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Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Keep reading to learn all about Skyscanner’s affiliate program and how you can start making money today.


Up to 20%


30 days


PayPal, Wire Transfer

As an avid traveler, you’ve likely used Skyscanner to find the best flight deals to your next adventure destination. But did you know you can earn affiliate commissions by promoting Skyscanner’s travel products?

Keep reading to learn all about Skyscanner’s affiliate program and how you can start making money today.

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An Overview of Skyscanner

Founded in 2003, Skyscanner is a globally recognized online travel agency headquartered in Edinburgh. With over 100 million monthly users, it has become a leading flight metasearch engine.

They simplify travel search by aggregating real-time pricing and availability from numerous airlines and travel agents. Alongside flights, users can conveniently book hotels and rental cars, while their innovative technology has earned them accolades for enhancing the travel planning experience.

What is the Skyscanner Affiliate Program?

The program is ideal for travel bloggers, deal sites, social media groups, and cashback websites with an audience interested in travel. However, you don’t need a solely travel-focused site to join. Skyscanner welcomes all types of affiliates in multiple geos.

As an affiliate, you can share Skyscanner’s flight, hotel, and rental car search tools through banners, links, and widgets. When your referral makes a booking, you earn a percentage of Skyscanner’s commission.

To get started, you can join their affiliate network, Impact, apply, get approval, and use their tools to earn commissions. They also provide support to help you succeed.

Skyscanner will provide you with all the creative assets and tools needed to promote your brand. Their widgets allow you to showcase real-time flight deals without needing approval.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Commission

With Skyscanner’s affiliate program, you can earn commissions up to 20% commission on bookings and redirects.

They compensate you with a commission when someone you refer to us goes ahead and books a flight, hotel, car rental, or other travel services through one of their partner companies. The commission you earn is a portion of Skyscanner’s money from these partners.

The brand offers one-time payment with a 30-day cookie duration.

How much do Skyscanner affiliates get paid?

Skyscanner affiliates can earn a commission of 20% for each booking generated through their links. However, the commission is not a percentage of the sale but rather a percentage of the Skyscanner cut. 

As an affiliate, you can expect to earn around €0.40 to €1.00 per sale.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Payment Details

You can request your earnings once you reach a £10 payout threshold, and we offer payment options through both PayPal and direct bank account transfers.

Pros and Cons for Ambassadors

Becoming a Skyscanner affiliate offers numerous advantages.

Skyscanner enjoys global recognition as one of the most renowned travel sites, attracting travelers ready to book flights and hotels, resulting in high conversion rates.

Affiliates can benefit from competitive commission rates, with the potential to earn up to 20% on bookings and a generous 30-day cookie duration that allows for commissions from referrals who book within a month of clicking your link.

Also, they equip affiliates with various marketing tools, including banners, links, destination guides, and WTAs, while their dedicated support team provides valuable insights and one-on-one assistance.

However, it’s essential to consider some potential drawbacks.

The travel vertical is highly competitive, with numerous affiliates vying for commissions, making it challenging to stand out.

Affiliates must also adhere to promotional method limitations, avoiding trademark misuse and spammy marketing techniques as outlined in the terms.

Additionally, booking volumes may fluctuate seasonally and due to external factors, so it’s important to manage expectations during downtimes.

How to Become A Skyscanner Affiliate?

It’s a straightforward process to become Skyscanner affiliate marketers by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit Skyscanner’s Affiliate Program Page

First, go to Skyscanner’s affiliate program page. This is where you can find information about their program, join the network, and apply to become an affiliate.

Step 2: Sign Up for an Impact Account

On the affiliate partners page, you’ll see a link to join Impact, the affiliate network Skyscanner uses. Click to create your free Impact account if you don’t already have one. This is required to access their program.

Step 3: Submit an Application

Once you’ve created your Impact account, head back to Skyscanner’s affiliate page and click “Apply Now.” This will bring up the application, where you’ll provide details about your website and reasons for joining.

Step 4: Get Approved

After applying, you’ll have to wait for approval from the Skyscanner team. This usually takes 1-2 business days. They review potential partners to ensure your site abides by their guidelines.

