TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

Discover the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program's potential for marketers. Read on to find honest reviews, tips, and insights to maximize your earnings.


Up to 30% recurring





TubeBuddy is one of those trusty allies for YouTubers, digital marketers, and content creators. They also offer an affiliate program that lets you not only use their platform but also earn money by promoting it.

Are you curious about whether this program is worth your time and effort? Wondering how it can help you monetize your YouTube channel? Read this article as we’ll share reviews and insights to give you details of what it’s all about.

TubeBuddy, your go-to YouTube assistant

TubeBuddy, a renowned YouTube SEO tool and Chrome extension, is a must-have for content creators. The standout feature is content strategy assistance, helping creators understand what content will drive channel growth. It also simplifies channel management by expediting content uploads and chapter creation, saving creators valuable time.

TubeBuddy’s Chrome extension offers insights into the most effective keywords and tags for videos, guaranteeing a consistent stream of views.

Moreover, TubeBuddy provides a variety of tools for optimizing video titles, thumbnails, and keywords, resulting in increased clicks, views, and subscribers. With over 10 million users, it employs advanced AI for channel optimization, ensuring better engagement and moderation through comment filtering and assisting in content planning with the Topic Planner.

Essential Details Regarding the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

First, it is best suited to those with a YouTube channel or a website related to YouTube and video marketing. They can be digital marketers, graphic designers, bloggers and website owners, or social media influencers.

As a TubeBuddy affiliate, you can choose various methods to promote its products, like banner advertisements, button links, and text links. Spamming is strictly prohibited. You have a limited, non-transferable license to access and use the designated promotional materials.

The program provides a lifetime cookie duration, and when someone makes a purchase using the affiliate link, the affiliate earns a percentage of that sale. It is also free to join.

How much can you earn with the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program?

TubeBuddy pays affiliates up to 30% recurring commission on all purchases made by referred users. The commission payout lasts as long as the user stays an active, paying TubeBuddy customer.

Only standard licenses qualify for affiliate commissions. Bulk licenses require pre-approval for commission eligibility.

The program also provides affiliate levels to marketers. Initially, everyone begins as a Standard Affiliate. Upon successfully getting 50 people to install TubeBuddy (installation only, no purchase necessary), you can elevate your status to VIP Affiliate. Moreover, reaching the milestone of 250 people installing TubeBuddy can promote you to the rank of Super Affiliate.

Affiliate payouts are made via PayPal on the 1st and 15th of each month as long as the license has been active for more than 30 days. The minimum payout threshold for Standard and VIP Affiliates is $10 and $0 for Super Affiliates.

TubeBuddy Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons

The TubeBuddy Affiliate Program, like many affiliate programs, has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some key notes to consider:

Pros Cons
Lifetime cookie duration Niche nature of the product
Competitive recurring commission rate of 30% Payments only via PayPal
Performance-based for higher commission rates

The TubeBuddy affiliate program offers a “lifetime cookie duration.” This means that when someone clicks on your affiliate link and later decides to sign up for TubeBuddy, you still earn a commission, even if it happens months later. This is fantastic because you can keep earning money from your referrals over a long period.

Another pro is the 30% recurring commission rate, which is competitive with other SaaS affiliate programs. Lastly, the program is “performance-based potential for higher commission rates.” So, if you’re really good at driving new customers to TubeBuddy, your commission rates can increase, rewarding your efforts and success.

One downside is the “niche nature of the product.” TubeBuddy focuses primarily on YouTube channel management, which means it may not appeal to a broad audience. If your audience isn’t in the YouTube community or video content creation, it can be challenging to find potential customers for the product. Moreover, unlike some programs, TubeBuddy pays affiliate income only via PayPal.

How to become a TubeBuddy Affiliate?

Here are the five simple steps to join the TubeBuddy affiliate program:

Step 1: Visit the website

Let’s first understand the program terms by visiting

Step 2: Visit the sign-up page

Go to the TubeBuddy affiliate program sign-up page at:

Step 3: Create an account

Set up your affiliate account by entering your PayPal email address. This is how you will get paid every month.

Step 4: Get access

Get your unique affiliate link by clicking on the “Promote” tab and copying the link provided.

Step 5: Start promoting

Share your affiliate link with your audience and earn a commission every time someone signs up using your link and eventually buys something.

How to make money with the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program?

There are several strategies you can employ. First, you can show your existing YouTube followers by sharing how TubeBuddy enhances your channel and including referral links in your video descriptions. Meanwhile, don’t forget to create content dedicated to TubeBuddy tutorials, reviews, or comparisons to engage viewers, as these in-depth videos tend to convert well.

Our recommendation is to use multiple platforms, such as your blog, email lists, and social channels, to cross-promote your TubeBuddy affiliate links. Targeting YouTube creators and vloggers directly with paid ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram is also worth trying.

Can you earn $1000 monthly with the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program?

The amount you can earn depends on various factors, such as the number of referrals, the subscription level of referred users, and the effort you put into promoting TubeBuddy.

Based on typical conversion rates, an affiliate can earn their first $200 within the first month. Earning $1000+ per month often takes 5+ months or more for most average affiliates.

Ultimately, if you are a YouTube creator who already uses and likes TubeBuddy, the affiliate program is a no-brainer way to monetize your influence. But even as a non-YouTuber, you can certainly earn decent commissions with the right promotional strategies.


Has TubeBuddy received YouTube certification?

TubeBuddy has not received any YouTube certification. However, TubeBuddy is a popular YouTube tool that offers various features to help YouTubers grow their channels.

Is the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program legit?

Yes, the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program is a legitimate program that offers a high commission rate and recurring commissions to its affiliates.

Who should join the TubeBuddy affiliate program?

Anyone who wants to earn money by promoting TubeBuddy can join the affiliate program. This includes YouTubers, bloggers, social media influencers, and anyone else who has an audience that might be interested in TubeBuddy.

Is there a fee to join the TubeBuddy affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the TubeBuddy affiliate program. It is free to sign up and start promoting TubeBuddy.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a TubeBuddy affiliate?

There are no minimum requirements to become a TubeBuddy affiliate. Anyone can sign up and start promoting TubeBuddy.

How long is the cookie duration of the program?

As we mentioned before, the program provides a lifetime cookie duration.

How much does TubeBuddy pay affiliates?

TubeBuddy offers a high commission rate to its affiliates, and marketers can earn up to a 30% recurring commission. The commission payout threshold is low, and TubeBuddy issues payments when commissions exceed $10 and $0 for “Super Affiliates.

Can you generate income by referring yourself to TubeBuddy?

Obtaining discounts through this method is not allowed, and if you are discovered, both your TubeBuddy account and your affiliate account will be terminated.

Is TubeBuddy promotion permitted on platforms other than YouTube?

You can promote TubeBuddy on platforms where your audience is interested in YouTube or video content. Notify TubeBuddy of your affiliation, follow platform guidelines, and prioritize your strong following, like your YouTube channel, blog, or social media.

Can the TubeBuddy program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can combine the TubeBuddy affiliate program with other affiliate programs. However, it is essential to follow the terms and conditions of each program and avoid spamming.

What are the best TubeBuddy affiliate program alternatives?

Many affiliate programs are similar to TubeBuddy, including VidIQ, Invideo, Improvely, and Teachable. However, the best alternative will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is recommended to research and compare different programs before deciding which one to join.