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UpPromote: A great alternative to GoaffPro

UpPromote and GoaffPro are among the most favored Shopify affiliate marketing apps. Are you hesitating to make up your mind to find the more ideal affiliate marketing tool that matches your needs perfectly? Don’t overlook our ...

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UpPromote: A great alternative to GoaffPro

UpPromote and GoaffPro are among the most favored Shopify affiliate marketing apps. Are you hesitating to make up your mind to find the more ideal affiliate marketing tool that matches your needs perfectly? Don’t overlook our impartial comparison between UpPromote and GoaffPro.

UpPromote or GoaffPro?

UpPromote and GoaffPro are well-established apps and both launched in 2019.
Both apps come with most of the best affiliate marketing features you could ask for, with over highly-recommended 1000 reviews on Shopify, they are worth trying.

Their approaches are different. UpPromote offers various desired features and capabilities aimed at Shopify’s all-size businesses. On the contrary, abundant GoaffPro features are a friendly option for small and medium-sized businesses, not only Shopify’s but expanding their integration to BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.

So why should you consider UpPromote as a GoaffPro alternative?

#1 A perfect choice for businesses of all types

UpPromote & GoaffPro are great affiliate marketing options with no additional cost but allow users access to abundant treasures of features.

UpPromote, ideally, is best for all-size businesses with exclusive features and the best price ranges that you could not find in GoaffPro. 

UpPromote’s four plans adapt to each user’s needs respectively, whatever types of your businesses are, it will surely match up your feature necessity, while contrasted to GoaffPro, you only have two plan options.

#2 Take customer experience to another level with a dedicated support team

Companies are required to have diverse methods and tools for communicating with customers to bring a smooth experience to provide excellent customer service.

When it comes to supporting and training options, UpPromote takes its pride in having a great customer success team, responsive to every problem in a wink through many supporting types: FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk, and Phone, similar to that of GoaffPro.

Outstandingly, UpPromote not only offers chat options to solve customers’ issues promptly, but a 1:1 meetup is also available to make sure customers can use and leverage the most out of UpPromote features.

UpPromote prioritized support
UpPromote dedicated support

#3 Easy-to-use affiliate marketing app

Deniably, GoaffPro has a lot of functions and potential features coming at an affordable price, however, it’s a pretty complex app and you’re likely to get lost in it.

Contrarily, UpPromote priorities in ease of use, so that users can take advantage of those treasured affiliate marketing features with a detailed and easy-to-follow guide.

Moreover, when onboarding, UpPromote gets you through a quick start guide and a setup checklist helping you to have an overall look at what to do within the app, compared to no onboarding process of GoaffPro.

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#4 Discover top-tier affiliates in UpPromote Marketplace

Exceptionally, in UpPromote Marketplace, affiliates can join unlimited affiliate programs with different commissions from a myriad of quality brands to promote their services, giving merchants a hand for ambassadors’ approaching automatically without having to seek them out.

Another option is that merchants can explore their high-quality affiliates/ ambassadors with a network of thousands of affiliates in the UpPromote Marketplace for a win-win partnership.

UpPromote Marketplace
UpPromote Marketplace

#5 Manage affiliate team at your fingertips

Proactive and automatic affiliate management is the best approach to ensure long-term success in all affiliate programs.

To effortlessly handle the affiliate networks, UpPromote offers merchants multiple programs to group affiliates with different commission offers to reduce repeating, tiring tasks applying each commission to each affiliate like GoaffPro.

Moreover, UpPromote offers barrier-free in-app chat (exclusive feature) for better work efficiency between merchants and affiliates.

#6 Set up powerful referral programs in an affiliate app

What sets UpPromote apart from Goaffpro is its powerful feature: Customer Referral, which allows you to build up a referral program in an affiliate app. With this feature, your customers can refer your products to their friends without the need for an affiliate account. Your customers will get an easy-to-share referral link and then get a potent reward (store credit) for any successful referral orders when their friends get a discount for the item.

#7 Feature customization request with Enterprise Plan

Acknowledging that large businesses are tech-savvy and ramping up new feature ideas to better improve the affiliate management systems, UpPromote offers exclusive feature customization in the Enterprise plan, which is nowhere found in the GoaffPro feature.

To support large businesses with special feature desires, UpPromote technical team is willing to come up with your expectations to customize the features to match your business needs.

Request your own custom features
Request your own custom features

Those are outstandingly superior features of UpPromote to GoaffPro. Don’t miss the chance to start a greater journey with UpPromote today.

Try UpPromote now!

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