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wpengine affiliate program

WP Engine Affiliate Program

The WP Engine affiliate program entitles publishers to earn substantial income by promoting its hosting plans and themes.


35% of the theme's value per sale, At least $200 or equivalent to the first month’s payment


180 days


PayPal, Wire transfer, Check

WP Engine is known as the dominant WordPress platform. If you’re looking to maximize your affiliate marketing income, the WP Engine affiliate program is a way to go.

In this detailed article, we’ll provide an in-depth look at the WP Engine affiliate program. Here you’ll learn everything about its operation. Let’s dive in!

About WP Engine

WP Engine is a leading managed WordPress hosting provider. It has empowered over 1.5 million websites and applications built on WordPress. Founded in 2010, WP Engine aims to take the guesswork out of scaling WordPress sites.

WP Engine brings limitless possibilities through its specialized technology. It issues tools for designing and building sites, hosting, e-commerce platforms, headless WordPress, and agency solutions. WP Engine is a go-to platform for all brands, businesses, agencies, and developers around the world.

How Does the WP Engine Affiliate Program Work?

The WP Engine Affiliate Program allows affiliate marketers to earn commissions by referring customers to purchase WP Engine’s hosting services or themes. This program is hosted by the 3rd party affiliate network called ShareASale.

It is open to all publishers, bloggers, and influencers wanting to monetize their content. If your target audience is interested in WordPress website establishment, this program perfectly fits you.

WP Engine offers highly competitive commission rates and intense promotional support. Affiliates can access to dedicated WP Engine affiliate manager for timely help and receive exclusive, custom discounts and promotions. You can also choose among hundreds of WP Engine’s assets of pre-designed banners, landing pages, and co-branded materials.

WP Engine Affiliate Program Commissions and Payment Details

The commission structure of this affiliate program is divided based on its two main products:

  • Hosting plans: Affiliates may receive commission of at least $200 or the same amount of money of the first month’s payment . With a yearly purchase, the total payment is divided by 12 to find the equivalent monthly rate, and the commission is based on that amount.
  • StudioPress theme: 35% of the theme’s value per sale. For example, by referring the Altitude Scale theme at $241, you would earn $84.35 in commission.

Note that for hosting plans, WP Engine requires new referrals to remain uncancelled for a minimum of 62 days before any commission is paid out. This requirement for StudioPress theme purchases is 60 days.

WP Engine offers a cookie duration of 180 days. This means if your audience buys its products via referral links within 180 days from their last clicks, you will be commissioned.

ShareASale issues payments on the 20th of every month with a minimum payout balance of $50. Accordingly, in case your earning does not meet this threshold, it will be counted in the next month’s affiliate revenue. Your payment will be processed via PayPal, wire transfer, or check.

Pros and Cons of Joining the WP Engine Affiliate Program

There are several pros and cons to consider.

Pros Cons
High commission rate (at least $200 for hosting plans and 35% per theme sale) Maintenance of purchase required (60-62 days)
Long cookie lifetime (180 days) Minimum payout threshold required ($50)
Dedicated promotional assistance

One of the WP Engine affiliate program’s biggest advantages is its lucrative commission structure, up to 100%. Yes, if your referral buys WP Engine’s hosting package of $200 for the first time, you will receive $200 as an affiliate commission. WP Engine also rewards bonus commissions for multiple referrals monthly. Thus, affiliates are likely to earn up to thousands of dollars per month provided with high marketing traffic.

Additionally, the 180-day cookie period is among the longest ones in this industry. This can increase the chance of success. Publishers can provide seamless links without being concerned about time constraints.

Notably, WP Engine allows creators to access its network’s creative assets and its prepared promotional materials including banners, co-branded landing pages. Affiliates can simply request to receive a personalized landing page from WP Engine team.

Yet, there are some drawbacks you need to consider before diving in. Unlike other programs, WP Engine requires a period for purchase maintenance, up to 62 days. This means that if customers cancel their payments within this period, you won’t receive commissions. Also, with a minimum payout balance of $50, publishers can not withdraw their earnings whenever they want.

