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paykickstart affiliate program

PayKickstart Affiliate Program

The PayKickstart Affiliate Program offers a lucrative pathway to lucrative commissions. Join now to receive profitable passive income!




14 days


PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfers, E-Checks

PayKickstart provides e-commerce and subscription services, which help businesses manage their bill. It now has an appealing affiliate program allowing publishers to earn commissions by marketing its services.

This comprehensive guide will cover all the knowledge of the PayKickstart Affiliate Program. Let’s dive in to see whether the program is worth it for you to start with!

Overview of PayKickstart

Founded in 2016 by Mark Thompson and others, PayKickstart simplifies checkout, billing and management affiliate procedures. For over 7 years, Paykickstart has served 3,500+ customers and processed over $1.2 billion in sales.

PayKickstart offers 10 comprehensive solutions for online business, including Checkout Experience, Accepting Payment, Subscription Management and more. The brand’s ideal customers are course creators, agencies, coaches & consultants, and physical product sellers,…

Overview of PayKickstart Affiliate Program

The PayKickstart Affiliate Program allows affiliate partners to earn affiliate income by referring qualified customers to use PayKickstart’s products.

By joining the program, you will get a dashboard with all advanced tracking and reports, sales funnel, automated payouts,… This will help you to simplify the management procedure with your affiliate work.

The program is open to everyone looking for the opportunity to increase passive income. However, it is ideal for content creators, influencers, or people in the SaaS space. There is no fee to take part in the program and no ceiling sale volumes. You are welcome to this partner program even if you are a beginner.

PayKickstart Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

PayKickstart offers a generous 25% lifetime affiliate commission on all subscriptions. With each subscription you refer, you will earn 25% of its revenue.

This partner program of PayKickstart has a 14-day cookie duration. This means you will get commissions when customers subscribe to PayKickstars’ service within 14 days.

Your commissions will be paid weekly via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfers or E-Checks. PayKickstart guarantees their on-time payouts with every transaction. There are no minimum payouts, so you can withdraw money whenever you want.

Pros and Cons Of PayKickstart Affiliate Program

Pros Cons
Generous 25% commission rate Limited automated payout (PayPal only)
Advanced affiliate tracking and reporting
No minimum threshold
Valuable promotion tools
Support 1st and 2nd tier commission

Enrolling in the PayKickstart Affiliate Program will provide several benefits. However, a generous commission rate (25%) is the most significant upside. Additionally, they commit to support 1st and 2nd commissions. With all of those things, you can earn a profitable affiliate income with less effort than other programs.

Meanwhile, PayKickstart guarantees their on-time commission payouts due to the automated methods. Yet, this method only applies to PayPal; they can not ensure the same things with other payment processes.

How To Join The PayKickstart Affiliate Program? 

Here are the 5 steps to join the PayKickstart Affiliate Program:

Step 1: Sign up at the PayKickstart affiliate page

Go to the affiliate request page: PayKickstart Affiliate Partner and click “Create account”. Then you will begin the registration process.

Step 2: Get approved as an affiliate

On their affiliate request page, PayKickstart will review your application to approve you for their program. This usually takes a few business days.

Step 3: Access the affiliate portal

Once approved, log in to your PayKickstart affiliate dashboard. You will access your unique links, banners, email swipes, and other promo materials.

Step 4: Choose services to promote

Browse PayKickstart’s subscription management features. Then, select relevant ones to promote to your audience.

Step 5: Start driving referrals

Add your PayKickstart affiliate links to blog posts, social media, email newsletters, etc.

How to Optimize Your Earnings With PayKickstart Affiliate Program?

You can use these tips to boost your affiliate income with the program:

To begin, you can create reviews for popular Paykickstart services to successfully enhance trustworthiness. This strategy will allow you to use Paykickstart’s current deals for their best-selling services and increase your conversion rate.

You should then diversify your promotions in your subscription plan to fit them to the target audience. Try to create videos, blogs, short videos, etc., and gradually vary the types of information on the internet to meet the needs of your clients. This tailored approach boosts the chances of greater conversions.

Don’t forget to leverage Paykickstart’s support features, including banners and text links. These elements will allow you to save time and effort while making your promotions more appealing to the audience.

Finally, you should continuously measure the effectiveness of your affiliate work with the help of Paykickstart’s dashboard. Based on that, you can grow better with the program in the future and earn more profitable commissions.

Is the PayKickstart Affiliate Program Worth It?

With the generous 25% commission rate, PayKickstart’s program provides large earning potential.

PayKickstart’s services price is $99/month, $199/month and more. With these prices and a 25% commission rate. You can earn approximately $25 to $50 per sale. Moreover, the recurring nature of the payouts (weekly) leads to reliable passive earnings week after week, you do not have to wait monthly like major affiliate programs in the market.

For SaaS bloggers and influencers, promoting a leading platform like PayKickstart aligns perfectly with their audience. As long as you nurture your referrals rather than overly encouraging them, PayKickstart’s Affiliate Program can provide stable and growing income over the long term.


Who should join the PayKickstart Affiliate Program?

It is ideal for bloggers, influencers, online businesses, and digital marketing niches,… Yet, anyone with an audience interested in these types of services can find success.

Is there a fee to join the PayKickstart Affiliate Program?

No, there are no fees to join the PayKickstart affiliate program. Signing up for an account and accessing promotional resources is completely free.

What are Paykickstart Affiliate Program commissions?

PayKickstart offers a generous 25% commission rate per subscription you recur.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a PayKickstart affiliate?

No, PayKickstart has no minimum sales or traffic requirements to join their program. Any publisher can sign up and start earning commissions right away.

Can the PayKickstart program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Definitely. Many affiliate marketers run the PayKickstart program besides software and SaaS affiliate offers. Diversifying recommendations often maximize earnings.

What are the best PayKickstart Affiliate Program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are affiliate programs for other subscription billing tools like Recurly, Chargify, SubscribePro, Memberful, MoonClerk, and the FreshBooks affiliate program.