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The Ultimate Guide to Find Bloggers to Promote Your Product 2024

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and companies are equipping themselves with a network of affiliates. To remain relevant in a competitive industry, you should seek bloggers to advertise your product. However, ...

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How to Find Bloggers for Your Brand

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and companies are equipping themselves with a network of affiliates. To remain relevant in a competitive industry, you should seek bloggers to advertise your product.

However, finding the top bloggers in your field and pursuing them to collaborate with your firm can be difficult. In this article, we will go through how to find bloggers to promote your products and provide a list of tools that support you in this work.

How to find bloggers to promote your product?

Before beginning your affiliate marketing campaign, studying and preparing is helpful and vital. You will also need to contact other bloggers and call on them to advertise your business. So, how to find bloggers in your niche? Here’s the way:

Determine Your Blogger Criteria

Before you search for a blogger, you must set up quantifiable criteria. Having guidelines in place can assist you in distinguishing between excellent and poor blogs.

Here are some criteria for locating excellent blogging partners, regardless of your niche:

  • Size of the audience: How many followers do they have? Of course, you want to collaborate with bloggers with a considerable readership since it implies more exposure. Don’t disregard blogs with few or no followings but very active readers who are part of your target market.
  • Engagements: Does the blogger’s audience often make comments, like, or connect with his or her content? If so, you know they have active followers. Content is more likely to be shared by an engaged audience. They are also more easily converted into sales.
  • Relevance: You want a blogging partner knowledgeable about your business or area. For example, a beauty influencer’s followers may be uninterested in the newest motor oil. When the blogger’s target audience is appropriate to your niche, you’ll receive more ready-to-convert visitors!
  • Competitors: Do they collaborate with other experts or companies in the same industry? In your best interests, influencers should be drawn to your brand rather than your rivals.

Research your niche’s top bloggers

After deciding your blogger criteria, finding top bloggers in your niche is the following matter. To find the best bloggers related to your niche, follow the directions and tips below.

Conduct a Google Search

The greatest place to begin your search is with the most popular search engine, Google. While you will eventually want to become more detailed, going to Google and entering your most basic search query is an excellent way to get started.

Type with some simple keywords

Just enter your niche + bloggers, and you will likely get a number of top blogs and blogger roundup entries in your area or business. You can also search as follows:

  • Best sites + “your niche”
  • Top blogs + “your niche”
  • Major bloggers + “your niche”
  • Top influencers + “your niche”

As a result, the most well-known bloggers with related blogs in your niche will appear first in your Google search results. When compiling your list of the top bloggers to contact, carefully check each one’s website or social media profiles that meet your criteria.

Use some primary keywords to search top influencers

Filter Google search results 

By using the Google search result filter, you can narrow and modify your search results to find the best bloggers you want to contact and collaborate with.

For example, if you want to find the top fashion bloggers, just type “fashion bloggers” and press the “Enter” button, then click on “All filters” to see what you want to see.

Another way you can try is using Google search operators. This process can help you start compiling a list of bloggers, but it will take some further research to locate the best ones that specialize in your market niche.

Modify your search settings

You don’t want to look at a list of 2013’s hottest fashion influencers. Things change quickly, especially in the chaotic world of social media. As a result, I propose narrowing your time range to less than a year ago. (Try six months or less at the start, then increase if necessary.)

Furthermore, Google will automatically tailor your searches to the location or nation you are now in. If you wish to view top influencers in other locations, you can manually alter this setting so that Google returns results for those areas.

To adjust these elements, click the “Quick Settings” button in the upper right corner of the search bar. > Click on “Advanced search”. It will send you to a configuration page. Scroll a bit, choose your preferred region and most recent update time > Click Advanced search” to see the result.

See who is mentioning Your Brand

Find out if any bloggers or influencers in your field are already aware of your company and are talking about it. This is an excellent method to expand your network of bloggers. This can also make the pitching process go more smoothly.

Ensure you don’t miss any online mentions of your company using a service like Brandmentions.

Additionally, you can discover which themes are discussing you and your company, which could lead you to more prominent niches. Also, monitoring who mentions your business may be pretty beneficial to your online reputation management.

Search Hashtags on Social Media

You can find even more by looking for bloggers who use specific hashtags in their work on social media.

Some blog niches, such as #psblogger for plus-sized and body-positive bloggers or #lbloggers for lifestyle bloggers, even have their own hashtags.

Searching for prominent phrases in your business, on the other hand, might be a terrific method to identify bloggers and influencers. Search for the top results to help sort out most of the spam and low-quality information.

Use Tools

If conducting manual research to locate the ideal influencer for your brand appears time-consuming, consider using a tool to automate it.

For instance, you discover a blogger’s ideal tone for your sector. You could use trendHERO‘s “Top Similar Influencers” option. With the same audience and profile as the blogger you admire, this feature can locate up to 300 comparable bloggers.

