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UpPromote: A superb affiliates management LeadDyno alternative

What’s the best Shopify affiliate marketing app? What is the best LeadDyno alternative? Explore our impartial comparison between UpPromote and LeadDyno. Are you looking for a LeadDyno alternative? Founded in 2012, LeadDyno has been well-built as ...

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What’s the best Shopify affiliate marketing app? What is the best LeadDyno alternative? Explore our impartial comparison between UpPromote and LeadDyno.

Are you looking for a LeadDyno alternative?

Founded in 2012, LeadDyno has been well-built as a great affiliate marketing tool, providing users with rich features.

LeadDyno has helped many eCommerce sellers access affiliate marketing more quickly, making affiliate management more autonomous.

The biggest drawback of it users can see is pricing tiers increasing based on their stores’ traffic. If you’re seeking a replacement for LeadDyno, here are a few reasons to consider UpPromote.

#1 More preferred and trusted by Shopify’s market leaders

The higher the app ranks on Shopify, the more it’s satisfied and trusted by customers.

With over 1200 reviews, doubling those of LeadDyno, and rated 4.9/5 on Shopify, UpPromote is proud to be the most favorable affiliate marketing app any market leader should have.

#2 Manage affiliate team at your fingertips

Proactive and automatic affiliate management is the best approach to assure long-term success in all affiliate programs.

To handle the affiliate team effortlessly, UpPromote offers merchants multiple programs to group affiliates with different commission types to minimize repetitive, time-consuming processes of applying individual affiliate commissions like LeadDyno.

Moreover, UpPromote offers more commission modifiers than LeadDyno, including features like Automatic Tier Commission, and Order Value Commission, helping encourage affiliates to rocket their sales performance continuously.

Notably, UpPromote offers more payout options for users, such as Bank Transfer, Debit card, Check, Store Credit, etc., to gather affiliate payment details and make payment more manageable.

Manage affiliate team at your fingertips
Manage affiliate team at your fingertips

#3 Increasing global reach with multi-language for affiliates

Don’t neglect non-English speaking affiliate marketers and influencers; they’re potential ambassadors for your business.

To recruit non-English speaking affiliates, UpPromote offers merchants an indispensable feature: multiple languages for affiliates account to achieve tangible success in these foreign language markets by making them accessible in their language with ease.

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#4 Discover top-tier affiliates in UpPromote Marketplace

In UpPromote Marketplace, affiliates can join unlimited affiliate programs with different commissions from a myriad of quality brands to promote their services, giving merchants a hand with ambassadors approaching automatically without having to seek them out.

Incredibly, merchants can explore their high-quality affiliates/ ambassadors with a network of thousands of affiliates in the UpPromote Marketplace for a win-win partnership.

Why should you find affiliates?

#5 In-app messaging for better communication

To help merchants easily communicate with affiliates, LeadDyno & UpPromote did a great job of providing sending email functionality.

However, UpPromote offers users a remarkable feature: in-app chat for efficient information exchange and better prompt-effective communication between merchants and affiliates.

#6 Set up robust referral programs in an affiliate app

What sets UpPromote apart from Snowball: Affiliate Marketing is its powerful feature: Customer Referral which allows you to build up a referral program in an affiliate app.

Your clients can suggest your products/services to friends using this function without requiring an affiliate account. Your clients will receive an easy-to-share referral link and a substantial incentive (store credit) for any successful referral orders when their friends receive a discount for the item.

UpPromote and Social Snowball perform an excellent job of offering email capability to assist businesses in quickly interacting with affiliates.

However, UpPromote provides customers with a unique feature: in-app chat for faster information exchange and more timely contact between merchants and affiliates.

#7 Easier access and management of multiple stores with staff accounts

Both similar target users are large businesses. Still, only UpPromote provides users with the two key-essential features: staff accounts for empowering team members to handle affiliates programs (Professional, Enterprise plan) and multiple stores connection for prompt access to each account, measuring affiliate performance across all linked stores (only Enterprise plan).

A secret tip: leverage these features for easier access and management while running affiliate programs in multiple stores.

Connect multi-stores with UpPromote
Connect multi-stores with UpPromote

#8 Better prices for businesses of all sizes

Compared to LeadDyno, UpPromote comes with more affordable pricing offering unlimited app usage.

Starting from 0$/mo, UpPromote offers users unlimited affiliates and freely get access to Marketplace, compared to the LeadDyno flat fee plan, beginning from 29$/mo. What a bargain deal!

Those are outstandingly superior points of UpPromote to LeadDyno. Are those enough for you to decide on the best LeadDyno alternative? Don’t miss the chance to start a more excellent journey with UpPromote today.

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