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Referral Message Examples: Templates and Samples For Growth

Customer referral programs aim to encourage consumers to promote your brand and make them enthusiastic to use your products and services. What will assist you in reaching this objective? The answer is effective referral messages. You ...

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Referral Message Examples

Customer referral programs aim to encourage consumers to promote your brand and make them enthusiastic to use your products and services. What will assist you in reaching this objective? The answer is effective referral messages.

You can attract clients with a referral slogan, while high-quality leads will come from the referral message they spread.

In this article, we will talk about the definition of referral messaging and provide you with some fantastic examples of referral messages. Moreover, we also give some tips for crafting the perfect one for boosting your program.

What is Referral Messaging?

Referral messaging is a method of communication or content designed to convince people to recommend others to a specific product, service, or program. It involves creating messaging that effectively expresses the advantages of referrals or an introduction to your company.

Furthermore, it also encourages customers or users to spread the word to their relationships or community.

Different types of communication, such as emails, texts, social media postings, or even face-to-face meetings, may convey referrals.

This communication is the beginning of the connection between the referrer and your company. Therefore, referral messages often contain appealing language, incentives, and clear guidelines for recommending others.

Why is A Referral Message Important?

In order to foster company development and build client loyalty, a referral message is essential for several reasons.

One of the best ways to promote a product or service is by word of mouth, and this strategy uses that. Customers’ recommendations increase a company’s trustworthiness and the likelihood that prospective clients would do business with them.

In addition, since they originate from a trusted friend or family member, referral communications have the advantage of seeming like an endorsement.

Sending an email with a personalized approach greatly enhances the chances of the receiver taking some kind of action, whether it is subscribing to a service, buying something, or just looking around further.

Compared to more conventional forms of advertising, referral messages may be able to reach more people for a lower cost. By connecting to existing networks, companies can grow their reach organically without paying substantially for advertising or marketing.

Referral messages typically come with incentives or awards for the referrer and the new client, further motivating engagement and increasing conversions. This win-win scenario fosters continuing consumer involvement and loyalty.

Last but not least, referral messages give essential feedback and insights into client satisfaction and preferences. Companies can adjust their marketing tactics and customize their offers to match client demands better by assessing which messages create the most referrals and conversions.

6 Referral Message Examples That You Can Learn

Referral message examples are helpful templates for companies looking to maximize the impact of word-of-mouth marketing. Here are some referral message samples from notable businesses that you can use as inspiration.


Evernote’s service offers an online workspace for improved note-taking, research management, and project-related file organization.

Instead of providing a percent discount, Evernote rewards referrals with points that may be exchanged for months of premium services. These points may also be obtained by buying premium subscriptions.

The Evernote referral program does not restrict the number of points a client may earn; however, the first three recommendations are rewarded higher (10 points) than those after that (5 points).

Giving greater incentives early enhances the value of the application and acclimates Evernote to premium services, increasing the potential of purchasing for premium after free subscriptions end.

referral message examples 1

Inviting friends, followers, and coworkers to attend the service is simple. Selecting the social media sharing choices displays pre-written messages on Facebook and Twitter. The given bar allows you to send emails to one or more addresses, and Evernote has also incorporated a function to import email lists.

Selecting the hyperlink sign on the far right displays your account’s shareable link, which you may share or embed anywhere you like.

Evernote’s referral email highlights the services provided and entices the invitee to join by giving both persons one month of Evernote Premium.

Evernote’s self-help and support section also has a detailed essay on the process of suggesting a friend. Throughout the post, they did an excellent job of referring to various aspects of the program and providing step-by-step instructions for inviting friends.

Overall, Evernote has created a simple and effective online referral marketing platform that is guaranteed to boost their business. This is actually one of the most high-quality examples of referral messages.


Zulily’s referral message stands out in that it seems customized for you and hits on your emotions.

It includes your name, giving the impression that it was designed just for you. It emphasizes how much fun it is to look for amazing things and how thrilling it is to get excellent prices, which makes you want to buy more.

referral message examples 2

The Zulily referral message does not offer a particular incentive for the referral other than informing customers where they can find fantastic bargains every day.

Furthermore, Zulily provides you with a substantial incentive as a credit, motivating you to take action. Zulily’s referral message draws you to register by mentioning how much fun shopping is and offering a generous reward.


Casper’s referral message is concise and straightforward. It clearly explains the recommendation procedure and the advantages to both the sender and the receiver. Casper offers a monetary incentive in the form of a discount, giving both parties a practical reason to engage.

The message additionally highlights the advantages of sharing by providing a unique referral link that allows consumers to suggest friends. Furthermore, Casper applies social proof by stating that thousands of consumers have previously recommended friends, lending legitimacy to the service.

referral message examples 3

In the above image, Casper’s referral email demonstrates simplicity boosts engagement. A successful referral earns the referred person 15% off purchasing a new mattress. Once the order is validated, the referrer will get a $75 Amazon gift card.

The advantages of the referral program are clearly explained in brief, action-oriented language. The CTA also has a tinge of comedy, which engages customers even more.

This referral program demonstrates how businesses may employ numerous incentives to make referral programs more appealing to both referrers and recommended.


Dropbox is a cloud storage business that offers digital storage space. The more storage capacity everyone has, the more enjoyable their experience. Furthermore, having bigger space increases their likelihood of being an active user.

In light of this, Dropbox allows users to earn free space by only recommending others. Once the referral joins up, the incentive is instantly credited to the referring user’s account, and they may go on their way.

Dropbox’s referral message is renowned for its clarity and efficacy. The message begins with a simple and clear call to action, asking users to recommend friends in exchange for more storage space.

referral message examples 4

Dropbox provides a considerable reward, up to 32 GB of additional space, as a major incentive for customers who recommend friends.

