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Where to look for fantastic affiliates for your jewelry brand?

You’re already ahead of the game if you’re looking for an affiliate marketer to assist you to expand your jewelry business. Jewelry has become one of the most profitable businesses with worldwide people spending billions of ...

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You’re already ahead of the game if you’re looking for an affiliate marketer to assist you to expand your jewelry business. Jewelry has become one of the most profitable businesses with worldwide people spending billions of dollars on this industry.

You have the best products, potential niche industry, ready-to-go affiliate programs, etc, however, your revenue hasn’t risen since you have no ideas of getting the right affiliate onboard. Finding affiliates is the key to growing your business, however, where to look for them?

In this article, we will share the best ways to look for fantastic affiliates for your jewelry brand that would scale your business more than ever before.

Let’s dive in!

Places to look for great affiliates for your jewelry business

1. Affiliate solutions

Many affiliate solutions have come with affiliate recruitment features that are super helpful. You can explore top-notch industry-related affiliates in the appropriate category to look for them.

You can look for affiliates that are interested in your jewelry industry in UpPromote Marketplace by filtering the Jewelry Industry to find the targeting partners, the affiliate list will blow your mind with several high-quality affiliates that have a large available audience.


Building a partnership with them is also an essential step, UpPromote has lent you a hand in sending an email to your picked affiliates to invite them to join your program. Don’t forget to personalize your message as well as show the commission you’ll offer. (Protip: The higher rate, the better it is).

Another “lazy” way if you expect your affiliates will reach you is just simply showcasing your program on UpPromote Marketplace (FREE). Your affiliates will easily find the suitable programs that they would like to join.


2. Social media

Social media is a great way to find great affiliates and keep a long-term relationship with them. Those affiliates are one of the common types of affiliates: social media influencers, who have expertise at crafting captivating content tailored to your ideal customer.

Moreover, they may successfully put you on the map for a completely new audience. You can reach out to your favorite social media influencers via direct messages of the platform they’re using. Or look in their bios for an email or any additional contact information.

Each platform has a specific tactic to find them. Let’s explore below.


You should concentrate your efforts on those having an audience willing to buy the products they promote. So that focusing on those influencers in your targeted niche will be much effective.

  • Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags are a powerful feature that you could find your inspiring partners. Here is a comprehensive list of popular jewelry hashtags which gives you a hand identifying potential influencers.

You can use this list to identify new related hashtags for your jewelry company. Many jewelry influencers are likely to utilize the hashtags which increases the chance of finding them.










































These are common hashtags with an average of over 500,000 times people use them. You can also dig more jewelry-related hashtags by going to the search bar on Instagram > searching hashtag #goldjewelry > go through some top posts and you can explore extraordinary hashtags matching your brand.Leverage Instagram hashtags. Source: @aymiecahill

  • Find influencers under “Suggested” 

Use Instagram’s “Suggested” tool to find comparable influencers.

  1. Go to the Instagram account of your desired influencer.
  2. Next to “Follow” or “Following,” click the “Arrow” button.
  3. Instagram will recommend profiles that are comparable to the profile of your ideal influencer. The suggested profiles may be seen above their Instagram post.
  4. Select “See All” to view all of Instagram’s suggested profiles.

Find influencers under “Suggested”

  • Find Instagram jewelry influencers by Location

Finding influencers in a given region might be challenging with this technique. Even if they don’t reside there, many Instagram users use tags, especially while they are on vacation.

#1. Type a location in the Instagram search bar.

#2 Browse the profiles that included the “Location” tag.

If you come across good posts with more than 200 likes, you’re probably looking at influencers with a large following.

Click on their profile name to check out their profiles in detail.



Compared to other platforms, finding influencers’ processes on Facebook is more complicated due to search options are inconvenient and limited. Besides the weakness of no strong personal relationships between the audience and the influencer. It offers outstanding benefits that you cannot neglect such as:

  • Builds trust based on knowledge in your industry by sharing valuable or exceptionally interesting content having the potential to become viral.
  • Creates a sense of community around the page, people talking in the comments, exchanging opinions, and more.

Here are a few suggestions for using Facebook to find your potential influencers.

  • Facebook keyword search

The first step to finding Facebook influencers is to use Facebook’s native search. All you need to do is to search for the right keyword in the Facebook search bar.

