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Top 12 Best Affiliate Programs in Bangladesh for 2024

Are you new to affiliate marketing or want to expand your existing partnership to generate passive income? With so many affiliate programs available, finding a suitable partner can be daunting. If you live in Bangladesh and ...

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Best Affiliate Programs in Bangladesh

Are you new to affiliate marketing or want to expand your existing partnership to generate passive income? With so many affiliate programs available, finding a suitable partner can be daunting. If you live in Bangladesh and are looking for options that are right for you, this article is for you.

In this article, we will introduce you to the 12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2024, famous for their reliability, rich product offerings, and attractive commission rates. We invite you to explore with us!

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12 Well-paid Affiliate Programs in Bangladesh for 2024


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

When mentioning Daraz, people often remember the largest e-commerce platform in South Asia, considered an alternative to Amazon and eBay in Bangladesh. This platform is really famous here, Daraz has its own massive network with diverse product types and an effective affiliate marketing program.

So, what are the benefits of joining this affiliate program, and why is it so popular in Bangladesh?

The quickest answer is that the Daraz Affiliate Program brings an opportunity to earn with an attractive commission rate of up to 12% for their affiliates and publishers. In addition, Daraz has a wide range of products, including fashion, beauty, electronics, home appliances,… This makes it easy for affiliates to find products that suit your target audience.

Furthermore, when you become a partner of Daraz, you have access to promotional tools such as banners, links to products, and widgets. Utilizing it, you can promote products easily on your website or social media channels.

  • URL: Daraz
  • Commission rate: up to 12%
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Payment methods:  Easypaisa Mobile Account, Credit/Debit Card, HBL Direct Transfer, Daraz Wallet, JazzCash Mobile Account.


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

If you are an affiliate operating in the field of education, and career development, then the Bohubrihi affiliate program is perfect for you. Bohubrihi is one of the best e-learning platforms in Bangladesh. They provide a series of quality free/paid courses via the Internet, including courses such as languages, technology, business, marketing, and graphic design,…

You can affiliate market their courses across multiple channels (Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, blog, email, and more).

Bohubrihi attracts its affiliate partners by offering generous commissions, up to 20%, which is a well-paid rate for Bangladesh affiliate marketers. You can withdraw money easily via the withdrawal methods that Bohubrihi has specified, with a minimum balance of 2000 BDT. Note that the amount will be traded on the 14th and 28th of every month.

  • URL: Bohubrihi
  • Commission rate: up to 20%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Bkash, DBBL Rocket, and Bank Transfer


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

Sohojbuy.com is a relatively new e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. Therefore, their affiliate program has more advanced advantages to suit affiliates and publishers.

It is known that this affiliate program is divided into 6 different levels of affiliate marketers. More than 30 thousand people participated in this program, promoting more than 2000 different products. Currently, Sohoj affiliates have earned around BDT 6 million for their affiliate marketing activities in Bangladesh.

However, this program is only suitable for Bengali language users, and the product catalog here is limited.

  • URL: Sohoj
  • Commission rate: Ranges from 3 – 8%
  • Cookie duration: Varies by product
  • Payment methods: bKash

BD Shop

12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

BD Shop is another one of the well-paid range of affiliate programs in Bangladesh. Affiliate models of this type are simple yet powerful and easy to understand for new marketers. Through carefully designed social network channels, websites, and blogs, you can start making money with affiliate marketing with this program.

Similar to other major e-commerce platforms, BD Shop also provides its partners a diverse range of products/services. Here you can choose any suitable product or service.

BD Shop has different Affiliate levels (Beginner, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum) corresponding to the commission rate of each level. Typically if you are a Platinum-level affiliate, you will earn up to 7% of order value per successful sale. And, You can withdraw money weekly as long as your balance is above 5,000 Taka.