Your research time will be significantly reduced using trendHERO, allowing you to contact bloggers more quickly and start your influencer marketing campaigns.

Tips on How to Find Bloggers

Find Bloggers Contact

Once you’ve selected target bloggers, the first step is to see if they’re open to being contacted. For example, when visiting Kristi Hines’s website, you can scroll down to see her contact at the bottom of her personal webpage. She has two options to get in touch:

  • Directly submit the form to send your message or request.
  • Contact through social media.

With these methods, you can easily approach her and hire her services.

Analyze Their Online Presence Carefully

While you may have compiled a lengthy list of blogs, not all will have the desired audience.

Checking out their internet presence is the greatest way to limit your list. Ensure every blogger you include in your list is still active and consistently posts new content.

Then navigate their social media accounts to see the number of followers, the newest updated social content, etc.

Remember The Biggest is Not Always The Best

When looking for top bloggers in a specific niche or business, remember, “Remember, the biggest is not always the best.” Rather than focusing exclusively on bloggers with the most followers or renown, consider other critical aspects such as content quality, interaction, competence, and authenticity.

Make Decision With Data

By looking at the data collected, you can assess the quality and performance of a blogger. You can use Google Analytics or other online tools to see website traffic, the number of social media followers, and other information on each blogger. As a result, you can compare the data and decide who is the most suitable for your niche and meets your criteria.

How to Reach Out to Bloggers?

Nurture Relationships through Social Media

To begin slowly putting your name out there, just following the bloggers you want to contact on social media is a smart place to start. Interact with their staff regularly to see if they notice and engage with you more.

This can allow bloggers, particularly significant names in your sector, to approach you independently and apply for your affiliate program. And if they don’t, it can make it easier for them to remember your brand name as you move on to step two.

Tailor Your Email to Bloggers

You can follow the email template for the collaboration opportunity to reach out to the top bloggers.

Dear [Name of Blogger],

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing from [Your Brand/Company Name], and I must say that the quality and worth of your blog entries on [Blog Topic/Niche] have genuinely impressed me.

We’ve been paying great attention to your work, and it’s clear that you have a thorough awareness of your target audience’s needs and interests. Your writing style and expertise are entirely in line with the principles and ambitions of our company.

We are embarking on an ambitious initiative and believe your contribution and skills will be precious. We would be delighted to discuss the prospect of working with you on [particular idea/project]. Your unique perspective and engaged audience would be a wonderful fit for what we have in mind.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


[Your Name] from [Your Company] [Contact Information]

Start Email Outreach

It’s time to advance your relationship with these bloggers by reaching out to them via email after some time spent teasing them on social media.

You will need a few tools to fully assist you, from locating the appropriate email addresses to flawlessly tailoring your message. RightInbox, for example, can assist you with your outreach procedures by arranging and monitoring your emails.

If you don’t hear back, send follow-up emails at proper time intervals (1-2 weeks) to avoid flooding their inbox and putting them off to work with you in the future.

Invite them to Collaborate 

If you don’t want to send cold emails about yourself, here are some ideas to collaborate with famous bloggers and earn affiliate revenue.

Work together on a guest post

A guest post exchange is something you should discuss with the blogger or influencer. You or your content team can create content for the other’s blog while they write for yours. You can also read how to write a guest post to Increase the size of your followers and inform it of each other.

Invite them to a webinar

Collaboration with well-known bloggers to hold a webinar is always a good idea. These are usually really instructional and can reach both your target audiences, bringing everyone engaged even more eyes and prospective followers/customers.

Discover appropriate webinar software to avoid technological challenges, and organize your theme and material.

Host a webinar to reach out to the bloggers

Collaborate on a sponsorship

For feedback or social media posts, you might offer complimentary access to your product or service or deliver a complimentary item. Many famous bloggers charge for similar services and visibility, so factor these into your budget.

Although your ultimate objective may be to have each blogger you approach join your affiliate network, there are various methods to collaborate and develop your brand through influencer marketing.

Follow up

Here’s an example of a respectful follow-up email you can write if you don’t receive a response. Consider the recipient and why they may not have opened your email when respectfully considering how to follow up on an email.

Dear [Name of Blogger],

I’m following up on an email I sent you. Despite the fact that I am aware of your hectic schedule, I would really appreciate it if you could study the email and get back to me as soon as you can.

I’ll phone you at your workplace if I don’t hear from you by the end of the week.\



[Your Name] from [Your Company] [Contact Information]

Tools that help you find your targeted bloggers

Market research tools


BuzzSumo is a content marketing platform designed to offer all of the tools that content marketers and SEO specialists need in one location. To support your influencer marketing strategy, you can leverage the tools in the Influencer Search area to locate new relationship possibilities.

