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Xero Affiliate Program

A thrilling opportunity for financial figures to become a partner with Xero and earn passive income. Join now!


$10 per sale


30 days



The Xero Affiliate Program: A Detailed Review 2023

Are you looking to diversify your affiliate marketing efforts? Trying to earn commissions with Xero – one of the most popular small business accounting platforms. 

This article explains everything affiliate marketers need to know about the Xero Affiliate Program and how to earn commissions.

Overview of Xero

Founded in 2006, Xero is an award-winning accounting software platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. With over 3 million subscribers worldwide, Xero has established itself as a leader in the cloud accounting space.

Xero makes it simple for small business owners to send invoices, track expenses, reconcile bank transactions, and access insights in real-time.

Overview of the Xero Affiliate Program

Xero’s Affiliate Program or Xero Partner Program lets you earn commissions for driving new customers to their accounting platform. After approval, you’ll receive a special referral link. You’ll earn a commission when customers make purchases for Xero’s products through this link.

Xero’s program is open to everyone worldwide; however, it is ideal for bloggers, financial advisors, accountants, and bookkeepers. You can earn money from your audience by sharing unique links on your website, social platforms, email newsletter, and other channels.

Additionally, Xero Affiliate Program offers special rewards and free software as you move up their partner status level. They provide 4 levels of relationship, including Brozen, Sliver, Golden, and Platinum. Based on each status, you can get different support and advice from their dedicated marketing support and different discounts for your clients (from 5% to 20%).

Xero handles all the tracking, reporting, and payments globally. You simply focus on referring new customers to their platform through your affiliate link.

Xero Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

The commission rate of Xero’s program is $10 per sale as a fixed commission structure. This means that your commission will depend mainly on the sale volume, not the high-priced products.

The cookie duration of your affiliate links lasts for 30 days. The program will credit your commission if the customer purchases Xero’s products via your link within 30 days from their last click.

They will pay your commissions monthly through PayPal. The program does not require minimum payouts, so you can withdraw money whenever you want.

Pros and Cons of Xero Affiliate Program

Pros Cons
Established brand Require financial/software knowledge
Dedicated affiliate team support Limited payment method (only PayPal)
No minimum payouts
Relative long cookie period (30 days)

As an established brand, Xero has great brand awareness among customers, which makes it easier for partners to attract customers with their products and services. Xero Affiliate Program does not require a minimum threshold and a relatively lengthy 30-day cookie window. Those things are friendly with affiliate beginners to participate in.

Moreover, the higher commitment you give to Xero program, the more benefits you can get. 4 levels of relationship from Brozen to Platinum partner will receive different rewards. You can get a 5% to 20% discount on Xero subscriptions for your clients based on your relationship level and more.

On the other hand, Xero operates in a special niche – finance and software; therefore, it requires knowledgeable partners related to this industry. With a limited payment method, you only can receive commission via PayPal.

How to Become a Xero Partner Member?

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Xero affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Xero affiliate page

Go to the Zero Partner Program, take a quick look at their program on the website and click “Become a partner”.

Step 3: Submit application

In the application form, you provide your website, contact information, and payment details to fill in.

Step 4: Get approved

Wait 1-3 days for Xero to review and approve your affiliate application. You’ll receive an email when approved.

Step 5: Access your links and start promotion

Once approved, log in to your affiliate dashboard to access your unique referral links, promo codes, banner ads, and other marketing materials.

With just those 5 steps completed, you can become a Xero affiliate! You’ll now be ready to start driving referrals and earning commissions.

Boost Your Affiliate Income with Xero Affiliate Program

Here are some tips to boost your promotional success:

Firstly, you can highlight Xero’s key features like invoicing, reporting, and bank reconciliation among your related audiences. To do those things, you should consider creating some posts, feedback or comments on Xero based on your feelings and experiences with them.

Secondly, you also can utilize promotional materials like custom banners and text links Zero provided. These will make your promotion more visually and reliably to audiences.

Thirdly, when you become Xero bronze partners, you will receive a 5% discount for your clients and a list on the Xero advisor directory. Take advantage of these benefits to deal with customers and receive advice that could stand out from other Xero affiliate partners.

Finally, you have to remember to put all your promotions in the right customer, right place and right time to make the most of this program.

Is the Xero Affiliate Program Worth It?

This program best suits finance and accounting bloggers, advisors, accountants and bookkeepers. If your website and audience cater to that niche, Xero’s Affiliate Program aligns well.

Remarkably, Xero rewards their affiliate partners who have a high commitment to them by the level of relationship. You will gain more and more benefits depending on your dedication.

However, if your focus is on high ticket commissions, then Xero may not deliver that. It is suitable for those who care about enduring passive income and a trusted program to follow in the long run.


Who is eligible for the Xero Partner Program?

The Xero Affiliate Program is best suited for financial and accounting bloggers, advisors, accountants, and other affiliate marketers who cater their content and products to small business owners.

How to sign up for the Xero Partner Program?

Go to the Zero Partner Program, take a quick look at their program on the website and click “Become a partner”.

What are the benefits of Xero Partners?

Xero has a lot of benefits for its loyal partners. As much as you contribute to their program, you can become a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum partner, thus, you will gain additional benefits more frequently.

Is the Xero Partner Program free to join?

Yes, there is no fee to join the Xero Affiliate Program. Affiliates can sign up for free and start earning commissions immediately after getting approved.

What is the Xero affiliate commission rate?

Xero Affiliate Program offers you $10 commission per sale. This means that your commission will depend mostly on the sale volume, not the high-priced products.

Are there any requirements to become a Xero partner?

Xero does not list any specific traffic, sales, or geographic requirements to join. As long as you cater to small business owners in some capacity, you can apply to become an affiliate.

Can the Xero Program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, the Xero Affiliate Program can complement other finance and software affiliate programs nicely. Diversifying across several income streams is recommended.

What are the best Xero Affiliate Program alternatives?

Some top alternatives include affiliate programs from Intuit QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Wave Accounting, Zoho Books, Sage Accounting, and Kashoo. These cater to the same small business accounting software space.