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samcart affiliate program

SamCart Affiliate Program

The SamCart Affiliate Program provides publishers commission by promoting their subscription plan. Join now to earn profitable affiliate income!


40% recurring commission


30 days



SamCart is a popular shopping cart and checkout software. It now has an intriguing affiliate program through which affiliate marketers can earn commissions by promoting its services.

This comprehensive SamCart Affiliate Program article covers everything affiliates need to know including commission structure, benefits,… Read more detailed information below.

Overview of SamCart

Founded in 2014, SamCart is a checkout and shopping cart platform designed for digital products and online courses. It simplifies online purchases with one-page checkouts.

Their services include order bumps, upsells, payment plans, subscriptions, and more. Online businesses can use those services by subscribing to SamCart’s plan, subscription monthly or yearly options.

Up to now, SamCart has over 75,000 clients selling more than $2.8 billion in products. The software aims to maximize conversions and increase average order values for online businesses.

Overview of the SamCart Affiliate Program

The SamCart Affiliate Program pays publishers a recurring commission for getting users to sign up for paid SamCart subscriptions. When your referred users purchase qualifying SamCart monthly or annual plans, you earn commissions.

As an affiliate, you will have access to promotional material such as textual links, email scripts, banners, and marketing collateral to help you promote SamCart on your website and through other channels.

Even though the SamCart Affiliate Program does not cost any fee, they require you to have a website to run the program. It works well for marketers, online businesses, e-commerce owners, and SaaS websites and influencers.

SamCart Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

SamCart Affiliate Program offers you a 40% recurring commission rate for each qualified order. You will receive commissions whenever customers subscribe to SamCart plans for up to 2 years.

The cookie duration of the program is 30 days. You are credited for a referral if someone clicks your affiliate link and subscribes to a random plan within a month.

They will pay your commissions via PayPal if your account reaches $50 on a monthly basis. The affiliate income will be transferred to you within 45 days after your request. 

Pros and Cons of the SamCart Affiliate Program

Here are some upsides and downsides of the SamCart Affiliate Program:

Pros Cons
High recurring commissions (40%) Minimum threshold ($50)
High-converting assets Require a website
Network with top affiliates Limited payout method (PayPal)
High cookie duration (30 days)  

The most significant benefit that the SamCart program offers to its partners is a 40% recurring commission for up to 2 years. Additionally, the lengthy cookie duration is another plus point, 30 days is long enough for you to introduce the services to customers.

However, your account must have at least $50 if you want to withdraw money. Money can be taken out only via PayPal, the SamCart Affiliate does not allow other payment methods. They also require you to have an existing website when joining the program. 

SamCart Affiliate Program Sign-Up Procedure

You can join the SamCart Affiliate Program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the SamCart affiliate page
Go to the SamCart Affiliate Program page and review details about available information.

Step 2: Click “Apply Now”
On their affiliate page, click the “Apply Now” button to bring up the online application form.

Step 3: Fill out the application
Complete the affiliate application with your website and contact details. Read and accept their terms and conditions.

Step 4: Get approved
Wait for an approval email from the SamCart affiliate team confirming you have been accepted into the program.

Step 5: Promote SamCart
Browse the text links, banners, email scripts, and other creatives in your SamCart affiliate dashboard. Place these on your site and content to start promoting SamCart subscriptions.

How to Promote the SamCart Affiliate Program?

Here are some tips to maximize your SamCart commissions:

In the beginning, you should narrow down your target audience. You have to make a detailed persona about what types of customers need a digital platform to manage their work. Following your research, you can take part in several forums and groups on social media to meet your customers.

In the next steps, you can now create creative content to attract your customers with the SamCart subscription plan. Customers always love to read in-depth SamCart reviews and tutorials, blog posts, personal experiences, etc. 

Another key strategy is sending promotions to customers. You can use email (email marketing) to send it to customers and post reviews and blogs. Samcart has a 7-trial period for their subscription plan and high-converting assets, you should utilize these valuable materials to maximize your earnings.

Lastly, you have to manage your affiliate work by evaluating sale volumes and commissions monthly or quarterly based on your need. You may need to manage the cost you spend if you use ads to boost the program. You also change strategy to match customers’ interests and preferences.

Is the SamCart Affiliate Program Worth It?

With a remarkable 40% lifetime recurring commissions, SamCart’s affiliate program offers substantial long-term passive earning potential. Consider this: the most popular monthly subscription plan on SamCart is $159. If your referrals opt for this plan, you earn a minimum of $63 each month. 

Moreover, SamCart provides you access to a community of top affiliates, offering valuable knowledge, experience, and networking opportunities to enhance your work progressively.

Overall, SamCart’s Affiliate Program delivers massive value for publishers who can attract their target audience of online business owners and marketers.


  • Who should join the SamCart Affiliate Program?

The SamCart affiliate program is best suited for marketing, business, e-commerce, and SaaS websites and influencers who cater to audiences interested in shopping cart and checkout software.

  • Is there a fee to join the SamCart Affiliate Program?

No, there is no cost to join the SamCart Affiliate Program. It is free to participate as a SamCart affiliate partner.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a SamCart affiliate?

SamCart Affiliate Program allows you to run the program provided that you have an existing website. Apart from that, they do not require any specific conditions. 

  • Can the SamCart program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, SamCart complements other software, SaaS, and marketing affiliate programs well. Many business sites promote multiple relevant affiliate offers together.

  • What are the best SamCart affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives in the shopping cart space include the ThriveCart affiliate program, CartFlows affiliate program, ClickFunnels affiliate program, Kartra affiliate program, PayKickstart affiliate program, SendOwl affiliate program, Gumroad affiliate program, E-Junkie affiliate program,…