UpPromote: An affordable and powerful Refersion alternative

Are you searching for an alternative to Refersion for a well-built Shopify affiliate marketing management app? Don’t miss this impartial comparison between UpPromote and Refersion.

UpPromote and Refersion: who’s the winner?

Refersion is one of the leading players in affiliate marketing, with a powerful Shopify app combining all those world-class affiliate marketing offerings in one robust tool.

Refersion appears promising at first sight, but with a little more looking at it, you will see how UpPromote can be a better option than Refersion owing to its superior feature treasure.

If you’re considering a possible replacement for Refersion, this piece of comparison will reveal the answer to why UpPromote can be your best choice.

#1 Fair price, easy-to-set-up affiliate marketing app

Compared to Refersion, UpPromote comes with a bargain pricing that offers unlimited usage of the app feature (free plan and paid plan from $19.99/mo). While the lowest Refersion plan ($89/mo) offers only 130 affiliate orders/mo, UpPromote free plan already provides 200 affiliate orders/mo.

Both apps put forward a simple onboarding process, meaning you can start easily. However, it’s vague for some users whether everything’s ready or not; UpPromote includes a check setup step to remind adding needed setup, which’s Refersion’s deficiency.

#2 Managing affiliates way more professionally

In terms of commission modifiers, UpPromote has more benefits than Refersion; features, including Special Product/ New Customer commission, and Order Value Commission, are what you cannot find in Refersion.

Compared to Refersion, UpPromote offers more manual payment options for users, such as Bank Transfer, Debit card, Check, Store Credit, etc., to gather affiliate payment details and make payment more manageable.

Managing affiliates way more professionally

Managing affiliates way more professionally
Managing affiliates way more professionally

#3 Easier access and management of multiple stores with staff accounts

Both similar target users are large businesses. Still, only UpPromote provides users with the two key-essential features: staff accounts for empowering team members to handle affiliates programs (Professional, Enterprise Plan) and multiple stores connection for prompt access to each account, measuring affiliate performance across all linked stores (only Enterprise plan).

A secret tip: leverage these features for easier access and management while running affiliate programs in multiple stores.

#4 Impressive affiliate marketing functions and customization options

Even offering such high-cost plans, Refersion lacks many powerful affiliate marketing functions, such as MLM or other tracking referrals through unique products or lifetime commissions, which is inequitable. In contrast, those features are UpPromote’s shining point since it focuses on practical core and extensive user functions.

Users can customize the affiliate registration page, email, or affiliate links in both apps hassle-free. But outstandingly, UpPromote offers more flexible customization options for users to customize their affiliate account (change the color of affiliate accounts, hide the affiliate link).

#5 Explore notch-up affiliates in UpPromote Marketplace

In UpPromote Marketplace, affiliates can join unlimited affiliate programs with different commissions from a myriad of quality brands to promote their services, giving merchants a hand with ambassadors approaching automatically without having to seek them out.

Incredibly, merchants can explore their high-quality affiliates/ ambassadors with a network of thousands of affiliates in the UpPromote Marketplace for a win-win partnership.

Discover top-tier affiliates in UpPromote Marketplace

Discover top-tier affiliates in UpPromote Marketplace
Discover top-tier affiliates in UpPromote Marketplace

Those are outstandingly superior points of UpPromote to Refersions. Don’t miss the chance to start a more significant journey with UpPromote today.


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