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Gaming Influencer Recruitment: Where to Start?

Gaming is no longer merely a recreational activity in today’s day and age. People who play online video games are numerous, but those who watch online video games and live streams are much greater. The topic ...

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Gaming is no longer merely a recreational activity in today’s day and age. People who play online video games are numerous, but those who watch online video games and live streams are much greater. The topic shared today is about how to gain more profits for your gaming online store through gaming influencer recruitment

Stay calm and let’s play together! 

1. What is a Gaming Affiliate?

In simple understanding, a gaming affiliate is a cooperation between the gaming companies and influencers who are usually the gamers or streamers. The process will run through the content that the influencers create by videos on their website or their Youtube channels. 

According to Facebook Gaming Marketing Report in 2021, 28 million United States customers started playing and picking-up video games as a hobby since the pandemic exploration and it has 350 million monthly video games players. 

The gaming affiliates are not only advertising games, but also, can be related to any devices that help consumers play more conveniently and smoothly. 

Gaming affiliates usually promote these products such as: 

  • CPU 
  • RAM
  • Graphics Card 
  • Keyboards 
  • Gaming Chair 

The more product’s comfort when playing the game, the easier that the influencers can reach out to their community. 

In the next parts, we’ll discuss closers about some gaming platforms that can put the gaming influencer recruitment in the right place. 

2. Gaming Influencer Recruitment: Where to Start?

In the recent decade, the gaming business has flourished and expanded outside niche niches. As a result of this rapid growth, the number of gamers is growing, and there is a growing desire to learn in society.

Gaming influencers build their networks around a shared passion that is both interactive and entertaining to watch.

You can get beneficial guides from the best gaming influencers no matter what kind of games you like to play. They are not necessarily the best players on the planet.

They do, however, have a wealth of gaming knowledge and great game reviews to share with their fans. 

Before increasing your gaming influencer recruitment, you have to select and identify specific games and your audiences that meet your business workflows and requirements. 

Let’s have a look at some of the game streaming platforms that make gaming influencer recruitment more simple.

2.1 Twitch

For gaming or streaming platforms, it is a huge platform with 15 million daily active users aged between 18 and 34, and more than 80% of users are males. With the massive demographic millennials accounts, it is even more than gaming with Twitch. 

You can live broadcast other things, such as food and drink, in addition to gaming. If you can identify a steamer with a sufficient audience, you might certainly utilize it to demonstrate and promote hair products and trends. 

Twitch now has supported to widen the customer base with the new channels besides gaming, which include: 

With a variety of channels including gaming and non-gaming are now Twitch-supported, there are few notices that any merchants should take note of when looking for influencers. 

Streamers or influencers on Twitch will not be willing to promote products if they feel it is not valuable to their community. 

Before searching for influencers, you should ensure that any streamers with whom you work have similar values to those your business follows. 

Then you should take a close look at your game or product. What kinds of streamers have an audience that would be fascinated by your game or product? 

For example, if you’re marketing a product to 11-14-year-old kids, there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy the game Fortnite. In such a situation, you’ll look for Twitch-streaming Fortnite gamers who are appropriate.

Also, your potential clients are more inclined to play sporting video games like NBA 2K19, Skateboard, or FIFA 19 if your product is more sports-oriented.

You may locate Twitch influencers in a variety of ways, including directly searching the platform or by using Twitter to find Twitch followers (it may seem counterintuitive to utilize one social channel to reach influencers on another, but it works for a lot of people).

Furthermore, data from Twitch’s API can be used to assist in identifying influencers. On Twitch, 10% of streamers account for 95% of viewers. As a result, you can utilize the Twitch API to find the top 10% of streamers based on data like concurrent viewers or channel followers.

Additionally, you can raise your gaming influencer recruitment on Twitch by using Google. Type the keywords “top twitch streamers review 2021” on Google to get the results with a full analysis about the top popular streamers on Twitch that might help for your gaming influencer recruitment. 

For more specific information about influencers that match your business workflow and promotion requirements, you can check out the keyword “top twitch streamers” and your niches. 

For instead, if your business is about PC gaming, search “Top twitch streamers PC gaming”  and you get the results below. 

Go through the review carefully and you can choose the most matching influencers for your gaming brands. 

2.2 Youtube Gaming 

Gaming is no longer merely a recreational activity in today’s society. The number of people who play games online is enormous, but the number of people who watch games and live streams online is even greater.

On YouTube, gaming is a successful franchise. There’s a seamless connection between playing a video game and then watching others showing off their gaming prowess. As a result, it’s no coincidence that there are a lot of opportunities that merchants or brands can increase their gaming influencer recruitment on Youtube. 

