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petco affiliate program

Petco Affiliate Program

Thinking of joining the Petco Affiliate Program? Dive into our review and discover why it's a must-have for affiliates in the pet niche.


2% of the item sale amount, $5/Vital Care signup


7 days


Payoneer, bank transfer, check, and direct deposit

Calling all pet-loving affiliates! Petco Affiliate Program opens up an exciting avenue to promote a wide array of pet products. In this review, we’ll dissect the program’s features, commission rates, and potential perks for affiliates.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, understanding the ins and outs of the Petco Affiliate Program is key to boosting your earnings. If you’re passionate about pets and looking to monetize your platform, this program is tailor-made for you.

Let’s dive in and uncover how this partnership can elevate your affiliate marketing game!

Overview of Petco

Since 1965, Petco has led the way in pet care, redefining standards and building strong pet-parent connections. With 1,500+ locations across the U.S., Mexico, and Puerto Rico, including 100+ in-store veterinary hospitals, they’re your go-to for pet health.

They offer a diverse range of pet products for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and small animals. Plus, their thriving online store (Petco.com) and Petco app deliver the same quality supplies to your doorstep or for in-store pickup.

Overview of Petco Affiliate Program

Petco affiliate program is one of the affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry. The Petco Affiliate Program, hosted on Impact Radius network, allows you to earn commissions by promoting Petco products and driving sales to Petco.com.

As an affiliate, you place links and banners for Petco on your website, social media, YouTube channel, email newsletters, and elsewhere. When your readers and followers click those links and make a purchase on Petco’s website, you earn a commission.

This program is ideal for pet enthusiasts who already create pet-related content and have an engaged audience. It’s an easy way to monetize the audience you’re already building.

Petco Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

When joining Petco affiliate program through Impact, you’ll get commissions of 2% per sale and $5 for Vital Care sign-ups.

Impact has a 7-day cookie period, allowing for commissions on return purchases. You’ll get your payments twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th) through Payoneer, bank transfer, check, and direct deposit.

Petco Affiliate Program: Pros and Cons

Let’s delve into the benefits and drawbacks of the Petco affiliate program:

Pros Cons
Competitive 2% commission rate High competition
Various popular pet products & services Lower priced items
Trusted brand Short 7-day cookie duration
Opportunity to boost with coupons

The Petco Affiliate Program offers a competitive 2% baseline commission rate across all networks. While this rate is quite decent, the program also provides a wide range of popular pet products to promote, filling potential monetization gaps.

However, it’s important to note that the program faces high competition due to Petco’s popularity, requiring affiliates to work harder to stand out. Additionally, lower-priced pet products may necessitate higher sales volume for significant commissions. Besides, the program’s 7-day cookie duration is relatively short compared to other programs that offer longer windows of 30-60 days.

How to join the Petco Affiliate Program step-by-step

Here are the steps to join the Petco Affiliate Program:

Step 1: Visit the Petco Affiliate Program website

Here, you can learn more about the program and its requirements. Then click on the “Join Now” button if you decide to join the program.

Step 2: Fill out the application form

Provide basic information about your business and your audience.

Step 3: Submit your application 

Make sure all the information you submit is correct. Then submit your application.

Step 4: Wait for approval

Wait for Petco to approve or deny your application. This typically takes a few days.

Once approved, you will receive access to your affiliate dashboard, where you can find and copy your unique affiliate referral link.

Add your referral link to relevant content on your website or social media channels. It’s important to create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

How to Increase Your Earnings with the Petco Affiliate Program

Here are some tips to maximize your affiliate earnings with the Petco program:

  • Focus on high-value products – Promote big-ticket items like pet furniture, strollers, and grooming tools that can drive $100+ commissions.
  • Write in-depth reviews and guides – Don’t just link to Petco. Create detailed content about the best pet carriers, leashes, toys, etc, and embed affiliate links.
  • Compare products head-to-head – Help readers decide between Petco products with comparison posts like wire vs plastic crates.
  • Create themed guides – Make specific recommendation pages like “Best Gifts for Cat Lovers” with Petco links.
  • Promote timely products – Link to seasonal items around holidays and events when people spend more.
  • Use affiliate coupons – Offer discounts with Petco coupon codes to incentivize clicks and conversions.
  • Add text links in video descriptions – Videos let you showcase products; add Petco affiliate links below.

Is the Petco Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Petco Affiliate Program offers a great opportunity to monetize your pet-focused website or social media presence. With an engaged following and smart promotional strategies, you can absolutely earn decent affiliate income.

To estimate your potential earnings, calculate your average conversion rate and commission per sale. For example, if you expect to make 100 sales monthly, with an average sale value of $50 and a commission rate of 2%, your estimated monthly earnings would be $100.

While Petco commissions may be smaller than pricier products, the sales volume potential is huge given the massive size of the pet industry. With the right audience and content, you could realistically expect to earn $1000+ within your first 6-12 months as a Petco affiliate.

In summary, if you already create pet-related resources and have an engaged following, the Petco Affiliate Program is definitely worth joining. With a well-known brand, great commission rate, and recurring income potential, you can prosper by promoting products pet owners love to buy. Just concentrate on providing value through helpful content and be strategic with your product recommendations.


Does Petco have an affiliate marketing program?

Yes, Petco runs an affiliate marketing program on Impact network. It allows affiliate marketers to promote Petco’s products and earn commissions for successful sales referred through their affiliate links.

How much does the Petco affiliate program pay?

The Petco affiliate program pays commission rates that vary. Through Impact, it’s 2% per sale and $5 for Vital Care sign-ups.

Who should join the Petco affiliate program?

Anyone with a website or social media channel who is interested in promoting pet products can join the Petco Affiliate Program.

Is there a fee to join the Petco affiliate program?

No, the Petco Affiliate Program is free to join.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Petco affiliate?

There are no specific minimum requirements to become a Petco affiliate, but it’s important to have a website or social media channel with relevant content and an engaged audience.

Can the Petco program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, the Petco Affiliate Program can be combined with other affiliate programs as long as the terms and conditions of each program are followed.

What are the best Petco affiliate program alternatives?

Some of the best Petco Affiliate Program alternatives include Chewy, Petsmart, Ollie, Barkbox, Holistapet, and Fitbark. These programs offer higher commission rates and a wider range of products to promote.