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TrueCoach Affiliate Program

TrueCoach Affiliate Program

Discover the lucrative potential of the TrueCoach Affiliate Program for marketers in this in-depth review. Unlock profit opportunities with our insights.


$75 per new customer




Are you a marketer in search of a promising affiliate program? Then, the TrueCoach Affiliate Program is worth considering.

TrueCoach, a well-known name in fitness and coaching, has introduced an affiliate program that’s gaining recognition in the marketing sphere. Let’s explore what it is, how it works and in which way it can significantly impact your income. Continue reading!

TrueCoach – A Well-known Name In Fitness & Coaching

TrueCoach is an online coaching platform for fitness professionals like personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to help coaches create customized workout plans, track attendance and progress, communicate with clients, and manage their business – all in one platform.

Key features include

  • Customized lessons with over 4,000 exercises.
  • Attendance tracker to monitor client workout histories
  • Dashboard compiles client updates, like body measurements.
  • Communication tools, like real-time messaging, email campaigns.

Moreover, the company also supplies business features like credit card processing, invoicing, scheduling, and sales pipelines. Fitness enthusiasts can utilize them to manage and grow their coaching businesses.

TrueCoach Affiliate Program: What To Expect

If you specialize in personal training or coaching, the TrueCoach Affiliate Program could be a perfect fit. TrueCoach provides a platform for trainers to connect with clients and deliver personalized fitness affiliate programs. By promoting TrueCoach as part of your affiliate strategy, you can earn commissions while helping others achieve their fitness goals.

The TrueCoach affiliate program allows anyone to join and earn commissions by referring customers to TrueCoach. As an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique referral link that tracks sales generated through your efforts.

When a referral visitor signs up for a 14-day free trial through your link, you’re on your way to spinning the wheel! After they choose a plan following the trial, you’ll get a notification the next time you log in, and they also send you an email to inform you about your wheel spin. You’ll earn referral credit once the coach you referred starts a paid subscription.

The TrueCoach Affiliate Program suits fitness professionals, online fitness influencers, wellness bloggers, and fitness enthusiasts. It’s also free to join.

Commissions and Payment Details

The program offers a single-tier, fixed commission structure. There is a flat $75 commission for each new customer signup generated through their unique affiliate link.

Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis via PayPal. Affiliates must earn at least $10 in commissions before they can request a payout.

TrueCoach Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons

Becoming a TrueCoach affiliate provides several advantages. However, you also need to consider the potential drawbacks that may occur.

Pros Cons
Reputable platform No tiered structure or bonuses
High conversion potential Earn only if referrals pay within 90 days
Lucrative niche

Let us explain the table clearly. A huge advantage to mention is the TrueCoach brand name, a reliable choice for trainers to set up lessons for clients. This affiliate program thrives in the lucrative health and fitness niche, offering a ready-made opportunity for affiliates to tap into a well-established, profitable audience.

However, TrueCoach maintains fixed commission rates, without complicated tiered structures or bonuses. Plus, affiliates get paid only when referrals convert to paying clients within 90 days. While it may have some drawbacks, it still stands as a reliable source of recurring income for affiliates who consistently drive referrals each month.

How to Join the TrueCoach Affiliate Program?

Signing up as a TrueCoach affiliate is quick and easy:

Step 1: Visit the affiliate page

Go to the TrueCoach affiliate registration page and fill in your name & email address.

Step 2: Agree with the terms

Tick the “I agree with the terms and conditions” box and click “Register”.

Step 3: Wait for approval

After you submit the form, please wait for 2-3 business days, and TrueCoach will review it.

Step 4: Get Access

When you join the Program, you’ll receive a custom Portal with Referral Links for sharing via social media, email, or hyperlinks. If a Potential Client uses your Referral Link to apply for TrueCoach Services and becomes a paying subscriber, they become a Referred Client. You can track Potential Clients and Referral Fees in the Portal.

Step 5: Start promoting

Now, you can drive targeted traffic by sharing your affiliate link via your website, social media, YouTube, email list, etc.

How to Boost Your Earnings With TrueCoach Affiliate Program?

Want to make more money with the TrueCoach affiliate program? Here’s how:

First, target fitness professionals, as they really need a fitness coach, focusing on coaching experience and list of features.

Next, focus on getting lots of people to see your affiliate links. You can do this through social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing. The more people who see your links, the more referrals you can get.

Also, try promoting TrueCoach on platforms that are all about fitness, like gym forums, training blogs, and coaching resources.

When you write about TrueCoach, go into detail about its features. And make sure to include your affiliate link in your articles.

Lastly, take advantage of special times, like New Year’s resolutions, to promote TrueCoach as the ideal tool for helping people track their fitness goals.

Is the TrueCoach Affiliate Program Worth It?

To determine if the TrueCoach affiliate program is worthwhile, consider the commission rate they offer, typically $75 per sale. Multiply this rate by your estimated monthly sales to gauge potential earnings. For instance, with a $75 commission and 10 referrals per month, you could make $750 monthly.

Comparing TrueCoach to other fitness affiliate programs, it offers competitive fixed commissions, though some may provide higher rates for top affiliates. TrueCoach grants ongoing monthly commissions, ensuring steady income. It focuses exclusively on coaching, which distinguishes it in the competitive fitness affiliate space.

In conclusion, TrueCoach holds up well compared to other programs, particularly due to its potential for recurring revenue.


Who should join the TrueCoach affiliate program?

The TrueCoach affiliate program is open to anyone interested in earning extra income from educational services. Fitness professionals, bloggers, and social media influencers may find the program particularly relevant.

Is there a fee to join the TrueCoach affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the TrueCoach affiliate program

Are there any minimum requirements to become a TrueCoach affiliate?

There are no minimum requirements to become a TrueCoach affiliate. However, affiliates must generate sales to earn commissions.

Can the TrueCoach program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, the TrueCoach program can be combined with other affiliate programs as long as the terms and conditions of each program are followed.

What are the best TrueCoach affiliate program alternatives?

Some alternatives to the TrueCoach affiliate program include the Beachbody affiliate program, the ACE Fitness affiliate program, and the NASM affiliate program.