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voluum affiliate program

Voluum Affiliate Program

The Voluum affiliate program lets publishers earn lifetime commissions by promoting its products. Learn more in our detailed guide.


5%-10% lifetime commission




Voluum is the leading tracking and analytics platform for media buyers. It now opens an affiliate program that lets publishers earn lifetime commissions promoting its products.

This article breaks down the Voluum affiliate program’s ins and outs. Ultimately, you can decide if it’s worth your time and effort.

Overview of Voluum

Established in 2013, Voluum is a premier tracking and analytics platform catering to affiliate marketers and media buyers. With over 7,000 active users and an annual tracking of $500 million in ad spending, Voluum has become a trusted ally in the industry.

Its excellent features include real-time data insights, A/B testing, attribution modeling, and automation tools. Moreover, the platform seamlessly integrates with major networks like ClickBank and Amazon Associates. With these powerful automation features, Voluum simplifies affiliate tracking, helping publishers get the most from their campaigns.

Overview of the Voluum Affiliate Program

The Voluum affiliate program allows publishers to earn a competitive commission rate by referring new users to the Voluum tracking platform.

It’s free to join the program directly on its website. Once you’re in, you can get your affiliate link and other assets like ready-to-use messages and graphics.

The program is great for publishers and influencers in affiliate marketing, media buying, and tracking analytics niches.

Besides, Voluum offers another lead-generation program. You bring Voluum the leads and earn up to 50% commissions/lead.

Voluum Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Voluum pays publishers 5%-10% commission per qualified sale. The rate varies depending on the customers and plans you refer. Here’s the detail:

  • 10%/monthly subscription value for Individual and Business monthly plan
  • 5%/yearly subscription value for Individual and Business yearly plan

The program gives you a lifetime cookie duration. This means that when people click your link, you earn a commission on their purchases, even if they don’t buy immediately. You’ll see all the info about how and when you’ll receive your payment in your affiliate dashboard.

Pros and Cons of the Voluum Affiliate Program

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of the Voluum affiliate program:

Pros  Cons 
Popular platform High competition
Lucrative lifetime commission (up to 10%) Unpublicized payment methods
Lifetime cookie duration
Creatives included

Voluum offers a popular platform with an engaged user base, making it easier for publishers to promote its products. Plus, the enticing lifetime commission of up to 10% brings a large earning potential for affiliates. You also have a lifetime cookie window to turn your audience into Voluum users.

However, the affiliate tracking space is highly competitive, so affiliates need to put in extra effort to gain traction. Moreover, you must sign up for the Voluum account to see the payment details.

How To Join The Voluum Affiliate Program?

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Voluum affiliate program in 5 steps:

Step 1: Visit the program

Go to the Voluum affiliate program and click “Apply Now” to start your enrollment.

Step 2: Create a referral account

Fill out the form with your business email and other details to create a Voluum affiliate account.

Step 3: Get approved

Voluum will review your application and approve you for the program. This can take a few business days.

Step 4: Voluum affiliate program login

Once approved, you’ll get your login details to access to your unique Voluum referral link to start promoting the platform.

Step 5: Promote Voluum

Share your referral link on your platform and earn commissions.

How to Promote Voluum Products as an Affiliate?

Here are some tips to maximize your earnings with the Voluum affiliate program:

First, you can post your achievements with Voluum on social media or blogs. You should explain how it helped you in affiliate marketing. People trust real stories and may use your link to explore Voluum.

You can also make simple guides or videos showing how to use Voluum effectively. This can attract those looking for Voluum’s easy affiliate tracking solutions.

Another tip is to engage in forums or communities related to affiliate marketing. You can share your positive experiences with Voluum and recommend it to others. Don’t forget to incorporate your referral link thoughtfully in the content.

Finally, you can collaborate with Voluum directly for exclusive offers for your audience. This provides added value for your referrals, making them more likely to sign up through your affiliate link.

Is the Voluum Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Voluum affiliate program can be a promising opportunity for performance marketers looking to monetize their content.

It brings a high earning potential thanks to the lucrative lifetime commission of up to 10% per sale. You can also build up a big affiliate income over time with smart strategies.

Moreover, if you’re looking to kickstart a proper affiliate marketing business, this program is a great place to begin. There are many plans to choose from, giving you many affiliate options. Plus, Voluum has a big customer base, providing a good opportunity for your promotions.


  • Who should join the Voluum affiliate program?

It’s ideal for publishers focusing on affiliate marketing and media buying niches.

  • Is the Voluum affiliate program free to join?

No, there is no fee to join the Voluum affiliate program.

  • Is the Voluum affiliate program available on the app?

No. You can access the Voluum affiliate program through the Voluum dashboard for affiliates on its website.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Voluum affiliate?

Voluum requires affiliates to refer at least 5 users to qualify for commissions. There are no other specified minimum requirements.

  • Can the Voluum program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Voluum allows its affiliates also to promote other complementary affiliate marketing, media buying, and analytics programs.

  • What are the best Voluum affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are HasOffers, CAKE, Tunnel, Everflow, and Affise affiliate programs.