  • URL: BD Shop
  • Commission rate: Ranges from 3 – 7%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: bKash/ Rocket/ Bank Transfer/ Cash


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

Shopz is a trusted online commerce platform in Bangladesh. Here, you can find many quality products from famous brands such as fashion, household appliances, and electronics. It becomes straightforward to select products for affiliate marketing as a result.

What’s more, ShopZ’s affiliate marketing program is completely free to join, easy to sign up for, and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Most social media platforms and websites are accepted by Shopz for promoting its products.

The affiliate program commission rate of up to 10% is also an attractive advantage of this program. Considered to have a stable business growth rate, ShopZ fully meets the criteria to become a leading unit in the field of affiliate marketing in Bangladesh in the future.

  • URL: ShopZ
  • Commission rate: Up to 10%
  • Cookie duration: Varies by product
  • Payment methods: Debit/Credit Cards, Bkash, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, as well as E-wallet payment method.


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

Foodpanda is Asia’s leading delivery platform that provides consumers with a large range of food, groceries, household products, skin care products and more quickly and conveniently. Powered by cutting-edge technology combined with operational excellence, Foodpanda is positioning itself to lead the growth of q-commerce both across the region and in Bangladesh.

With a diverse affiliate resource, it operates widely in 12 markets in Asia with partners in more than 400 large and small cities. Foodpanda has an extremely large retail partner network. You can receive 7 – 10% of the order value if the transaction is successfully made through your referral link.

It would be a great idea if you have a channel/website/social media dedicated to food and recipes. You could be a potential partner of the Foodpanda affiliate program.

  • URL: Foodpanda
  • Commission rate: Up to 7 – 10%
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, check, credit card, or Paypal

10 Minutes

12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

In Bangladesh, 10 Minutes is one of the famous e-learning platforms. They also offer free and paid courses and learning videos. The 15% commission rate is the income you can receive if you become an affiliate of this affiliate program. It can be said that this is the well-paid commission in this field.

According to research, affiliates at 10 Minute School earn amounts ranging from about 5,000 to 25,000 Taka per month through social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, websites,…

If you are a blank slate, rest assured they will provide you with basic instructions and courses on digital marketing to develop your career in the field of affiliate marketing. Currently, around 28 thousand affiliates have joined the 10 Minutes affiliate network and sold around 7 crores BDT online.

  • URL: 10 Minutes
  • Commission rate: Up to 15%
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Payment methods: Bkash


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

If you are knowledgeable about technology website-related issues such as domain names, web programming, digital marketing, and hosting,… then the Dianahost affiliate program is designed for you. A Bangladesh-based provider of dirt-cheap hosting services, DianaHost.

By providing real-time reporting analytics tools, Dianahost affiliates can monitor their performance and make timely adjustments to achieve the best results in each affiliate marketing campaign.

In particular, the cookie duration at Dianahost is 30 days, and it is available with multiple payment options. You will earn lifetime income from the users you refer.

  • URL: Dianahost
  • Commission rate: Up to 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: bKash or Bank Account or Payoneer


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

Do you have a passion for writing? Do you love reading and sharing good books with everyone? Boikhata’s affiliate program is your destination. In Bangladesh, this platform is famous as an e-commerce website specializing in English books, translated books, novels, and personal development…

Becoming a partner of this affiliate program helps you both satisfy your passion for writing and bring in passive income from the books you sell through the affiliate link you introduce. This job is also suitable even if you are a student.

With just a few simple steps to register to become a Boikhata partner. You can receive a commission rate of up to 10% for each successful sale. They are also open to most social media channels, blogs, and websites.

  • URL: Boikhata
  • Commission rate: Up to 10%
  • Payment methods: bKash


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

s a relatively new platform in Bangladesh, Shikho is a potential academic website launched in 2019. In just a few years, they have earned about 6 million dollars through valuable and professional videos, images, and presentations.

With a generous commission rate of up to 15% on each successfully referred order, you can earn unlimited income by promoting and selling Sikho courses to students as a member of the Sikho family through affiliate links.

