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rev affiliate program

Rev Affiliate Program

The Rev affiliate program offers publishers an opportunity to earn commissions by advertising its services. Join now to make your first passive income.


$20 - $40 per referral


30 days


PayPal, Check, Wire transfer, Direct deposit, ACH transfer

Rev is a popular online platform that provides transcription, captioning, and translation services. As a Rev affiliate, publishers can now turn their content into a revenue stream. 

This comprehensive article will delve into every aspect of the Rev affiliate program. You’ll learn about its operation and how to become a Rev marketer. Read on now to know if this program is right for you!

What is Rev?

Founded in 2010, Rev offers transcription, translation, captioning, and audio description services. With over 100,000 curated freelancers, Rev makes it easy for users to scale their audio and video needs. 

With Rev, users can submit audio and video content through its website or API to get files transcribed, subtitled, translated, and more. Rev’s algorithms then route the jobs to qualified freelancers to complete the tasks. This platform is known for quick turnarounds, rigorous quality standards, and security features.

How Does the Rev Affiliate Program Work?

Passive Income With Rev Affiliate Marketing Program|#rev.com

The Rev affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions by driving new customers to this platform. You’ll get a commission for each order made through your affiliate links.

This program is open to any publisher interested in joining. Yet, it’s ideal for content creators and influencers in the freelance work, transcription, translation, and audio niches.

Publishers can join this program through Impact, a trusted affiliate network. The signup process is simple and free. Impact is also in charge of tracking performance and processing payments.

Rev affiliates can access various promotional materials, such as banners and text ads. Rev’s experienced affiliate managers are always available to provide timely help and support.

Rev Affiliate Commissions and Payment Details

Rev offers a competitive commission structure as follows:

  • Rev’s human-powered closed caption and transcription services: $20 per order
  • Worl-language subtitle orders: $40 per order

The cookie duration lasts for 30 days. Accordingly, if your audience pays for a Rev’s service within 1 month from the last click, your referral qualifies for a commission. 

Your referrals are locked 60 days after being tracked. Then, approved transactions are made 20 days after the end of this month. Publishers can receive their money through PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, and ACH transfer. The payment process requires a $10 minimum payout balance.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Rev Affiliate Program

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of becoming a Rev affiliate marketer.

Benefits Drawbacks
Generous commission rate ($20-$40/referral) Long payment process 
Long cookie duration (30 days) $10 minimum payment threshold
Dedicated affiliate support  

Rev offers publishers a competitive commission rate of up to $40 per referral. For example, if you can attract 10 people to order subtitle services, you’ll get $400 in commission. Publishers can pile up a large affiliate income over time.

In addition, the 30-day cookie duration gives publishers lots of time to promote. This extended period also allows for experimenting with new strategies to optimize results.  Notably, Rev provides affiliates with many materials and support from experienced affiliate managers. 

However, publishers face a lengthy wait to receive their earnings due to the payment process, which involves tracking, locking, invoicing, and approval stages. Additionally, a minimum affiliate revenue of $10 is required for withdrawal.

Rev Affiliate Program Sign-up Guide

Now we’ll guide you through simple steps to apply for the Rev affiliate program.

Step 1: Visit the Drizly affiliate homepage

You can go to its main site at: https://www.rev.com/affiliates. Here you can go through all the needed information.

Step 2: Access the registration site

On this site, click “Apply now” to move to the registration site. Or, you can directly go through: https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/Rev.brand?execution=e1s1

Step 3: Complete the application form

Fill in all the required information with your valid details. Then, click “Sign Up” to submit your form.

Step 4: Wait for approval

Your application will go through a review process. It usually takes a few business days.

Step 5: Rev affiliate program login and start promoting

Once approved, you can log in and access your affiliate dashboard to start promoting.

Best Tips to Get Success with the Rev Affiliate Program

Here are tips for publishers to maximize earnings as a Rev affiliate marketer.

First, you should develop compelling content that highlights the benefits and features of Rev’s services. You can share success stories or provide useful tips for transcription, captioning, or translation. Informative content attracts more visitors and helps your audience make informed decisions.

Next, publishers may use visual content to increase their marketing traffic. You can create eye-catching graphics, infographics, or videos that explain the benefits of Rev’s services. Visual content can attract potential customers’ attention and drive more sales.

Another tip is to stay informed about Rev’s latest promotions and offers. You can then offer your audience these special deals while promoting. Time-limited offers can effectively convince your audience to make a purchase.

Lastly, don’t forget to connect with fellow affiliates in the same niche. You can work with them on joint advertising projects and events. Networking can provide valuable tips, ideas, and opportunities for cross-promotion.

Why Join the Rev Affiliate Program?

For publishers looking to start a real affiliate marketing business, the Rev affiliate program could be a good launch.

Rev affiliate, you can earn competitive commissions ($20-$40 perferral) for every customer you refer. Publishers can expect to earn hundreds of dollars monthly or even more. For example, if 20 customers order a Rev’s subtitle service through your links, you’ll get $800 in commission.

Meanwhile, it’s not easy to get a high affiliate income in a short time. The key is to stay determined and consistent over time. You need to identify the right target audience and focus on persuading them. Remember to regularly review your performance and improve it for better earnings.


  • Does Rev offer an affiliate program?

Yes. The Rev affiliate program allows publishers to earn money by promoting its services. 

  • Is the Rev affiliate program legit?

Yes. The Rev affiliate program is legitimate. There is an affiliate agreement for publishers to consider before joining.

  • Who should join the Rev affiliate program?

The Rev Affiliate program is ideal for publishers who do freelance work, transcription, translation, captions, or audio content.

  • Is there a fee to join the Rev affiliate program?

No. There are no fees to join the Rev Affiliate program. 

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Rev affiliate?

There are no strict minimum requirements to join the Rev affiliate program. 

  • Can the Rev program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. The Rev affiliate program applies no exclusivity restrictions.

  • What are the best Rev affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to the Rev affiliate program are Smartsites, Temu, and TranscribeMe affiliate programs.