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Old Navy Affiliate Program

Old Navy Affiliate Program

he Old Navy affiliate program, hosted on Impact, allows individuals or businesses to earn money by promoting Old Navy products on their websites.






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Old Navy is a popular American clothing and accessories store that’s part of Gap Inc. Since its start in 1994, it’s been known for offering stylish and affordable clothes for the whole family, including jeans, swimwear, shoes, and more.

With over 1,200 stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Asia, Old Navy is one of the biggest clothing brands. It’s loved for its casual styles, seasonal fashion, and everyday basics.

Old Navy’s goal is to make fashionable clothes affordable for everyone. They often have great deals, and you can shop in their stores or online for convenience. 

Overview of Old Navy Affiliate Program

Old Navy Affiliate Program is one of the famous fashion affiliate programs list.

The Old Navy affiliate program, hosted on Impact, allows individuals or businesses to earn money by promoting Old Navy products on their websites.

The program is most suitable for those with websites that cater to an audience interested in family fashion, discounts, and seasonal sales campaigns.

Once accepted into the program, affiliates gain access to a suite of promotional resources. These include text links, product images, banners, promo codes, and more. 

Commissions and Payment Details

In the Old Navy affiliate program, you can earn 1-2% commissions on sales. The specific commission rate may vary based on the products and the sales volume.

Affiliates have the flexibility to receive their earnings through two convenient payment methods: PayPal and bank transfer. And there’s no minimum amount you need to earn before they’ll pay you.

The program uses a 1-day cookie duration. That means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys something from Old Navy within 24 hours, you’ll get a commission for that sale.

Pros & Cons of Joining Old Navy Affiliate Program

Here is a table outlining the key pros and cons of promoting the Old Navy affiliate program.

Pros Cons
Wide variety of products Relatively low 1-2% commission rate
Managed by Impact affiliate network Low priced products mean less earning per transaction
Free to join Short 24-hour cookie duration
Detailed tracking & reporting Competition from other Gap affiliates

On the bright side, you can promote a wide variety of Old Navy products, and it’s managed by the trusted Impact affiliate network. Plus, it won’t cost you anything to join, and they offer tools to track your earnings.

However, there are some challenges. The commission rate is pretty low at 1-2% because Old Navy’s stuff is affordable. You also have a short 24-hour window for someone to click your link and make a purchase for you to earn a commission. Plus, there’s competition from other affiliates promoting Gap Inc. brands, so you’ll need to work hard to stand out. 

How to Become an Old Navy Affiliate?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to joining the Old Navy affiliate program, hosted on Impact:

Step 1: Prepare your website or platform

Before you begin, make sure you have a website, blog, or social media platform that aligns with Old Navy’s products. It’s important to have a platform with relevant content for successful affiliate marketing.

Step 2: Visit the Old Navy affiliate program page

Go to the Old Navy affiliate program page to get started. You can usually find this by searching for “Old Navy affiliate program” on your preferred search engine.

Step 3: Click “Apply Now”

Once you’re on the Old Navy affiliate program page, look for the “Apply Now” button. Click on it to start the application process.

Step 4: Complete the Impact sign-up form

After clicking “Apply Now,” you’ll be directed to the Impact sign-up form. This is where you’ll provide your information and create an Impact account. Make sure to fill in all the required fields accurately.

Step 5: Wait for approval

Once you’ve submitted your application and created your Impact account, you’ll need to wait for Old Navy to review your application. If your platform meets their criteria, you’ll be approved as an Old Navy affiliate.

How to Promote The Old Navy Affiliate Program?

One great approach is to write blog posts and reviews about Old Navy products relevant to your audience. You can showcase specific apparel pieces, styles, or seasonal collections and incorporate affiliate links back to the Old Navy website within the content. 

The blog post can then be shared across social channels like Facebook and Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and potential conversions via your affiliate link.

Additionally, leverage display ads by creating Old Navy banners and graphics to place prominently on your website or blog sidebar. This provides a visual call-to-action for site visitors to click through to Old Navy to start shopping. You can tailor the ads to highlight sales, new arrivals, or popular products you know will appeal to your readers.

Social media presents another opportunity to seamlessly integrate Old Navy affiliate links into lifestyle outfit photos, seasonal shopping recommendations, or curated product collections you share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The casual social format allows you to authentically showcase items you truly like.

Furthermore, collaborating with other fashion bloggers allows you to expand your reach. Brainstorm creative ways to partner on Old Navy campaigns and ensure you both benefit from the referral traffic.

Old Navy Affiliate Program: Should You Join?

Deciding whether to join the Old Navy affiliate program depends on your niche and goals. 

If you’re in the budget family fashion space, Old Navy’s extensive reach, energetic brand, and seasonal promotions offer a reliable way to monetize your efforts. 

However, it’s important to note that the lower commission rate means you’ll need to drive high transaction volumes to make significant earnings.

While the earnings per transaction might be lower compared to premium fashion affiliates, Old Navy’s advantage lies in its wide-scale, savings-focused approach, and the popularity of its casual everyday styles. 

If your audience includes deal-seeking shoppers and you can consistently engage them, testing the program may be worthwhile.


Who should join the Old Navy affiliate program?

The Old Navy affiliate program is ideal for publishers, influencers, and bloggers who have an audience interested in affordable family fashion, deals, accessories, and seasonal sales campaigns.

Is there a fee to join the Old Navy affiliate program?

No, there are no fees to join the Old Navy affiliate program. Signing up and maintaining affiliate status is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an Old Navy affiliate?

There do not appear to be any strict minimum traffic or sales requirements. However, Old Navy looks for websites/channels that align with its brand voice and audience.

Can the Old Navy program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Old Navy allows you to promote other affiliate offers and programs in conjunction with theirs. There are no exclusivity limitations.

What are the best Old Navy affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives in the budget family fashion space are Target, Kohl’s, Ulta, Gap, Banana Republic, and H&M affiliate programs.