Before getting an expansion in gaming influencer recruitment on Youtube, you need to know about the gaming influencer on Youtube which is Micro and Macro. 

Micro-Influencers on YouTube are content producers with a limited audience (5,000–100,000 subscribers), but a higher level of engagement one. Micro YouTube Influencers are excellent at generating conversions, which results in beneficial outcomes for brand partners. 

Micro YouTube Influencers are so well situated with their content in very particular niches and make a perfect fit for mainstream brands looking to connect to new target consumers.

Otherwise, Macro YouTube Influencers are noted for having large and consistent audiences. They have a larger following that is still very interested in their stuff.

Macro YouTube Influencers also provide a higher level of professionalism to commercial relationships, as well as more chances for viral content.

After getting the basic knowledge of macro and micro-influencers on Youtube, there are two ways to find the most suitable gaming influencers for your brand. 

The first one is located in Youtube Gaming. In this platforms of Youtube, some sub-topics include the top-views videos, which are: 

  • Top live games
  • Recommended
  • Trending video 

On these sub-topics above, the Top Live Games is the most specific place where you can find the gaming influencers for the particular games. 

For example, in this case above when you are targeting to market products to the boys aged 11-14 years olds and enjoy the Fornite games, click into the Fornite tab on the Top Live Games to discover the channel as well as the influencers that specific. 

Select the channel that suits your requirements to increase your gaming influencer recruitment for your brands. Also, you can choose influencers in a certain game through the hashtag on the video title. 

For instance, in the game Fortnite, if you have clicked randomly on a video on the Top Live Games on Youtube Gaming, you can go back to the Youtube search bars, and type the hashtag #fortnite into it and you will get the result below. 

This way can help you to expand your research on this platform to get the best results. 

The second way is using Google. You can research “top youtube gaming influencers” on the search engine on Google. It will come up with a thousand analysis results for these keywords to raise gaming influencer recruitment. Also, gaming is being considered as an eSports, the same with Sport but you play on the internet, not in the real-life.  

The keyword ‘top eSport streamers on Youtube’ also works in this case. 

2.3 Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has gained a total of 1.29 billion hours in the third quarter of 2021 which lead to a huge steamer appearance as well as the influencers. The gaming sector was influenced in a variety of ways in 2020, as stay-at-home orders and safety worries triggered by COVID-19 led an unprecedented number of individuals around the world to enjoy gaming, particularly on mobile devices. 

For example, since March 2020, the gaming community in the United States has expanded to 28 million people, with a 28 percent growth in mobile gaming, while the gaming audience in the United Kingdom has increased to 8.6 million, with a 50 percent increase in mobile gaming.

From January 2020 to January 2021, the monthly average viewership of Facebook Gaming increased by 108 percent. Last month’s average viewership of 527K was the best the platform had ever seen.

Facebook Gaming collects both live and pre-recorded videos on their platform and puts them all on their dashboard in the “gaming” area of their website. It’s simple to meet new people on their site, especially if you’re nearby or playing one of their popular games.

But it’s not just about the live videos. Facebook Gaming also enables creators to arrange competitions with their connections. You can also register for other people’s tournaments and play in them. On Facebook Gaming, you can also watch live eSports matches and play popular games.

You can go to Facebook > Gaming Video to look for the best influencers for your brands. In the search bar of Gaming Video, select the gaming keywords that you want to look up, such as Call of duty. The results will be shown below. 

2.4 Affiliate Marketplace

Any Affiliate Marketplace, including such UpPromote Marketplace, is simple to take part. Affiliates are more motivated to search you out than you are to seek them out.

The most significant advantage of forming such networks is that you can take advantage of their years of experience and skill in steering your affiliate marketing along the right road. You can reach out to their customer service team or search for their knowledge and understanding.

To find the relevant partners, go to UpPromote Marketplace and select Game under Categories.

3. Conclusion

Gaming is the most potential industry nowadays due to the stay-at-home conditions globally nowadays. Raising the gaming influencer recruitment will expand the opportunities to skyrocket sales for any merchants. 

Are you ready to start looking for the greatest affiliates for your company? Remember to select affiliates who share your target demographic, implement a robust registration process, and properly vet each possible affiliate.

Some affiliate management systems can also aid in affiliate recruiting, which can aid in the development of a high-quality affiliate network. If you want to get started rapidly and effortlessly, start utilizing UpPromote right now.

You can expect quality affiliates in a variety of industries on UpPromote Marketplace, control your affiliate team, and track and assess their performance in real-time.

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