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skimlinks affiliate program

Skimlinks Affiliate Program

Skimlinks affiliate program gives a lucrative chance for publishers to earn from attracting alike affiliates. Join to be part of the global affiliate network.


Up to 35%




PayPal, ACH

Known as one of the most well-known affiliate networks globally, Skimlinks now operates its own affiliate program. If you are a publisher wishing to monetize your content and connect with many publishers worldwide, this program is worth a look.

This article will equip you with must-know information about the Skimlinks affiliate program. Read on to know if it’s a way to go.

About Skimlinks

Founded in 2007, Skimlinks is a leading commerce content monetization platform. It helps publishers earn from product links on their websites. Whenever one of your site visitors clicks and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Over 60,000 publishers globally use Skimlinks to monetize links across their articles, product roundups, gift guides, reviews, and other content. The platform supports affiliate programs from over 48,500 merchants, including many top brands like Walmart, Sephora, Kolh’s, etc.

How Does the Skimlinks Affiliate Program Work?

The Skimlinks affiliate program allows you to earn by referring publishers to join its network. You receive a commission when your referred users sign up and drive product sales.

The program is widely open to any publishers who want to generate money from their content. However, it works well for bloggers, content marketers, website owners, or influencers with established marketing traffic.

As a Skimlinks affiliate marketer, you will receive sufficient affiliate support. You will get a personal referral link from your Skimlinks Publisher Hub account. Then, you are able to put the code wherever you like to start promoting and attracting more publishers like you to join.

Skimlinks Affiliate Program Commissions and Payout Details

The program offers a fixed commission structure, up to 35% of Skimlinks’ share of commission from your referred publishers in their first year.

The good news about this program is that it requires no cookie lifetime. Thus, it does not matter when your referred audience becomes a Skimlinks affiliate, as long as they join via your shared links, you will be commissioned.

Your payment will be made monthly via PayPal or ACH with $50 as the minimum payout balance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining the Skimlinks Affiliate Program 

To have a deep insight into this program, it’s essential to look through both its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Disadvantages
High brand visibility Minimum threshold required ($50)
Lucrative commission rate (35%) Highly competitive market
No cookie duration

Over time, Skimlinks has set itself as a leading affiliate network in this industry. Thus, its popularity and reliability are no longer questioned. Publishers can easily attract more creators to join.

Besides, 35% is a high commission rate. For example, if Skimlinks receives a share of $200 from your referred publisher in the initial year, you will get $70 as a commission. Above all, that no cookie policy is applied enables you to be free with promoting without worrying about a time limit.

On the other hand, you must accumulate at least $50 as your affiliate revenue so that payment can be processed.

In addition, the affiliate marketing landscape is so competitive that publishers must make additional efforts to stand out and gain fruitful outcomes.

3-Step Guide to Become a Skimlinks Affiliate

To join the Skimlinks affiliate program, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Access its affiliate homepage
Visit the Skimlinks affiliate site via the link: https://skimlinks.com/referral-program/. Click the “Sign up” button at the bottom to start registering.

Step 2: Sign up for Skimlinks and apply
Register a Skimlinks account. After succeeding, you can log in to this platform and apply for the affiliate program.

Step 3: Stay tuned for approval and start promoting
It may take several days for your affiliate application to be approved. Once approved, go to the “Referral Program” section to access your unique referral links.

Now you can incorporate your links and call for more publishers to join.

Tips to Maximize Your Skimlinks Affiliate Income

There is no limit to how much you can earn from this program. So what are you waiting for? Read on to see what strategy fits you best.

To increase the conversion rate, it’s essential to utilize multiple traffic sources. There are various channels to drive traffic to your content such as email marketing, paid advertising, or social media channels. Diversifying your traffic sources can help you reach a much broader audience.

What’s more, if you want to stay strong in this industry, you have to continuously optimize and diversify your affiliate experience. You can regularly test different strategies, content formats, and promotional techniques to find what is best for your audience.

Remarkably, publishers should keep themselves updated on industry trends. This allows you to provide timely and relevant content to your audience, increasing the chances of driving conversions.

Is the Skimlinks Affiliate Program Worth Trying?

Skimlinks offers a unique way to monetize your content by connecting with many potential affiliates and brands worldwide. If you’re a blogger or content marketer, it’s a perfect fit for your skills and has the potential for significant profits.

Overall, the Skimlinks affiliate program delivers a compelling affiliate marketing opportunity. By paying you to help other publishers unlock the earning potential of their product links, Skimlinks also offers you a chance to be part of a global network of affiliates.


Who should join the Skimlinks affiliate program?

The Skimlinks affiliate program is best suited for bloggers, content marketers, website owners, or influencers. Anyone looking to earn by referring publishers to Skimlinks can join.

Is there a fee to join the Skimlinks affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the Skimlinks affiliate program as an affiliate. Registration and account access is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Skimlinks affiliate?

There are no stated minimum traffic or referral requirements. But, you need to have an audience to promote to generate referrals.

Is the Skimlinks affiliate program?

Yes. The program is legitimate to join. It also provides a detailed affiliate agreement for affiliates to consider before joining.

Can the Skimlinks program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can promote Skimlinks besides any other affiliate programs. There are no exclusivity restrictions.

What are the best Skimlinks affiliate program alternatives?

There are many alternatives to choose from, such as Awin, Partnerize, and more. Some other options include Linkbux, VigLink, Amazon Associates, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, and Rakuten Marketing.