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ziprecruiter affiliate program

ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program

The ZipRecruiter affiliate program is your gateway to lucrative earnings in the online recruitment world. Check out more in our comprehensive guide.


$0.6-$0.8 per lead, $80 per free trial


30 days


ACH, bank transfer, PayPal, checks, or wire transfer

ZipRecruiter stands as a significant player in the realm of online recruitment. It also offers an affiliate program allowing partners to earn extra promoting its platform. 

In this in-depth guide, we’ll break down exactly how their program works and whether it’s worth your time promoting them.

An Overview of ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter began as a tool helping small businesses share job ads inexpensively. Now, it’s a successful marketplace where millions in the U.S. and U.K. find better jobs.

Using smart matching tech with AI, ZipRecruiter links businesses and job seekers through email, mobile, and web services.

Here are some notable numbers about ZipRecruiter:

  • 1,000,000+ employers used it to hire
  • Millions of job seekers and 100+ partners for job distribution
  • Over 10,000 new companies join every month.

An Overview of the ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program

ZipRecruiter’s affiliate program, run on Flexoffers, allows publishers to earn money by driving traffic to ZipRecruiter.com and promoting their job listings. The program is open to any publisher or influencer with an audience interested in job hunting and recruitment topics. 

After registration and approval, you’ll receive your own personalized links and banners to feature on your website. When a visitor clicks your link, arrives on ZipRecruiter, and submits an application, you’ll get paid.

ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program Payout Details

ZipRecruiter pays affiliates up to $80 per lead, depending on the users you refer. The detailed commission structure for ZipRecruiter affiliates is as follows:

  • For employers: $80 per free trial 
  • For job hunters – new customer: $0.80 per application submitted
  • For job hunters – re-engaged customer: $0.60 per application submitted 

Flexoffers pays you monthly through different methods like ACH, bank transfer, PayPal, checks, or wire transfer. The minimum threshold amount is $1,000 if you withdraw your money via wire transfer. For other payment methods, you need to make at least US$25 before getting paid. 

Besides, there are processing fees for bank transfers ($1), checks ($3), and international transfers ($5).

Benefits and Drawbacks of the ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program

Here are some key advantages and disadvantages of the ZipRecruiter affiliate program to consider.

Pros Cons
Recognizable brand Highly competitive
Ready-to-act visitors High minimum payout ($25-$1,000) with fees ($1-$5)
Generous commissions (up to $80) No ongoing commissions
30-day cookie duration
Turnkey assets

C rewrite 2 đoạn dưới giúp em, để dài dàiquas 

The ZipRecruiter affiliate program has some good points. Firstly, the brand is well-known in job recruitment, making it easier for affiliates to capture their audience’s interest and succeed. You can earn good commissions, up to $80, especially if employers sign up for the free trial.

The brand gives you a month for your referral to make a decision. Plus, they make it easy for you to promote ZipRecruiter by giving you all the materials you need.

The job board is very competitive, making it hard for newcomers to get noticed. You need to earn a minimum of $25 to $1,000 before getting paid, and there are fees of $1 to $5. Additionally, ZipRecruiter doesn’t provide recurring commissions, affecting the chance to build a steady income.

ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the ZipRecruiter affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the ZipRecruiter affiliate page

Go to the https://publisherprobeta.flexoffers.com/signup/accountInfo?RID=1266046&aid=213163&. Here, you will find the information about the program.

Step 2: Create your account

You must create your Flexoffers publisher account to apply for the ZipRecruiter affiliate program. Flexoffers requires you to provide your account info, company info, and your traffic sources. 

Step 3: Get approved

Flexoffers will review your application and email you if you’re approved. 

Step 4: Get your affiliate links

Now, you can log into your affiliate dashboard. Here, you can find your unique ZipRecruiter affiliate links and creatives.

Step 5: Promote ZipRecruiter

Add links to your website, social media, YouTube, job seeker email lists, etc. to promote ZipRecruiter. Remember to use your unique affiliate link to ensure accurate tracking. 

How to Promote the ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program?

There are different ways to boost your income as a ZipRecruiter affiliate. But here are some of the best practices to incorporate.

Firstly, creating in-depth reviews of the ZipRecruiter platform and its services can be a game-changer. Potential users often seek detailed insights before making decisions, and your reviews can provide the information they need. Be sure to highlight the platform’s features, benefits, and any unique aspects that set it apart.

Another effective approach is to compare ZipRecruiter with its competitors, such as Monster and Indeed. Prospective customers might be researching different options, and a thorough comparison can help them understand why ZipRecruiter is a standout choice. This can increase their chance of clicking your affiliate links and subscribing. 

Additionally, sending email alerts when new jobs are posted in popular niches keeps your audience engaged and informed. Consider segmenting your email alerts based on specific niches to provide more targeted and relevant content to your subscribers.

Is Promoting ZipRecruiter Worth It?

Considering joining the ZipRecruiter affiliate program means looking at its good and not-so-good parts. 

The program offers many advantages, especially for people making content about job searches. These include a well-known brand, high-intent visitors, lucrative commissions, long window time, and creative assets. These benefits can lead to higher conversion rates, meaning better affiliate revenue. 

However, there are some challenges to consider, such as high competition and minimum payout requirements. There is also no recurring commission structure. 

So, deciding if the ZipRecruiter affiliate program is worth it depends on your plans, who you’re trying to reach, and what you are talking about. If you can handle the challenges and use the good parts well, the ZipRecruiter affiliate program could be a good way to make money.


Does ZipRecruiter have an affiliate program?

Yes, ZipRecruiter offers an affiliate program managed by Flexoffers, allowing partners to earn commissions by promoting their services. 

What is the ZipRecruiter affiliate program salary?

ZipRecruiter pays its affiliates $0.6-$0.8 per single submission for job seekers. Besides, the payout is up to $80 per free trial for employers. 

Who should join the ZipRecruiter affiliate program?

The ZipRecruiter affiliate program is best suited for publishers and influencers who have an audience interested in job hunting, hiring, and recruitment topics. Ideal partners already create job search-related content.

Is there a fee to join the ZipRecruiter affiliate program?

No, there is no cost or fee to join the ZipRecruiter affiliate program. 

Are there any minimum requirements to become a ZipRecruiter Affiliate?

There do not appear to be any major minimum requirements to join ZipRecruiter as an affiliate partner. Anyone can promote them through approved affiliate networks.

Can the ZipRecruiter program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can absolutely run other affiliate offers and programs simultaneously, along with promoting ZipRecruiter. Many affiliates find success in combining multiple complementary offers.

What are the best ZipRecruiter affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives for job and recruitment-related affiliate programs include Indeed, Monster, TotalJobs, Linkedin, FlexJobs, and CollegeRecruiter affiliate programs.