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Holbrook Pickleball’s Secret to an 86% Sales Boost with UpPromote

Holbrook Pickleball initially partnered with UpPromote to manage their ambassador program. Impressed by its powerful features and exceptional support, they expanded its use to drive their entire affiliate marketing strategy, achieving phenomenal success.

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Holbrook Pickleball


Boost in referral orders


New sign-up affiliates


Rise in affiliates’ revenue

Holbrook Pickleball started as a family project. Brothers Breygan, Kasen, and their father, Brody, spent countless hours in their garage developing better pickleball paddles and gear. They aim to create products that are high quality and stylish.

After many late nights and lots of testing, they succeeded. Their paddles became popular for great performance and good looks, appealing to players of all skill levels.

Even with early success, the Holbrook family realized that there was still room to thrive better.

Exploring A New Path

Realizing the potential of affiliate marketing, Holbrook Pickleball wanted to launch an ambassador program open for affiliates, brand advocates, and influencers.

To make this work and manage the program smoothly, Holbrook Pickleball chose UpPromotethe top-recommended affiliate software, as the main tool for their ambassador program.

The software has become a “heart and soul” part of their marketing strategy, helping them build a strong network of brand supporters and speed up their acquisition.

The program welcomes pickleball enthusiasts to become ambassadors. Once accepted, ambassadors receive a unique discount code to share with their friends and followers.

The best part is that ambassadors earn a 15% store credit kickback every time someone uses their code, which continues to help the brand boost repeated purchases and cultivate brand loyalty.

“Store credit processing is easy, and payouts go smoothly within the app. The support team is super helpful. I can’t praise them enough for their promptness and expertise.”


Holbrook Pickleball Marketing Manager

By the end of 2023, Holbrook Pickleball gained an 87% increase in orders through their ambassador campaign.

The Path of Holbrook Pickleball Strategies

Holbrook Pickleball secret to success

What contributes to the success of Holbrook Pickleball is a smart affiliate and influencer marketing plan. They focus on motivating ambassadors, managing them effectively, and building real relationships.

Curious about how they do it? Let’s explore the key parts of their approach.

Motivate affiliates to ramp up sales performance

Holbrook Pickleball has found a great way to encourage their ambassadors through monthly sales contests.

Every month, they set a sales goal, and any ambassador who reaches it gets a fantastic reward, like cool product prizes or extra bonuses. The contest adds a fun and exciting challenge, encouraging partners to give their best to earn the rewards.

But Holbrook doesn’t stop there. They keep a close eye on their ambassadors’ sales using UpPromote’s analytics dashboard.

“We look at the analytics section all the time, like every single day. It’s really useful and helps us a lot in making insightful decisions about what to do next.”

Olivia said in the interview

When they spot someone doing exceptionally well, they often surprise top performers with gift packages effortlessly sent through UpPromote’s gift feature.

It’s a heartfelt way to say “thank you” for their hard work and dedication.

Separate programs for different partner groups

It would be overwhelming without the help of a robust affiliate solution to do all the managing tasks.

Holbrook Pickleball uses UpPromote to manage different kinds of partners they work with. They’ve set up multiple programs within the system, allowing them to tailor their approach for each group.

In this case, they have a default program for regular ambassadors, which includes recreational pickleball players, coaches, and fans of the brand. They also have a separate program for professionally sponsored athletes and another one for YouTube influencers.

By having distinct programs, Holbrook can easily set the right commission rates, rewards, and details for each type of partner.

Build a robust community & relationships through events

Another unique part of Holbrook’s tactic is attending pickleball events nationwide. So they can have the chance to meet many ambassadors in person and build real relationships.

By putting faces to names and having in-person interactions, they can strengthen the sense of community and loyalty between the ambassadors and the Holbrook brand.

For ambassadors who cannot attend events, Holbrook hosts online training webinars to engage that part of their community. The webinars enable them to provide updates, share best practices, answer questions, and let ambassadors interact with the Holbrook team and each other.

Strategies yielding fruitful results

Working with UpPromote solution, along with Holbrook Pickleball’s cool products and big fan base, has really helped grow their network of ambassadors, affiliates, and influencers who truly love the brand.

This partnership has led to amazing results for Holbrook Pickleball.

  • 87% more orders through ambassadors by the end of 2023
  • 173 new ambassadors joined the program
  • Affiliate revenue grew by 86% in just one year

Looking ahead, Holbrook aims to leverage UpPromote’s referral program features to convert more customers into affiliates and implement multi-level marketing capabilities for ambassadors to recruit others.

With UpPromote’s great support and innovation, Holbrook’s ambassador program is ready to grow stronger.

Become A Holbrook Pickleball’s Ambassador

If you’re a passionate pickleball player, coach, or influencer looking to get rewarded for your love of the game, join Holbrook Pickleball’s ambassador program today.

Earn a generous 15% store credit commission on every sale you drive, along with opportunities through exciting monthly contests and a supportive community.

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