How to Become a WP Engine Affiliate

Step 1: Visit the WP Engine affiliate program Page
Go to its homepage at wpengine.com/affiliate. Then, click the “Register Now” button.

Step 2: Complete application form
Fill in all the required information. Click the “Submit Application” button to request for registration.

Step 3: Wait for approval and start earning

If approved, you will be emailed your tracking link and other tips to start promoting. This process can take 3-5 days if you do not have a ShareASale account.

Once approved, you can access your affiliate dashboard and make your money.

How to Earn Money with the WP Engine Affiliate Program

Publishers can optimize their earnings with this program with some tips as follows.

Publishers can create in-depth content to educate their audience about the benefits of WP Engine’s services. This could include detailed reviews, comparison articles, and tutorials that showcase the platform’s features, performance, and ease of use.

Besides, WP Engine’s provided affiliate resources should be utilized. This may include pre-designed banners, promotional content, and landing pages. Incorporating these resources into your marketing strategies can create visually appealing that catches your audience’s attention.

Furthermore, publishers can take advantage of WP Engine’s exclusive affiliate discounts. Offering them seasonally to your audience can create a sense of urgency. Thus, potential customers may feel they need to buy it as soon as possible.

Last but not least, marketers don’t forget to ask WP Engine’s affiliate managers for advice and timely support. This can help you stay well-prepared in this journey and optimize your potential.

Is the WP Engine Affiliate Program Worth It?

With commission rates of at least $200 for hosting plan purchases and 35% per theme sale, WP Engine’s lucrative affiliate program is worth considering for publishers and agencies in the WordPress space. Many WP Engine affiliates have shown that they can earn up to thousands of dollars monthly. Accordingly. the income potential is more promising than ever.

What’s more, its intensive support brings affiliates strong motivation and aspiration to dive in. What you will receive is not only exclusive deals but also support from affiliate experts and marketing materials. For newcomers, this will be very helpful.

However, you need realistic expectations when starting out. It takes most affiliates 6-12 months to start seeing meaningful earnings over $1,000/month. The key is consistently promoting WP Engine over time and gradually building your referral network and commissions.


Who should join the WP Engine affiliate program?

The WP Engine affiliate program is ideal for publishers, bloggers, agencies, and influencers who have an audience interested in WordPress hosting solutions. It’s a great way to monetize your audience.

Is there a fee to join the WP Engine affiliate program?

No, the WP Engine affiliate program is free to join. You simply sign up for an account and can start promoting once approved.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a WP Engine affiliate?

WP Engine does not list any specific minimum requirements. As long as you have a website or social media audience to promote to, you can apply. However, they do review all applications, so a good-sized audience is recommended.

Can the WP Engine program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, absolutely. There are no exclusivity requirements with the WP Engine affiliate program. You are free to promote other affiliate offers alongside WP Engine.

Why is the WP Engine affiliate program a leading program in the industry? 

It’s an Award-winning program. WP Engine became the Pinnacle Award winner for Merchant of the Year. Its network, ShareASale, ranks Top 100 of PowerRank Programs.

How can I promote WP Engine hosting plans & StudioPress?

You can write a genuine review of its products to gain potential buyers’ credibility. Moreover, you can also use call-to-action buttons to create a sense of urgency and ask for advice from its affiliate managers.

How much does the WP Engine affiliate program pay for marketers?

It offers a commission structure of 35% per theme sale and at least $200 for hosting plan sale. For affiliates with high marketing traffic,it’s possible to earn thousands of dollars per month.

Why does WP Engine offer high commission rates?

WP Engine pays their affiliates so much due to their plans’s high value. Affiliates help them get these contracts, so they are willing to share the revenue for their efforts.

What are the best WP Engine affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives include Liquid Web, Shopify, Cloudways, Siteground Bluehost, Hubspot, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and Kinsta.