Shikho always updates best-selling products every day, so you can easily find a lot of good-selling products here. Accounts, pages, comments, website posts, and more can all be used to a product link and increase sales.

  • URL: Shikho
  • Commission rate: Up to 15%
  • Payment methods: bKash


12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

bKash is the leading digital financial services platform in Bangladesh, operating under the management of Bangladesh Bank. They provide various financial services such as bill payments, savings accounts, mobile money transfers, movie ticket purchases, online purchases, etc. By introducing these services, you can receive a commission from introducing new customers.

If you become a bKash affiliate, you will receive your own encrypted form. You will receive a commission if new customers register and use bKash services using your encrypted link.

  • URL: bKash
  • Commission rate: Depend on each product or service
  • Payment methods: bKash

Mazon Associates

12 well-paid affiliate programs in Bangladesh for 2023

Finally, Amazon is a giant in the field of e-commerce platforms, famous around the world for its vast affiliate network – Amazon Associates affiliate program and long history of existence. Of course, it is also viral in Bangladesh. Here you can find all items from sellers worldwide listed in specific categories.

mazon Associates uses tools to create links to products quickly, provides strong support for publishers and affiliates, and helps you monetize successful deals with 1 to 20 % commission rates.

Plus, you have full access to reports that give you insights into the trends your target audience is following. You will have the best direction to carry out your advertising work from these numbers.

  • URL: Amazon Associates
  • Commission rate: Ranges from 1% to 20%
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Payment methods: Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB) and Debit card

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh? 

Before doing anything, you must clearly define your goals. Likewise, before you start participating in any affiliate marketing program in Bangladesh, you must choose a niche that aligns with the needs and interests of your target audience. From that niche market, come up with outstanding products or services that you feel you can promote well and potentially grow and make long-term profits in the future.

After choosing the product or service you want to affiliate market with, please refer to our suggested steps below:

  • Step 1: Choose and register an affiliate network – Choose reputable affiliate networks and create an account.
  • Step 2: Browse available programs – Discover the affiliate programs within the network that align with your niche and audience. Take a look at our carefully selected list above – it may be informative for you.
  • Step 3: Apply to programs – Submit applications to your desired affiliate programs. Some programs may require approval, which means you will have to wait a certain amount of time, while others may grant access immediately.
  • Step 4: Start advertising –  Once you are accepted into an affiliate program, create your own affiliate links and start promoting products or services on your website or other marketing channels. Additionally, legally comply with the rules of each affiliate program you join. In this way, you and your partner can develop a long-term cooperative relationship.


1. How can I set up an affiliate account in Bangladesh?

Nowadays, setting up an affiliate account is easy. However, please note that each affiliate program will have its own conditions for signing up to become an affiliate.

What you need to do is refer to the list of outstanding affiliate programs in Bangladesh that we have recommended above.

Then, choose an affiliate program that is right for you, followed by taking the steps required by your affiliate partner program.

2. Are there any legal rules or regulations for affiliate marketing in Bangladesh?

Well, according to sources from Nagadhat – a big E-commerce platform associated with affiliate marketing chains in Bangladesh, said: “The Government of Bangladesh has no restrictions on becoming an Associate Member.

None age limit, there is nothing illegal in it. in the eyes of the law”. So, you can rest assured that becoming a member of affiliate programs is legal in this country.


Affiliate marketing in Bangladesh is in a period of growth and expansion. Therefore, there still exists a limited number of industries for the affiliate marketing market. Some people commit fraud in the name of affiliate marketing, which affects the overall reputation of reputable affiliate programs.

The advice is to do your research before participating in any affiliate program by taking a quick look at our list of the highest-paid affiliate marketing programs in Bangladesh in 2024.

Choose the right program and niche for you and give honest reviews about that product/service. You can succeed with attractive commission income from the trust of your audience.

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