Step 5: Start Promoting Skyscanner

Upon approval, you’ll gain access to your unique affiliate link plus banners, text links and other promo materials. Now you can start driving traffic to Skyscanner and earning commissions when referrals book travel.

And that’s it! The Skyscanner affiliate program aims to make the joining process quick and easy. Within a few steps, you can run as an official Skyscanner partner. Remember their guidelines as you promote their brand to maximize your acceptance and earnings.

How to Promote Skyscanner Affiliate Program?

Here are some top tips to boost your commissions as a Skyscanner affiliate:

Promote New Flight Routes on Social Media

First, watch the latest flight route additions, especially for popular destinations. Share this information on your social media platforms. New opportunities often entice travelers, and your updates can spark their interest.

Create Comparison Posts

Second, regularly create posts that compare and showcase the best deals available on Skyscanner for specific routes or dates. These posts should be updated to keep your travel content fresh and relevant, helping your audience find the best travel options.

Highlight Skyscanner Deals in Email Newsletters

Don’t neglect email marketing. Use your email newsletters to feature Skyscanner’s top deals and offers. Provide teasers on your website to give readers a compelling reason to click through and explore the deals further.

Run Retargeting Ads

Implement retargeting ads with special Skyscanner offers to re-engage visitors who have previously interacted with your website. These ads remind visitors, encouraging them to complete their booking on Skyscanner.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Alternatives

Kayak affiliate program

The Kayak Affiliate Program offers commissions of 50% on clicks, bookings, and ad revenue, including flights, hotels, cars, and holiday packages, with a 30-day cookie duration.

Affiliates can also generate additional revenue from display ads. Kayak provides access to promotional codes, exclusive rates, customizable search widgets, and APIs. Payments are issued monthly via PayPal.

Booking.com affiliate program

Another program is Booking.com, with commissions ranging from 15-34% on bookings depending on the product type. The cookie duration is 1 day for hotels and 1 month for other bookings.

They have a generous free cancellation policy and offer detailed performance reporting in the affiliate portal. Payments are issued monthly once the minimum threshold is hit.

Expedia affiliate program

The Expedia Affiliate Program offers some of the highest commissions in the industry, up to 50%.

The cookie duration is 7 days. Expedia provides bonus commissions, incentives, real-time reporting, and support from dedicated account managers. Multiple creative formats are offered. Payments are made twice per month.


Does Skyscanner have an affiliate program?

Yes, Skyscanner does have an affiliate program that allows publishers to earn up to a 20% commission by referring traffic and bookings to Skyscanner.

What is the highest paying travel affiliate program?

The highest-paying travel affiliate programs tend to be booking sites like Expedia, Skyscanner Booking.com, and TripAdvisor. Commission rates can range from 4-40% depending on the program.

Can You Make $1000 a Month as a Skyscanner Affiliate?

Making $1000 per month as a Skyscanner affiliate is possible, but it would require referring significant booking volume. Skyscanner’s base commission rate is 20%.

Should You Become a Skyscanner Affiliate?

Skyscanner’s affiliate program can be worthwhile if you have a travel-focused site or social media account with good traffic. But commissions are lower than other travel programs.

How Does the Skyscanner Affiliate Program Work?

The Skyscanner affiliate program works by giving publishers a unique affiliate link. Publishers promote this link and receive a small commission on any bookings made after clicking it.

What is the best free traffic for affiliate marketing

Good free traffic sources for affiliate marketing include blogging, social media, SEO, and organic video marketing. Building an audience and promoting affiliate links to that audience is key.

What are the best Skyscanner affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to compare include:

  • Expedia: Up to 80% commission rates on bookings with a 7-day cookie duration.
  • Booking.com: Competitive commissions with unique creatives and promotional tools.
  • TripAdvisor: Popular travel platform with additional earnings from click-based actions.
  • Airbnb: Earn fees on both accommodation bookings and experiences.
  • Travelpayouts: Aggregator network with 1000+ travel brands, including CheapOair, Vrbo and Hotels.com.

Evaluating your audience, niche, and promotional tactics can help determine the best fit. Testing a mix of travel affiliate programs is an option as well.