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revzilla affiliate program

RevZilla Affiliate Program

RevZilla affiliate program allows publishers to earn money by attracting new customers. Join now to make your first extra income.


3-7% per sale


14 days


PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer

RevZilla is a popular online retailer specializing in motorcycle gear, parts, and accessories. Its affiliate program now allows publishers to earn money promoting its products.

This comprehensive article will equip you with all the needed information about the RevZilla affiliate program. Let’s dive in now to discover everything you need to know.

Overview of RevZilla

RevZilla is the leading online retailer of motorcycle gear, parts, and apparel. It is widely recognized as one of the largest and most popular motorcycle gear providers in the United States.

RevZilla offers a wide range of products for motorcycle enthusiasts, including helmets, jackets, gloves, boots, riding gear, parts, etc. It has partnered with various well-known brands like Arai, Bell, Apinestars, Dainese, etc. This brand has reached millions of customers in the United States and worldwide.

Overview of the RevZilla Affiliate Program

The RevZilla affiliate program enables publishers to earn commissions by advertising its products. Accordingly, for each product sold through affiliate links, affiliates will be commissioned.

While the program is available to publishers in all niches, it’s particularly well-suited for creators and influencers specializing in motorcycle, automotive, or men’s lifestyle content. Signing up is simple and doesn’t involve any fees.

As a RevZilla affiliate, you’ll enjoy access to diverse high-quality creatives, including banners and images. Publishers will also receive newsletters with updated information and pre-written content. Notably, marketers will receive support from a dedicated management team.

This program is managed by Impact Radius, a major affiliate network. Hence, Impact Radius will handle performance tracking and payment processes.

RevZilla Affiliate Commission Rates and Payment Details

RevZilla offers a flexible commission structure, from 3% to 7% per sale driven via affiliate links. The commission rates vary depending on the type of product sold.

The cookie duration lasts for 14 days. This means if your audience completes a payment for a RevZilla item within two weeks from the last click, you’ll be rewarded.

Qualified referrals are confirmed two months after they’re tracked and invoiced on the 2nd of that month. Approved transactions are processed five days after the end of that month, and all transactions are in USD.

Impact Radius offers various payment methods, including PayPal, Check, Wire transfer, Direct deposit, and ACH transfer. The payment process does not require a minimum payout balance.

Pros and Cons of the RevZilla Affiliate Program

This section will shed light on the pros and cons of this program.

Pros Cons
Long cookie period (14 days) Low commission rates (3-7%)
Dedicated affiliate support Long payment process (more than 2 months)
Diverse payment options
No minimum payment threshold

On the one hand, this program gives affiliates plenty of time, up to 2 weeks, to convince their audience. Additionally, publishers shall receive dedicated support from RevZilla affiliate management team. You can also use many creative assets to save time and effort.

Plus, affiliates have a wide range of payment methods to choose from, including PayPal, Check, Wire transfer, Direct deposit, and ACH transfer. Remarkably, your money withdrawal is more convenient than ever without a minimum payout balance required.

On the other hand, the program does not pay a competitive commission rate, at a maximum of only 7% per sale. Thus, publishers may take a long time to pile up large affiliate income.

Also, the payment process needs to go through many approval steps. So, affiliates have to wait more than 2 months to receive their payouts.

RevZilla Affiliate Program Sign-up Instruction

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the RevZilla affiliate program.

Step 1: Visit the RevZilla affiliate homepage

You can access the main site of this program at: https://www.revzilla.com/customer-service-affiliates-and-partnerships. This site provides you with all the needed information.

Step 2: Go to the registration page

Click “Join Now” on the homepage in the “Apply Today” section to move to the application site. Or you can click this link: https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/RevZilla.brand?execution=e1s1.

Step 3: Complete the application form

Fill in the application form with your valid details and information. After accepting the terms and conditions, click “Sign Up”.

Step 4: Wait for approval and start promoting

You’ll receive an email from Impact Radius about your approval status. It may take several business days.

Once approved, you can access your affiliate dashboard materials to start promoting.

How to Increase Your Earnings with the RevZilla Affiliate Program?

To increase income with the RevZilla affiliate program, publishers may consider using some tips below.

To begin with, marketers should focus on producing high-quality content that educates, entertains, or solves problems for their audience. This could include product reviews, comparison articles, how-to guides, or motorcycle-related content. Engaging and informative content can attract more visitors and encourage them to spend their money.

In addition, affiliates need to optimize their content for search engines. You can use some relevant keywords (RevZilla, automotive, motorcycle,…), meta tags, and descriptions. This will help improve your content’s visibility in search engine results, driving organic traffic to your affiliate links.

Moreover, publishers may consider providing additional benefits to encourage their audience to purchase. This may cover offering exclusive discounts, freebies, or bonuses when they use your affiliate links. These gifts will make them feel more beneficial when buying through your affiliate links.

Finally, it’s necessary to stay informed about new products, promotions, and campaigns from RevZilla. You can regularly check their affiliate program updates and newsletter to avoid missing the latest products or offers. Staying updated will help you to produce timely and trendy content.

Is the RevZilla Affiliate Program Right for You?

For publishers looking to monetize their content, the RevZilla affiliate program could be a good opportunity.

When you join this program, RevZilla and its affiliate network have your back. A dedicated team guides you, giving you access to helpful promotional materials and pre-written content. It saves time and effort, making it super useful, especially for newcomers.

Partnering with RevZilla brings more benefits to its affiliates. It allows publishers to improve their visibility and position in the affiliate marketing niche. Also, promoting such a famous brand as RevZilla will help easily gain the audience’s trust.

To conclude, the RevZilla affiliate program could be a worthwhile chance for publishers. What it brings is not only money but also an opportunity for further development.


  • Does RevZilla run an affiliate program?

Yes. Its affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting its products.

  • Who should join the RevZilla affiliate program?

It’s suitable for creators and influencers in the motorcycle and automotive niches.

  • Is there a fee to join the RevZilla affiliate program?

No. There is no fee to join the RevZilla affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a RevZilla affiliate?

RevZilla does not require any specific traffic or sales. Yet, applications are reviewed before approval.

  • Can the RevZilla program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. RevZilla allows its affiliates to promote products from other providers.

  • What are the best RevZilla affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are Cycle Gear, Alpinestars, Harley-Davidson, and Motorcycle. Besides, there are Motorsport, Snowmobile, Can-Am, and Fox Racing affiliate programs.