When you’re finished, check for two bars at the page’s top: “People” and “Pages”, “Groups“. These sections will offer certain entities you can use to promote your jewelry brand.

Facebook keyword search

You can narrow down your search even more by selecting other places. Although time-consuming, you could find gold in communities devoted to influencer marketing in your jewelry niche.

Individual influencers score better in some specialist areas than Facebook influencers whose sites are seeking a big audience. You may use criteria like “artist, or public figure” to make this procedure easier. You may start creating a connection with the influencer once you’ve located them on Facebook.

  • Facebook hashtags

While not being as powerful as those of Instagram and Facebook, but it still works. Before doing so, you should make a list of jewelry-relevant keywords. These keywords can both relate to your brand or the industry, such as #jewelry #jewelryinfluencer #jewelrylover.

Besides, you can also leverage your competitors’ keyword hashtags. You would find a list of influencers of your rivals,

You may not like the thought of working with the same influencers as your rivals, but there’s a decent possibility you’ll discover something useful and available.

Facebook Hashtag. Source: Silvana Arias


  • Youtube search bar

The YouTube search engine is controlled by a complicated algorithm that takes into account several parameters. To get the most relevant results when looking for a channel or creator on YouTube, be as detailed as possible by utilizing keywords relating to your jewelry brand, audience, and industry.

Youtube search bar

  • Explore well-known creators’ following

YouTube influencers typically interact with other YouTubers in their industry, collaborating, recommending, and talking about them. You may identify creators related to your jewelry business by finding other YouTubers in a certain network. It’s also a good idea to look at an influencer’s other channels, as well as who they follow and mention on them, in addition to their primary channel.

Previous sponsor content 

Not every high-engage people is looking for collaborations.

You should look for people previously or presently working with several brands.

Search for the keyword: sponsor or ad + jewelry on YouTube to identify influencers.

There will undoubtedly be a large number of sponsored advertisements and content. These YouTube videos are created specifically to promote and market a product for your firm.

Jewelry previous sponsor content


  • Twitter search

To target your influencers more precisely, it’s advisable to use hashtags to find them on Twitter. Twitter is also a powerful platform with hashtags, making it easier for you to locate your potential affiliates.

To begin, look at who is using your branded hashtags as well as those of your rivals. Influencers are people talking about relevant items to your jewelry niche. Keep in mind that you’re searching for people not tweeting about a lot of different things. Those users are most likely merely passing passers-by.

  • Twitter filters

Filters are another way to leverage Twitter search. You may instruct Twitter not to provide results that are simply “regular” users using the advanced search. Even better, you may use this tool to locate Twitter influencers who fall into specific demographics. This will make things easy for you.

Twitter filters

Leverage social media platforms

It would be effectively time-saving to use social media platforms to locate your suitable affiliates. Several platforms are giving you hand-seeking influencers with just a few clicks.


Klear is a social media influencer marketing platform that uses a smart engine to assist businesses to find local and category-specific social media influencers. The tool has a lot of filters to make sure that any brand can locate the right influencer.

Klear finds influencers by looking at their location, language, industry, hashtag, price range, prior partnerships, and more. The tool’s AI-powered technology can also detect and flag phony followers, allowing it to recommend the safest and most lucrative influencer partnerships.

Pricing: available after a demo


Fiverr is a marketplace for businesses to buy and sell services. You can look for appropriate influencers and learn more about their bios to determine whether they are the right fit for your jewelry brand.

Influencers on this site work on a variety of platforms, and they also post their price information so you can simply compare them to others and see whether they fit your campaign budget.

Check out this affiliate series for more information on how to choose high-quality affiliate marketers in different niches.

How to recruit affiliates for beauty brands like a pro?

Super easy ways to find affiliates for your fashion online store

3. Google

There’s no better place to start than Google, where you can use keywords to identify influencers.

However, you should be aware that searching for too general keywords will result in no targeted influencer searches for your jewelry businesses.

For example, if you’re running a women’s silver accessories store with antique luxury looking styles, here comes the keyword list:

lavish, luxury, upscale

antique, old, vintage

feminine, elegant

silvery, exquisite, dazzling

Then you can utilize some of these adjectives as hashtags or keywords when looking for affiliates on Google. Such as searching ‘vintage jewelry influencers’, will bring back plenty of great results.

