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mindvalley affiliate program

Mindvalley Affiliate Program

The Mindvalley Affiliate Program provides an attractive commission rate of 30% per order. Join now to earn profitable passive income with the program!




30 days


Bank transfer, PayPal

The Mindvalley Affiliate Program offers huge money-making potential with its self-education courses and training program. If you’re interested in personal growth and self-improvement, this is a good program for you to start.

In this article, we will dive into how the Mindvalley Affiliate Program works, its commission rate, cookie duration, and payment methods,… Read on to find out if you should apply to partner with Mindvalley’s popular self-education platform.

Overview of Mindvalley

Mindvalley is a leading personal growth and self-education platform founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani. They provide transformational education through online courses, video lessons, events, and corporate training programs. Some of their education is turned into world-class courses among self-improvement communities.

Mindvalley is a home of hundreds of talented instructors and employees with the mission to make personal transformations by raising their consciousness. Up to now, they have 20 million students and 200+ personal growth authors around the world.

Overview of Mindvalley Affiliate Program

The Mindvalley affiliate partners can earn commissions by promoting a wide range of Mindvalley courses and training programs. You will earn a commission when someone clicks and purchases a Mindvalley program via unique links.

The ideal partners of Mindvalley are bloggers, authors, or influencers. People work at personal growth and self-improvement. Mindvalley Affiliate Program offers huge money-making potential. Yet, they also set some affiliate requirements for their partners:

  • Partners have well-established followers with at least 75.000 fans.
  • Partners have great engaged audiences: good interactive rates, popularity, and relationship building.
  • Partners have consistent traffic to reach desired volumes.

There are no fees to participate in the program, and it is open to everyone interested in personal growth and self-improvement worldwide.

Mindvalley Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Mindvalley provides a lucrative commission rate of 30% per sale. This means if someone clicks on your link and purchases something from Mindvalley, you will receive 30% of their total transaction.

They offer a 30-day cookie duration for your active affiliate links. The program will credit your commission if the customer signs up for the Mindvalley Affiliate Program via your link within one month from their last click.

Mindvalley pays your commission monthly via PayPal or bank transfer. Once you reach to $100 minimum payable threshold, they will start the transfer. The transaction will be made on the 25th of every month.

Pros and Cons of the Mindvalley Affiliate Program

Several benefits and shortcomings that you should consider when it comes to the Mindvalley Affiliate Program:

Pros Cons
High commissions High minimum payout ($100)
Dedicated affiliate manager Strict affiliate requirements
Niche appeal
High-quality products

Mindvalley Affiliate Program rewards its partners with 30% per sale, which is one of the most generous rates in the self-education space. They also give you dedicated managers to improve your work in each campaign. Moreover, the high-quality products of Mindvalley are kept in mind among customers helping you gain customers’ trust.

Meanwhile, there are several downsides you have to consider. The high minimum threshold ($100) will take time with beginners. Besides, affiliate requirements for partners are strict, which depend on your existing followers and consistent interactions on your social sites.

Mindvalley Affiliate Program Sign-Up: Step-to-step guide

Here are the 5 steps to join the Mindvalley Affiliate Program:

Step 1: Visit the Mindvalley Affiliate Page

Go to the Mindvalley Affiliate Program homepage. You click on “Apply Now” button to begin the application process.

Step 2: Submit an application

Fill out the required information, including your website, audience reach, and relevant experience. Mindvalley will review your application.

Step 3: Get accepted

Mindvalley manually approves all affiliates. Wait to hear back after submitting your application.

Step 4: Access affiliate resources

Once approved, you log in to your Mindvalley affiliate dashboard. Here, you will access promotional materials like banners, links, and promo codes.

Step 5: Start promoting

Add your unique affiliate link and promotional assets to your website, YouTube, email newsletters,… Send traffic to generate leads and sales.

Tips to Succeed With Mindvalley Affiliate Program

Here are some tips to maximize your commissions as a Mindvalley affiliate:

First, you can create reviews at popular Mindvalley courses to boost credibility effectively. This method will help you take advantage of Mindvalley’s promotions for their best-seller courses during the period.

After that, you should diversify your promotions to tailor them to the target group. Try to generate videos, blogs, short caps,… and gradually change types of content on the internet to catch up with customers’ needs. This targeted method increases the likelihood of increased conversions.

Don’t forget to utilize dedicated support from Mindvalley such as banners, text links, free events… and advice from Mindvalley managers. Those things will help you save time and effort to build up great affiliate daily work and long-term strategies.

Lastly, affiliate marketing requires more than a fixed formula, especially in the self-improvement niche. You have to gradually renew your content and update new personal development trends in social media.

Is the Mindvalley Affiliate Program Worth It?

With the 30% baseline commission rates and $300 average order value, the Mindvalley Affiliate Program is a good passive income.

On average, you will earn $90 for each order. If you can refer 5 sales a month, you could generate at least $450 monthly. Making it a profitable affiliate program for those focused on the self-education niche.

For bloggers and influencers who create personal growth content, promoting Mindvalley courses can provide a steady stream of sizable recurring commissions month after month.

Just be sure to nurture your email subscribers and not over-promote to avoid fatigue. But otherwise, the Mindvalley Affiliate Program can be a profitable addition for established lifestyle bloggers and influencers.


Does Mindvalley have an affiliate program?

Yes, Mindvalley runs an affiliate program for everyone interested in self-development. By promoting Mindvalley’s online courses and training programs, you can earn profitable commissions from them.

Is Mindvalley safe and legit?

Yes, Mindvalley is a well-established organization in the US. It was founded in 2003 and has a long history of development. Up to now, Mindvalley has over 20 million students worldwide.

Who should join the Mindvalley Affiliate Program?

The Mindvalley Affiliate Program is ideal for bloggers, influencers, and publishers who create content about personal growth, self-improvement, lifestyle design, spirituality, and related topics.

Is there a fee to join the Mindvalley Affiliate Program?

No, there are no fees or costs to join in Mindvalley Affiliate Program. Signup and access to promotional materials are free for approved affiliates.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Mindvalley affiliate?

Yes, Mindvalley has strict requirements for affiliates. You need at least 75,000 fans/followers, consistent traffic and highly engaged audiences. Mindvalley will review all applications.

Can the Mindvalley program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Absolutely. Many affiliates promote Mindvalley along with complementary affiliate programs related to online education, lifestyle blogging, and more. Diversifying programs can increase overall earnings.

What are the best Mindvalley Affiliate Program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are affiliate programs such as Udemy, Skillshare, MasterClass, Hay House, Tony Robbins, Headspace and other online courses.