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Reebok Affiliate Program

Reebok Affiliate Program

A lucrative opportunity to work with one of the most reliable brand and gain competitive commission per month.




30 days


FedEx, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer

This article will provide you an overview of the Reebok Affiliate Program. It describes how their affiliate program works, provides recommendations for maximizing profits, weighs the pros and cons, and determines whether it is worthwhile.

Overview of Reebok

Founded in 1958, Reebok is an iconic athletic footwear brand that has been inspiring people to embrace their individuality for over 60 years. Originally starting as a UK-based company, Reebok grew rapidly and became a global sensation.

Today, Reebok continues to innovate while staying connected to its retro roots. Reebok designs performance gear for a wide range of activities including running, training, walking, dance and more. With a mission to foster human growth and community through the power of movement, Reebok aims to create products that unify people and encourage them to reach their full potential.

Overview of Reebok Affiliate Program

Reebok affiliate program is one of the affiliate marketing programs in the fashion industry. Managed through ShareASale, the Reebok Affiliate Program allows you to earn cash commissions from sales you refer to Reebok.com. As an affiliate partner, you have a unique opportunity to tap into Reebok’s iconic branding and promote products customers already love and trust.

When you join the Reebok Affiliate Program, you gain access to Reebok product feeds, images and up-to-date promotional information. You can feature these assets on your website through banners, text links and other creative formats.

The Reebok Learning Affiliate Program works well for:

  • Sports coaches or influencers.
  • B2B product reviewers.
  • General content platforms discussing sports and health.

There are no signup fees, monthly fees or minimum sales requirements to participate. It’s completely free to join and start earning.

However, Reebok Affiliate Program is for the US only. With partners who are non-US are not recommended to start at this moment.

Reebok Affiliate Program: Commissions Rate and Payment Details

Reebok Affiliate Program provides you a 7% commission rate per order which is approximately lower than other commission rates but they compensate it by high-price products. Moreover, since Reebok offers an extensive selection of footwear, apparel and accessories, customers often purchase multiple items per order.

You will get the commission when the sales are made.

Here, you can take a quick look at this agency’s payment details.

  • The minimum payout threshold is $50.
  • Payment methods:  FedEx, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer.
  • Payday: June 20th

For example, if payday is June 20th, that payment would include all approved sales from May.

Pros and Cons of Reebok Affiliate Program

A brief of the advantages and disadvantages of this affiliate program:

Pros Cons
Reebok is an established brand with high recognition and trust 7% base rate is lower than many other affiliate programs
Generous cookie duration of 30 days Less impulse-driven purchases due to the high price of Reeboks’ products
Access to Reeboks’ product images and information Fitness-focused crowd which is a narrower audience
Wide range of products to promote Limited to US only
Only earn on initial purchases, not repeat orders

Promoting the Reebok Affiliate Program faces both benefits and drawbacks:

Some highlighted advantages of Reebok Affiliate Program are not only is Reebok a reliable brand, but it also provides free access to product images and information. This helps you to shorten the procedure of your own promotion. In addition, you can get credit for repeat sales for 30 days after the initial click.

On the other hand, even though it provides lucrative opportunities, the Reebok Affiliate Program has a lower commission rate than other programs. Besides, this program is only accepted for US, not yet open for non-US users.

How to join the Reebok Affiliate Program step-by-step

Here are the 5 steps to join the Reebok Affiliate Program:

Step 1: Find the Reebok Affiliate Program

Sign up in the Reebok Affiliate Program page and click on the link to join the program via ShareASale.

Step 2: Submit application

Fill out the application form with basic information about your business and your audience.

Step 3: Get approved

Wait for Reebok to approve or deny your application, which typically takes a few days.

Step 4: Access links

Once you’re accepted, you’ll be granted access to your affiliate dashboard, where you can find and copy your unique affiliate referral link.

Step 5: Start promoting

Add your referral link to relevant content on your website, and start earning commissions on click-through sales

Surge Your Earnings with Reebok Affiliate Program

To increase your earnings with the affiliate commission rate of Reebok, there are some small tips for you to have elementary steps:

Firstly, do not just link to the Reebok homepage, you can take advantage of Reeboks’ images and videos to spotlight what you are selling. For example, show some pictures of athletic shoes, and their functions corresponding to your affiliate links.

Secondly, you can use influencer marketing by collaborating with relevant bloggers or athletes to promote Reebok’s products. It is acceptable to you to utilize the celebrity endorsement of Reebok to promote your own affiliate links.

Thirdly, use your own experiences to review, compare and share tips with your consumers. It is free for you to do it through multiple digital platforms like your website, and social media,…

Finally, you also can create unique special offers for your audience like discounted promo codes or bonus gifts to entice clicks. However, this method is not suitable for individuals or new people to get started with.

By experimenting with various promotional strategies, you can discover what resonates most with your readers and maximize your Reebok earnings.

Is the Reebok Affiliate Program Worth It?

While 7% is on the lower side compared to some affiliate programs, Reebok makes up for it with their high average order values, 30-day cookie duration and wide range of promotable products. According to Reebok, the average order value is around $80 USD. This means on average, you would earn $5.60 per sale.

For publishers already producing lifestyle products or fitness products such as athletic footwear, shoes,…, adding Reebok affiliate links is an easy way to monetize existing resources.

In addition, the earnings you can gain from the Reebok Affiliate Program increasingly depend on various reasons such as your website’s niche, traffic and monetization strategy,…

Last but not least, affiliate marketing takes consistency and patience. Don’t expect to get rich quickly with the Reebok program. But if promoting fitness apparel and accessories fits your website well, it can provide a steady stream of commission over time.


Who should join the Reebok Affiliate Program?

Reebok Affiliate Program now runs only in the United States, not for India, the UK or other countries. Those who have a website or social media platform and are interested in promoting Reebok products to their audience can join the Reebok affiliate program.

Is there a fee to join the Reebok Affiliate Program?

No, there is no charge to join the Reebok affiliate program.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Reebok Affiliate?

There are no specific minimum requirements to become a Reebok affiliate, but it’s recommended to have a website or social media platform with an engaged audience.

Can the Reebok Program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, the Reebok affiliate program can be combined with other affiliate programs.

What are the best Reebok Affiliate Program alternatives?

Some of the best Reebok affiliate program alternatives include Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, New Balance and ASICS.

When and how will you get compensated?

At the time of writing this article, Shareasale is processing payments. The payment options are FedEx, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer.

What happens if a customer returns a product I referred to?

In almost every case that means your commission for the Reebok sale will get reversed. This may not be the case if you negotiate your contract with them. This can typically be done after consistent sales are proven.

Is the Reebok Affiliate Program available in Canada, UK, and India?

Not yet. At this period, Reebok Affiliate Program allows partners from the US only. You can try alternative programs to start earning as quickly as possible.