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Purple affiliate program

Purple Affiliate Program

Purple's affiliate program lets you earn by guiding customers to make purchases on their website. You can join this program through Rakuten or FlexOffers affiliate networks.


3.2% per sale


30 days


Bank transfer, Wire transfer, Check, PayPal

Purple is a comfort technology company known for its innovative mattresses and sleep products. If you’re an affiliate marketer looking for a partnership with a well-known brand like Purple, renowned for its innovative sleep solutions, this review is for you.

We break down commission rates, benefits, and promotional strategies, giving you valuable insights to boost your affiliate marketing efforts.

Let’s get started!

Overview of Purple

Established in 2013, Purple, a comfort technology company hailing from Utah, specializes in crafting products that enhance sleep quality, improve seating comfort and overall well-being.

Renowned for their groundbreaking Hyper-Elastic Polymer mattress, featuring a distinctive grid structure for unparalleled support and pressure relief, Purple goes beyond mattresses, offering an array of comfort-centric products like pillows, cushions, bases, and bed frames.

With a vibrant and youthful personality, Purple markets its innovative line as the epitome of the ultimate comfort experience.

Overview of the Purple Affiliate Program

Purple’s affiliate program lets you earn by guiding customers to make purchases on their website. You can join this program through Rakuten or FlexOffers affiliate networks.

As an affiliate, you get tools like text links, images, and banners to promote Purple on your site, in emails, or on social media and earn commissions when people click your links and buy.

Joining is free! It suits lifestyle blogs, deal sites, influencers, and those targeting young adults and families. Purple’s affiliate program is a straightforward way to earn for various content creators.

Purple Mattresses Affiliate Program Commissions and Payment Details

Purple’s affiliate program offers a 3.2% commission rate and a 30-day cookie duration through both networks, Rakuten and FlexOffers.

In the Rakuten network, you will receive the payment through direct deposit (bank transfer), PayPal, or check and set a payment threshold of at least $50. When earning commissions, you must reach a minimum of $50 to withdraw the money.

If you join through FlexOffers, they will pay you through Bank transfer, Wire transfer, Check, or PayPal with a payout threshold of $25. However, they charge you a fee through the withdrawal.

Purple Affiliate Program Benefits & Drawbacks

Any program has its pros and cons. So if you are considering becoming a Purple affiliate, here are some key points you need to know:

Pros Cons
Established brand Modest commission rates
High AOV Cannot showcase competitor brands
Loyal customers Short cookie duration (30 days)
Strong creatives (banners, etc.) U.S. focused (Majority of sales)
Real-time reporting Niche – bedding and sleep space
Monthly payouts

Purple’s affiliate program has strengths, including a well-known brand that boosts conversion chances. The $1,300 average order value and a base of repeat customers are appealing. Affiliate partners can benefit from helpful tools like banners and real-time reports. Monthly payouts bring financial stability.

On the flip side, the commission rates are moderate. Affiliates can’t feature rival mattress brands, limiting options. With a U.S. focus, global promotion options are limited. The bedding niche might narrow the audience.

How do I become a Purple affiliate?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the Purple affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Purple Affiliate Page
Go to their website’s Purple affiliate program page> Click on Affiliate program > direct through the Rakuten network.

Or you can join through the FlexOffers network here.

Step 2: Fill Out the Application
Complete the affiliate application with your website and contact details. Read and accept their terms and conditions.

Step 3: Get Approved
Wait for an approval email from the Purple affiliate team confirming you have been accepted into the program.

Step 4: Promote Purple
Browse the marketing materials in your Purple affiliate dashboard like banner ads, affiliate link, and product images. Place these on your site and social media to promote Purple and earn commissions.

That summarizes the basic 4 steps to start the Purple affiliate program.

How to Boost Your Earnings with the Purple Affiliate Program?

To enhance your earnings with the Purple Affiliate Program, spotlight the innovative features of Purple’s products, such as the Hyper-Elastic Polymer mattress, in your content.

For instance, create blog posts elucidating how the unique grid structure offers unparalleled support for a restful night’s sleep. Engage your audience through compelling videos showcasing the comfort experience, effectively translating product benefits.

Second, you can optimize your affiliate marketing strategy by aligning content with seasonal trends. Like creating campaigns around holiday season or events where people might be looking for bedding upgrades or special promotions.

Don’t forget to leverage the power of social media platforms to reach a broader audience. Share engaging posts about Purple’s products, emphasizing their benefits and unique selling points.

Remember to stay consistent in your promotional efforts and analyze the performance of different strategies. Adjust your approach based on the data to optimize for the most effective channels and messaging.

In a nutshell, combining creative content, strategic promotions, and diversified channels can significantly enhance your earnings as a Purple affiliate.


Does Purple Mattress have an affiliate program?

Yes, Purple Mattress has an affiliate program pays a 3.2% commission on sales. The program is run through Impact Radius and FlexOffers.

Who should join the Purple Affiliate marketing program?

The Purple affiliate program is best suited for lifestyle blogs, deal sites, influencers, and publishers that cater to a young adult and family demographic interested in home goods, furniture, sleep, and interior design.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Purple affiliate?

Purple does not publicly disclose any specific traffic or sales requirements for affiliates. However, your site or audience should match their target young adult and family consumer.

Can the Purple program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, the Purple program can complement other furniture, home goods, lifestyle, and interior design affiliate offers. Many bloggers and influencers in this affiliate space promote multiple brands.

What are the best Purple affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives in the bedding and mattress space include:

  • Casper
  • Tuft & Needle
  • Leesa
  • Helix Sleep
  • Saatva
  • Avocado Mattress
  • Amerisleep
  • Nest Bedding

These brands also appeal to the young adult and family audience, with competitive affiliate programs to consider alongside Purple.