Google has a set of the syntax that helps you better describe your search.

For example, you can search this query to find Instagram influencers

site:instagram.com ‘k followers’ jewelry to tell Google that you want to search for people on Instagram with more than 1000 followers that relate to jewelry niche that you input.

Search for KOLs/ influencers on Instagram

You can change ‘k followers’ to ‘100k followers’ when looking for those who have more than 100.000 followers.

Similarly, you can conduct the same query to look for influencers on Facebook.

site:facebook.com “1000…5000 likes” home + jewelry.

If the query does not bring satisfactory search results, you can look in other ways by leveraging Google search operators:

Operator Purpose Example Search
“  ” Ensure that each result has the precise phrase (not just synonyms) inside the quote marks “vintage jewelry” influencers
OR (all caps) Show results for one or both search terms (these two operators are interchangeable) vintage OR antique jewelry
( ) Organize your search words into groups and manage how Google does the search (vintage OR antique) jewelry influencer
Remove it from the search if you don’t want to see results for a keyword with a dash before it vintage jewelry-facebook

Protip: If you are targeting a specific region, remember to change the location setting on your Google search by going to Settings (bottom-right corner of Google page) > Search Settings > Region Settings and choosing the region that you want.

4. Your website

It’s a fantastic idea to use your website visitors to promote your affiliate program. After all, someone already interested in your brand and products is in a good position to become a successful affiliate.

But how could it be possible for your affiliates to join your program without an affiliate landing page on your website?

You should include a visible link on your website to your affiliate program. When affiliates are being directed to the distinct landing page through that link, the affiliate registration page should comprise enough information, incentives, sign-up forms of the program.

Optimize affiliate landing page

The more optimized the affiliate landing page is, the more affiliates you can convert.

5. Price comparison website

Comparison sites do precisely what their name says. They compare pricing and the quality of goods/services offered by a variety of businesses. This enables consumers to ensure that they obtain the greatest product for their requirements at an affordable price.

People behind comparison websites are savvy affiliate marketers. This task includes conducting research, checking out new items, comparing updates on different models, and keeping up with the newest trends. So bear in mind to provide high-quality products, and research your rivals’ price and commission rate to determine the best ones for your jewelry firm.

These websites are recommendable for medium-size to large firms since getting in touch with them but it pays off well as they tend to have stable traffic. Don’t use the same email sent to other affiliates, make it personal to the website you’re trying to contact.

Some of the websites you can consider such as 123PriceCheck, Pricescope.

Jewelry price comparison website

6. Regular customers

Affiliates that genuinely believe in your accessories or items are more likely to market them to their followers in the best way possible. So, if you’re looking for affiliate marketers, who is better more than your existing customers?

Sending an email to your most devoted clients is a good idea. You may use this to introduce them to your affiliate marketing program and ask them to refer people to your items in exchange for a commission.

Some of your clients may already be affiliates, while others may be interested in learning how to become an affiliate marketer. It’s a terrific method to obtain a real fan as an affiliate in any case!

Turning customers into affiliates sounds simple, however, to convert them the most effectively, you need to keep in mind some tactics and things to avoid.

Automatically convert your customers into affiliates with UpPromote Post-purchase popups. After your customers finish their orders at the checkout, there would be a popup inviting them to join your affiliate program.


7. Lifestyle and fashion niche affiliates

Jewelry and fashion come as inseparable parts of each other. Jewelry is often seen as a fashion element. Many people believe that a style isn’t complete without added appropriate accessories.

That’s why many jewelry brands tend to collaborate with fashion affiliates when it’s difficult to find their jewelry-niche partners.

It’s much easier to recruit fashion affiliates as fashion prides itself as the largest industry with a value of over 3,000 billion dollars. Fashions, and lifestyle KOLs, influencers are growing in large numbers and they’re willing to collaborate with your brands.

Finding fashion affiliates is easy as a piece of cup. Figure it out here.

Wrapping up

Finding affiliates is a straightforward process, all you have to do is to look for them in the right place.

The goal is to make sure your affiliates are familiar with your jewelry market and can provide you with high-quality leads. It’s far better to focus your efforts on a few high-quality affiliates rather than a huge number of affiliates that may have a large following but don’t perform as well.

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