotional efforts include the U.S. If you’re an affiliate based in the EMEA region, you can sign up for our European program through the respective links for various countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Does It Cost to Join the Logitech Affiliate Program?

No, there is no fee to join the Logitech affiliate program. Registration and approval is free.

What are the best Logitech affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are the Amazon Associates, Best Buy affiliate program, HP affiliate program, Razer affiliate program, Corsair affiliate program, and affiliate programs of other gaming accessory companies.

How does Logitech track orders?

Logitech tracks orders through unique identifiers embedded in all the links from your website to Logitech, Logitech G, Ultimate Ears, Astro, and Blue. This ensures that each time a user visits these sites via your website, you receive credit for any purchases they make. It’s essential to create all links on your website using Impact to ensure accurate tracking.

How can I keep track of how many people I refer?

You can easily keep track of the people you refer through our affiliate program by using the detailed reports available on Impact. These reports offer unlimited access to valuable information, including data on sales and traffic activity.

Updated daily, these reports provide insights into how many users have viewed and clicked through the links to Logitech from your website, the number of orders placed, the specific products purchased, your website’s earnings in commission, and more. These reports are a valuable tool to help you optimize your revenue.