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Reflection.app Affiliate Program

Reflection.app Affiliate Program

The Reflection.app affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting our Premium Plan.


Earn 30% of attributed user revenue (less fees and any refunds)


30-day tracking pixel for sign-ups. Attribution set forever


Payouts sent monthly via PayPal (minimum payout threshold: $50)

At Reflection.app we’re doing for journaling what Calm and InsightTimer did for meditation – offering guided journaling practices from wellness and personal-growth experts.

Let’s explore everything you need to know about the Reflection.app affiliate program. You’ll learn how it works, commission details, benefits for creators, and how to promote this powerful journaling and personal growth app.

Overview of Reflection.app

Reflection.app is a journaling app that goes beyond simple note-taking to help users learn from the past and intentionally shape their future.

With a vast library of guided journaling practices from wellness experts, as well as weekly, monthly, and annual review tools, Reflection empowers users to find peace, practice gratitude, and grow with purpose.

Overview of Reflection.app Affiliate Program

Reflection.app Affiliate Program

The Reflection.app affiliate program allows creators to earn generous commissions by referring their audience to the app. Partners receive 30% of all attributed revenue, including initial Premium signups and ongoing subscription renewals. This is one of the highest revenue shares in the personal growth app space.

With extensive attribution, partners receive credit for referrals forever, regardless of when the user converts to a paid subscription. The program offers co-branded landing pages optimized for conversion to give partners the best results.

Commissions and Payment Details

Affiliates earn 30% of the revenue from referred users who sign up for a Premium subscription, less any fees or refunds. On average, partners earn $20 per signup, with no cap on total earnings.

Payouts are sent monthly via PayPal as long as the total commission reaches the $50 minimum threshold. Amounts under $50 roll over to the next payout cycle.

Key Benefits

  • Generous 30% revenue share on all attributions
  • Extensive lifetime attribution, regardless of user conversion timing
  • Curated partner program focused on creators aligned with the app’s wellness mission
  • Simple integration into existing content and communications
  • Co-branded landing pages optimized for conversion
  • Custom journaling prompt links to engage audiences

How to Join?

Reflection.app Affiliate Program

Joining the Reflection.app affiliate program is a simple process:

Step 1: Apply online

Fill out the brief affiliate application form on the Reflection.app website. The team reviews all submissions to ensure partner alignment.

Step 2: Get onboarded

If approved, you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique affiliate links and assets. The Reflection team will also create a co-branded landing page to welcome your audience.

Step 3: Start promoting

Share your affiliate links and landing page with your audience to start earning commissions on referred signups. Use the tracking tools in your affiliate dashboard to monitor performance.


What makes your Partner Affiliate Program unique?

Growing organically through a network of creators and experts who share our passion for wellness and growth aligns with our mission to make the power of reflection available to as many users as possible. As such, creating a Partner Program that is a true win-win experience for all is core to mission and business.

In addition to offering a tool that will offer lasting benefits to your users, we also offer one of the highest affiliate revenue-share percentages in the space.  And as you can learn more about below, we also have built a best-in-class cross-platform attribution tracking solution.

We are keen to build and grow this business with you, so if you ever have any questions or feedback please let us know.

Can anyone join the Reflection.app Partner Program?

We review every Partner application to ensure the integrity of the application and an aligned mission with the partner.

The application itself is quite short, so we encourage everyone who is interested to apply. We will get back within a week with a response.

What happens next after my partner application is submitted?

After your application is submitted, we will review it as soon as possible, usually within the week.

If your application is approved, we will send you a welcome email with dedicated links you can share with your community.

We will also create a dedicated landing page with your name and photo for a familiar welcome to your community. These pages direct users directly to a Premium sign-up page with a special offer.

You can start sharing these links immediately once you receive them.

How much can I earn as a Reflection.app Partner?

Partners receive 30% of all attributed revenue, less fees, and refunds. This includes initial premium signups and subscription renewals. There is no maximum cap on how much a partner can earn.

Payouts are approved and sent the first week of each month. As long as your total payout is above the $50 payout threshold, we will send payment via PayPal. Any earnings below the threshold will simply roll over to the next cycle until they pass the threshold and are paid.

How is partner affiliate attribution tracked and calculated?

When a new user signs up with one of your custom partner links it applies your unique partner Affiliate ID. If an existing user who is not Premium clicks through one of your affiliate links to re-enter the app it will check if they already have attribution set, if not you will also get attribution for this existing user.

Users who click through your affiliate links will be attributed regardless of what platform they register on, and regardless of their time to conversion to Premium. Despite our best efforts, some browsers, platforms, or devices will block attribution tracking.

For this reason, we recommend using your custom Affiliate Landing Page link, which directs the user to a premium sign-up. Not only does this page have the best conversion rate, but it also has instant attribution.

What makes Reflection.app different from other journaling apps?

Reflection goes one step beyond journaling by providing rich guides, prompts, and insights that help you learn from your past and chart your course ahead.

In addition to offering the world’s largest curated library of guided journaling practices from wellness and personal growth experts, Reflection.app offers weekly, monthly, and annual reviews to help you find peace, foster gratitude, and grow with intention.