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moreniche affiliate program

MoreNiche Affiliate Program

The MoreNiche affiliate program lets you earn enticing commissions promoting diverse healthy and wellness products. Check out now!


Up to 70% per sale




Skrill, Wise, Wire, UK bank transfer, Bitcoin, Paxum

If you’re delving into the world of affiliate marketing, the MoreNiche affiliate program deserves your attention. Specializing in health and wellness products, MoreNiche offers great opportunities for affiliates.

But before you join, let’s see if it’s right for you. This guide covers every aspect of the MoreNiche affiliate program to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of MoreNiche

Established in 2002, MoreNiche is a dynamic health affiliate marketing network. During its years of operation, over $57 million in commissions were paid.

What sets MoreNiche apart is its focus on high-quality products in the health, wellness, and fitness niches. This ensures merchants and affiliates can benefit from promoting goods that genuinely improve people’s lives.

With a commitment to transparency, trust, and support, MoreNiche provides affiliates with everything they need to succeed, such as training, resources, and personal account management.

Overview of the MoreNiche Affiliate Program

MoreNiche Review – How Is It For Affiliates?

The MoreNiche affiliate program lets partners earn commissions promoting its wide range of health products from tons of advertisers on the MoreNiche network.

Global affiliates can join the program for free directly on its website. Once approved, you’ll access your affiliate dashboard.

Here, you can find all the marketing materials you need to promote MoreNiche effectively and increase your performance tracking. These include text links, banners, bonuses & sales incentives, exclusive private Facebook groups, and other marketing tools. There is also a dedicated affiliate management team to support you.

It also provides payment options tailored to specific regions and supports French, German, Spanish, and Italian languages for widespread promotion. Additionally, if a customer doesn’t get results and asks for a refund through MoreNiche’s money-back guarantee, you’ll still receive your full commission thanks to its chargeback protection.

The program is ideal for bloggers, influencers, and publishers in the health and beauty niches. Anyone with an audience interested in weight loss, fitness, or nootropics products can join the program.

MoreNiche Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

MoreNiche pays its partners up to 70% commission for each referred sale. The exact rate depends on the advertisers and products you’re promoting.

The program also offers a lifetime cookie duration. This means you get your commission no matter how long it takes for your customer to buy after clicking your affiliate link.

You’ll receive your commissions every two weeks via Skrill, Wise, Wire, UK bank transfer, Bitcoin, or Paxum. But you need to earn at least $100 (£50 or €100) before getting paid.

Pros and Cons of the MoreNiche Affiliate Program

In this part, we’ll give you some key benefits and drawbacks of the MoreNiche affiliate program:

Pros  Cons 
Global market High competition
Variety of products across industries $100 minimum payout threshold
Competitive commission rates (up to 70%)
Lifetime cookie window
Advertising materials & dedicated affiliate manager
Bi-weekly payments with various payment methods

The MoreNiche affiliate program offers diverse high-converting programs across industries, leading to better conversions. The global market means you can earn from a wider customer base. Plus, the generous commission of up to 70% per sale significantly increases your monthly income. Your affiliate link also lasts a lifetime, so you can earn extras on repeated purchases.

Yet, the intense competition in the health and beauty supplements niche requires effort and smart strategies to stand out. You also need to hit $100 in your account balance before you can withdraw your money.

MoreNiche Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how to join the MoreNiche affiliate program:

Step 1: Visit the MoreNiche affiliate page

Go to the MoreNiche affiliate program page to read through its details. Then, click on “Join MoreNiche now.”

Step 2: Submit application

Fill out the sign-up form with your personal, company, website, and promotional information. Then, click on “Apply.” Remember to agree to the terms before submitting your application.

Step 3: Get approved

The MoreNiche team will review your application and approve or deny you within 1-2 business days typically.

Step 4: Moreniche affiliate program login

After you’re approved, you will gain access to your MoreNiche affiliate dashboard. You can find all the necessary advertising materials here.

Step 5: Start promoting

Place your MoreNiche standard affiliate link and creatives on your platform, promote them, and earn commissions.

How to Promote MoreNiche as an Affiliate?

Here are some tips to maximize your affiliate earnings with the MoreNiche Affiliate Program:

First, it’s essential to identify the niche that aligns with your audience’s interests and your own passions. This alignment increases conversion rates and your chances of success in promoting MoreNiche products.

Another tip is to prioritize promoting products with higher commission rates. That way, you can earn more on each referred sale, boosting your overall profit.

You can also enhance your promotional efforts by crafting tailored content. Whether it’s social media updates, videos, or blog posts, customize your content to suit each MoreNiche product. Personal touch strengthens your connection with your audience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Email marketing can also be effective for building connections with your audience and advertising relevant MoreNiche products. You can make a list of emails and send newsletters with helpful content, deals, and affiliate product reviews or suggestions. Remember to include your affiliate link to increase conversion rates.

Is the MoreNiche Affiliate Program Worth It?

Still wondering if the MoreNiche affiliate program is worth your time and efforts? Here’s why you should join it:

MoreNiche offers various affiliate programs in the health and wellness space. This variety makes it easier for affiliate marketers to choose programs that suit their audience and content, increasing their chances of success.

Moreover, its lucrative commissions, lifetime cookie duration, and diverse advertising materials provide an enticing opportunity to build a stable income stream.

While it’s highly competitive, customizing content to fit your audience can elevate your affiliate marketing game in the health and beauty space.


  • Is the MoreNiche affiliate program legit?

Yes, the MoreNiche affiliate program is legitimate and safe to join.

  • Is the MoreNiche affiliate program available on the app?

No, you can access the MoreNiche affiliate program on its website portal.

  • Who should join the MoreNiche Affiliate program?

It’s perfect for publishers, bloggers, and influencers in the health, weight loss, fitness, and beauty industries.

  • Is there a fee to join the MoreNiche Affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the MoreNiche Affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a MoreNiche Affiliate?

There are no strict minimum requirements.

  • Can the MoreNiche program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. The MoreNiche program can be easily combined with promoting other affiliate offers, networks, and programs.

  • What are the best MoreNiche Affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to the MoreNiche affiliate program are Markethealth, ClickBank, Impact, and Buygoods affiliate programs.