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petsmart affiliate program

PetSmart Affiliate Program

You can earn income by advertising products of the Petsmart Affiliate Program. More information can be found in our article!


8% per sale


30 days


Bank transfer, Wire transfer, Check, PayPal.

PetSmart dominates as the leading pet retailer in North America. The brand’s immense traffic and recurring purchases also provide a lucrative opportunity for publishers through their affiliate program.

This article delves into the specifics of the PetSmart Affiliate Program, offering valuable insights to help you decide if it’s ideal for your promotions.

Overview of PetSmart

PetSmart is a leading pet retailer in North America, offering a wide selection of pet products, supplies, and services. Founded in 1986, they now operate over 1,650 stores across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

In addition to their retail locations, PetSmart operates an e-commerce website and pet hotel services. They are the largest specialty pet retailer in North America, with over $7 billion in annual sales.

PetSmart Affiliate Program Overview

PetSmart affiliate program is one of the affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry. Hosted by FlexOffers, the PetSmart Affiliate Program allows partners to earn commissions by promoting their products and services. You will earn money if referrals buy PetSmart’s items through your unique links.

Anyone can join the program without fees or requirements. PetSmart especially welcomes those with a strong influence in the pet owner community, like content creators, vets, bloggers, and animal experts.

PetSmart Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

PetSmart gives an 8% commission on each eligible purchase (including services booking). Your commission is calculated with the first purchase of customers through the unique links.

The cookie duration of the program is 30 days. This means you will have a month to convince your referrals to make a purchase. After 30 days, all the transactions through those links can not be calculated on your commissions.

FlexOffers transfers your commissions via 4 payment methods, including Bank transfer, Wire transfer, Check, and PayPal. You can only withdraw money if you reach $25 as a minimum threshold. Yet, FlexOffers will charge you from $1 to $5 for the transferring process.

FlexOffers pays partners based on NET 60 terms every month. For example, your commissions earned in March are processed 60 days later, on May 31st. Payments will be made on the 1st-7th of the following month or during the NET 60 grace period.

Pros and Cons of the PetSmart Affiliate Program

Pros Cons
Various pet products High competition
Established brand Processing payment fee
No traffic requirements Minimum threshold

Running the PetSmart Affiliate Program will face both some benefits and shortcomings.

PetSmart is an established and reliable brand with various pet products. This would help you introduce PetSmart’s products and services more easily. Besides, the program does not call for the traffic policy.

On the contrary, due to the popularity of PetSmart, competition in the pet affiliate area may be fierce. You need efficient marketing methods to win among pet affiliate spaces.

Moreover, this program also requires processing fees ($1-$5) for payment. You can also withdraw money if your account reaches at least $25.

PetSmart Affiliate Program Sign-Up Process

Here are the 5 steps to join the PetSmart Affiliate Program:

Step 1: Sign up at the PetSmart affiliate portal

Go to the PetSmart Affiliate Program signup page and fill in the application of FlexOffers.

Step 2: Get approved as an affiliate

PetSmart will review your application to approve you for their program. This usually takes a few business days.

Step 3: Access affiliate links and creative assets

Once approved, log in to your PetSmart affiliate dashboard. You can access your unique links, banners, text links, and other promotional creatives.

Step 4: Choose products to promote

Browse PetSmart’s selection of pet food, toys, supplies, and services and select relevant ones to promote to your audience.

Step 5: Add links to your website and content

Place your PetSmart affiliate links within product reviews, pet care articles, YouTube videos, and anywhere else your audience may see them.

How to Promote the PetSmart Affiliate Program?

You can use these tips to boost your affiliate commissions:

Firstly, you should choose several popular categories of Persmart to promote. The ideal products and services are for dogs and cats, as people caring for these animals are currently the most profitable.

Secondly, you can write several detailed reviews about PetSmart’s items such as their convenience, product diversity, and special pet care. Sharing experiences and detailed information about the quality and distinctive features of Petsmart’s products will gain potential clients’ confidence and curiosity.

Another important strategy is to provide special bargains or discounts via your affiliate links. You can emphasize limited-time bargains or exclusive savings available only through your links. These special benefits increase the likelihood of them clicking your links and making a purchase.

Finally, you can consider collaborating with influencers to expand your community. Those influencers can be pet influencers, content creators about dogs and cats content or animal experts if needed.

Is the PetSmart Affiliate Program Worth It?

With over 1,650 stores driving traffic, PetSmart provides significant earning potential. The 30-day cookie duration, and devoted support round out the package, giving affiliates the tools they need to succeed.

However, keep in mind the $20 minimum threshold processing cost and the NET 60 payment duration, which may have an impact on immediate returns. Yet, you may considerably increase your affiliate income and get into the pet niche by balancing the pros and cons of the PetSmart Affiliate Program.

For publishers creating pet-related content, promoting a leading brand like PetSmart aligns perfectly with their niche. The combination of high conversions and recurring sales makes their program a steady monetization method.

Overall, PetSmart’s wide reach, engaged audience, and recurring purchases provide a solid opportunity for earnings over time through its affiliate program.


Who should join the PetSmart Affiliate Program?

Everyone can join without fees or requirements. If you’re influential in the pet owner community, like content creators, vets, bloggers, or animal experts, you’re the best fit.

Is there a fee to join the PetSmart Affiliate Program?

No, there is no fee to join the PetSmart Affiliate Program. Affiliates can sign up for free and start earning commissions right away.

How much does the PetSmart Affiliate Program pay?

PetSmart gives an 8% commission on each eligible purchase (including services booking).

Are there any minimum requirements to become a PetSmart affiliate?

Yes, there are no minimum requirements to become a PetSmart affiliate.

Can the PetSmart program be combined with other affiliate programs?

It’s unclear whether the PetSmart program can be combined with other affiliate programs. However, it’s always best to check the terms and conditions of each program to ensure that you are not violating any rules when promoting multiple merchants.

What are the best PetSmart Affiliate Program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to consider include the Chewy Affiliate Program, Petco Affiliate Program, Only Natural Pet Affiliate Program, Oxbow Affiliate Program, Kong Affiliate Program, Purina Affiliate Program, Pet Supplies Plus Affiliate Program, and more.