You can use influencer search to locate Twitter influencers, Facebook influencers, YouTube channels, or famous writers in your field and then contact them to promote your work. When you’ve discovered someone you wish to collaborate with, BuzzSumo allows you to follow them directly to start making a connection. If they meet your criteria, add them to your outreach list and contact them for collaboration.


GroupHigh is a robust platform combining influencers, bloggers, and conventional media.

It’s an outreach tool for influencers that makes things easier. Additionally, it provides solutions for affiliate marketing, relationship scoring, monitoring earned posts, and more. This program assists in locating the contact details of influencers and bloggers to create focused outreach lists for more straightforward interaction.

GroupHigh also provides tools for reporting website traffic, post interaction levels, and content summaries, allowing us to study the websites we uncover while looking for influencers and bloggers on the same platform. Moreover, it has visually appealing reports that are designed to provide earned media in a transparent manner.

Traffic checking tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers comprehensive data on the number of users on your website, their origin, the pages they see, and their dwell times on those sites. You can also check the terms people use to locate your website on search engines such as Google or Bing.

Moreover, you may keep track of conversions from initiatives like social media postings or email newsletters. This data enables you to assess the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns and adjust them appropriately.

Google Analytics uses code snippets inserted into websites to monitor user activity and send it back to its computers. When someone visits a site with this code installed, their activities are recorded in the analytics dashboard for subsequent analysis.


SimilarWeb is a sophisticated tool that may assist you in monitoring the web performance of your customers and your rivals. It creates multidimensional data for its market intelligence by combining this panel’s aggregate online activity with web crawlers, external suppliers, public data sources, and contributory networks.

SimilarWeb’s market intelligence is used by businesses to get insights into consumer behavior, see competition data, do market research, and even find sales and investment prospects.

SimilarWeb is a free service with limited capabilities that expires after seven days. After contacting with a consultant, it is found that it provides a Pro Package with monthly prices starting at $200.

Email finding tools


Snov.io is an influential sales CRM. It is the most fantastic blogger outreach tool since it has an email finder built in. The Snov.io web tool just requires entering the domain and clicking Find emails. Then, Snov.io will list every email address linked to that site.

You can save time by uploading a list of domains and using the bulk domain search tool to locate all their emails simultaneously. If you want to interact with social media influencers, you can also obtain emails from their accounts.

Snov.io also provides a Chrome plugin that simplifies discovering emails while browsing the web.


The chore of internet networking, locating the correct connections, and producing business leads may sometimes seem intimidating. RocketReach, which claims to have the “world’s biggest and most accurate database of emails and phone numbers,” aims to simplify this procedure.

RocketReach’s advanced search function enables users to search across 700 million profiles and 35 million organizations using parameters such as geography, title, industry, and company data.

The browser extension allows users to prospect on prominent social networking sites and uncover corporate connections from any platform. In contrast, most lookups function allows users to download thousands of prospects that satisfy particular target criteria.

Influencer marketing performance tracking tools


Influencity is a comprehensive AI-powered influencer marketing tool that enables full Influencer Relationship Management(IRM) on a single platform. It was established in Valencia, Spain, in 2014, and since then has grown to be one of the instruments with the most extensive worldwide reach, providing services to over 2,000 customers in more than 60 nations.

Influencity comes with a robust search engine that enables you to find new talents by combining over 25 categories, such as engagement, interests, influencer follower quality, and more.

One of the most significant benefits of using this tool is that it allows you to analyze any social media profile and obtain not only their email addresses to save time when contacting influencers but also data such as KPIs, percentage of doubtful followers, interests, hashtags, mentions… so you can make data-driven business decisions.


Traackr develops Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) technology that helps companies and agencies manage, monitor, and scale influencer campaigns while keeping authenticity. This company is headquartered in San Francisco and has some offices in Boston, New York, and London.

Traackr’s marketing platform allows you to concentrate on the impact of an audience’s reaction to an influencer’s content. This enables companies to choose the finest creators to target without risks. The software also gives real-time statistics, allowing you to understand where the ‘real’ effect is and what is and is not working.


How do I search Blogger on Google?

To find bloggers on Google, type relevant keywords or phrases linked to the niche or subject of interest, followed by the term “bloggers.” For instance, you just put “food bloggers” into the Google search field to find food bloggers.

How do I connect with bloggers?

To interact with bloggers, engage with their material through comments and shares on their blog and social media platforms. After that, get in touch with them through individual emails to let them know you really appreciate what they’re doing and suggest possible cooperation areas.

How can I contact bloggers?

To contact bloggers, send tailored emails or direct messages on social media sites, showing genuine interest in their blogs and presenting prospective partnership options relevant to their specialty and audience.


In summary, here are the best strategies for how to find bloggers and promoting your company’s product. To prevent mistakes, strictly adhere to all of these instructions. You can also contact marketing firms to assist you in finding bloggers. It may cost you some money, but it will save you the time and work of searching for blogs on your own.

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