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Mcafee Affiliate Program

McAfee Affiliate Program

The McAfee affiliate program, managed by the CJ affiliate network, lets affiliates earn extra income by promoting McAfee consumer products.




30 days


Check, direct deposit, Payoneer

McAfee is a big name in cybersecurity and software. They offer a chance for influencers and marketers to earn commissions by promoting their trusted security products through the affiliate program.

This overview looks into the McAfee affiliate program, providing insights to help you decide if it’s right for your promotions. Let’s find out how partnering with McAfee can be a valuable venture in the online security world.

Overview of McAfee

McAfee, a top cybersecurity company since 1987, is known for antivirus software and other security products for people and businesses. 

With over 500 million global customers, McAfee has a strong reputation and wide reach. They’re a trusted name in protecting mobile devices and personal information from online threats.

They have popular consumer products like McAfee Total Protection, LiveSafe, and AntiVirus Plus. MacAfee also offers advanced security solutions for businesses, ensuring your business stays secure and runs smoothly.

What is the McAfee Affiliate Program?

McAfee Affiliate Program is one of the famous software affiliate programs list.

The McAfee affiliate program, managed by the CJ affiliate network, lets affiliates earn extra income by promoting McAfee consumer products. 

It’s free and easy to apply through CJ. Once approved, you can access banner creatives, text links, and other materials for your website, content, and social platforms. You’ll earn an affiliate commission when visitors click your McAfee affiliate links and make a purchase.

The McAfee affiliate program is perfect for publishers, web owners, and content creators who focus on online threats and software. If your audience is interested in cybersecurity and software content, then you should join the program and promote their solutions.

McAfee Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

The McAfee affiliate program pays $10 for each sale. Your commissions are calculated for all McAfee tools and products. 

Besides, the program offers a cookie duration that lasts for 30 days, so you earn a commission if they buy within a month. You get your money monthly by check, direct deposit, or through Payoneer if you reach $50 for direct deposit or $100 for a check. 

McAfee Affiliate Program: Pros and Cons

While McAfee is a famous brand in the cybersecurity niche, its affiliate marketing program is not always full of advantages for publishers. There will be disadvantages to note as well.

Pros Cons
Established company  Technical focus limiting appeal
Highly-converted products Low commission ($10/sale)
30-day cookies $50-$100 minimum payout
Dedicated support and advertising materials
Various payment options

The McAfee affiliate program boasts several strengths. Its strong brand recognition significantly aids in boosting strong conversions. Affiliates benefit from a 30-day cookie duration for sustained earnings. 

Besides, you can access promotional materials like banners, affiliate links, etc., for seamless integration. You’ll receive assistance from a committed affiliate management team to optimize your promotional initiatives.

However, it’s crucial to consider a couple of potential drawbacks. The program’s technical product focus might limit its appeal to a broader audience. 

Moreover, you get quite a low commission compared to similar affiliate programs, requiring lots of time and effort to earn more. The $50-$100 threshold may take you longer to withdraw your first commission amount.

McAfee Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Now that you understand how the McAfee affiliate program works, its pros and cons. It’s time to register for the program and earn extra income. 

Step 1: Sign up for a CJ publisher account

Since McAfee affiliate program is managed by CJ, you first need to create a free CJ publisher account. Just go to https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher/?cid=5306132#/branded to register. You will need to provide the basics, like personal info, payment info, website URL, etc.

Step 2: Search for the McAfee affiliate program

Once your account is set up, search for “McAfee affiliate program” in your CJ dashboard to find the McAfee affiliate program listing.

Step 3: Submit an application

Click “Join Now” on the McAfee affiliate program page and fill out the application form with details about your website and audience.

Step 4: Get approved

Wait for approval of your application, which may take a few days. You’ll receive an email once you’re accepted into the program.

Step 5: McAfee affiliate program login

After approval, you can log in to your CJ dashboard to access McAfee banner creatives, text links, and other promotional tools to integrate into your site.

Step 6: Tracking link performance 

You can access your affiliate dashboard on the CJ network and track your link performance. Then, optimize them to earn more. 

You can watch the video below to learn how to join the McAfee affiliate program:

How to Boost Your Earnings with the McAfee Affiliate Program

For new affiliates, prompting products in such a hard cybersecurity niche seems challenging. However, you can focus on these proven best practices to maximize your affiliate income with the McAfee affiliate program:

Firstly, you should always stay updated on McAfee’s latest releases and discounts. You can time your promotions when excitement is high to capture your audience’s interest.

Besides, you can write detailed reviews highlighting McAfee product features. Make sure to provide valuable insights that guide potential customers in making informed decisions.

You can also place McAfee banners prominently on your website, especially on relevant product pages or buying guides. Ensuring visibility can capture attention and encourage click-throughs, increasing conversion chances.

Finally, you should join groups and forums about McAfee products, such as those for software or network security. You can share your affiliate links carefully, addressing user concerns to build trust and make your promotions more effective.

Is the McAfee Affiliate Program Worth It?

To evaluate if the McAfee affiliate program is worth your affiliate marketing efforts and time, let’s break down some points:

McAfee is a famous name in cybersecurity, and its strong brand recognition can boost strong conversions. Being linked to a trusted brand enhances the credibility of your promotions, making it easier to attract and convert your audience.

Despite potentially lower commission rates, the McAfee Affiliate Program has a generous 30-day cookie duration. This longer timeframe increases the chances of earning commissions, allowing for continued potential earnings even if customers don’t buy right away.

Moreover, McAfee provides strong support through its affiliate manager team. The availability of advertising assets, like banners and promotional materials, makes it easier for affiliates to market McAfee products effectively.

In conclusion, the McAfee affiliate program is a good opportunity for software and security influencers. While it might take a few months to see significant commissions, McAfee’s reputation offers consistent potential for long-term earnings.


Who should join the McAfee affiliate program?

The McAfee affiliate program is ideal for publishers, influencers, and partners with an audience interested in cybersecurity, antivirus software, and computer optimization tools.

Is the McAfee affiliate program free to join?

No, there is no cost to join the McAfee affiliate program. You simply need to be approved to access affiliate resources.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a McAfee Affiliate?

McAfee does not publicly list any minimum traffic or sales requirements. However, your application should demonstrate you can promote McAfee to a relevant audience.

Can the McAfee program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can promote other affiliate offers in addition to McAfee. Many publishers in the software niche promote multiple programs.

What are the best McAfee affiliate program alternatives?

Top alternatives include Norton, AVG, Avast, Malwarebytes, Dashlane, and other cybersecurity software affiliate programs.