If the referral prospect is not mentioned by name in the referral message, it loses credibility. But the message balances this by making it apparent to the receivers who invited them.

The message did not capture the referral prospect’s attention by giving the referral bonus while highlighting the service’s advantages.

What we loved most was the CTA button’s positioning. The colors make it easy to see and perform an excellent job of breaking up the content, making the email copy more appealing to readers.

Dropbox promotes simplicity, which makes it logical given that one of its advantages is the elimination of storage clutter. And, like any strong minimalist, the firm has successfully combined all of the aspects I outlined.


EyeBuyDirect is an optical online shopping company noted for its affordable pricing and diverse selection of eyewear items. The company’s success is mainly due to its lucrative double-sided referral scheme.

referral message examples 5

While the referral program banner may be more relevant to the referral offer, the referral message’s header (“We have some good news!”) succeeds by generating curiosity.

EyeBuyDirect proceeds by informing the prospect who issued the invitation. The message is direct and concise, emphasizing what the prospect will gain. It also conveys the eyewear company’s distinctive value proposition (“Finding your fit has never been easier”).

Including the website URL and referral code is a good idea since it shows recipients that the organization takes its business seriously. The CTA seems basic, yet the usage of white space effectively draws your attention to it.

All things considered, EyeBuyDirect’s referral messaging successfully blends visual appeal, a distinct value proposition, and simple sharing to drive referrals.


Instacart is a grocery delivery service that uses human shoppers to conduct your shopping online and then bring the products to your house. If you think that’s handy, wait to learn about their referral scheme.

referral message examples 6

Instacart’s referral message is straightforward, with a header that informs the receiver who issued the invitation and how the company might help them. So far, everything is going well.

And things get better. Look at the picture underneath the headline. That is top-notch graphic branding. The graphic captures attention in a manner that complements and reinforces the other visual aspects of the referral message.

More significantly, it conveys what the company does for its customers and how they accomplish it (effectively and conveniently).

The referral message “Instacart delivers groceries from local stores in as little as 1 hour!” properly expresses what sets them apart from their competition. Finally, the “Shop NOW” call to action is prominently displayed.

4 Key Elements Of A Referral Message

Your company logo

Why not include some simple advertising in your referral message elements? Your logo will raise brand recognition whenever a consumer spreads your message to others.

Your logo creates a connection each time it is shared and seen, one that you would not have been capable of creating manually.

Even if the lead does not become a client, the brand identity will help your company remain memorable. This may imply that if they ever want a product or service in your niche again, your brand will spring to mind first.

referral message examples 7

Your corporate logo represents your brand. Be ready to present your brand’s face if a consumer extends an invitation to someone they know. Not only is it excellent manners.

Displaying your brand symbol captures their attention and gives them a visual or notion to remember you by.

A well-designed logo may express the essence of your business in seconds. It has the potential to arouse interest. It may act as the cornerstone for your brand’s story or narrative.

Referral offer

This is one of the most essential elements of referral messaging: what should be in it for the referral?

This message lets you attract prospective customers with an irresistible offer, such as a discount on the first item they purchase, a free trial, shop financing, an extra product, or any other kind of referral incentive. It should persuade them to go ahead with your business.

Keep in mind that individuals get a large volume of emails and texts each day. You should emphasize the value you provide and ensure that your message sticks out.

Moreover, you must relate the reward directly to your brand for the most significant outcomes. If you offer shop credits, a discount, or anything for free, there’s even more incentive to purchase.

While the suggestion helps you acquire trust with the prospect, providing an incentive they can’t reject increases your chances of getting a successful referral.

Your brand’s value

One essential component of a well-written referral message is properly articulating the value proposition of your business. This includes effectively communicating what distinguishes your brand from rivals and why customers should trust and interact with your goods or services.

By emphasizing distinctive selling factors like quality, dependability, affordability, innovation, or great customer service, you build credibility and relevancy in the recipient’s eyes.

Additionally, expressing how your business solves certain problems or meets the target market’s demands raises the impression that the recommendation is valuable.

Whether it’s providing a better product experience, unique features, or referral rewards, matching your brand’s value to the customer’s interests and preferences increases the effectiveness of the referral message.

Furthermore, integrating feedback reviews or social evidence corroborating your brand’s value proposition may help strengthen trust and credibility.

Finally, correctly communicating your brand’s value in a referral letter drives recipients to act and creates long-term loyalty and advocacy among current and prospective consumers.

The CTA (Call-to-Action)

Many companies don’t know what to do with a referred lead and leave them hanging. Ensure you know what they should do next if you want them to click through. Making the call to action clear is critical.

The most effective next step may be to visit your online shop, make a purchase, or subscribe. Whatever it is, ensure that your CTA directs them there.

  • A referral message CTA is a highly apparent button.
  • It points them in the direction of the next page.
  • The description on the button assures that there are no doubts about what the leads should do.
  • The call to action (CTA) is the message’s conclusion and the deciding factor in conversion rates.

After that, you should implement these CTA recommended practices:

  • Select a button color contrasting with the remainder of the content, as seen by Lime Crime’s orange button below.
  • Clearly state what you want the leads to accomplish (Be concise and specific).
  • Simply use a few words. For example: “Shop now, “Receive your gift,” or “Join today.”
  • Link directly to the page you want visitors to see after this one.

Best Practices to Write A Great Referral Message

Keep it simple

Ensure your referral message is brief and easy to understand if you want potential prospects to see it. Don’t hesitate to go direct.

Remember that in a world where diversions are at your fingertips, the worst thing you may do is be vague. You must get to the essence of your message.

When a prospect sees your recommendation email, they ask, “How will this benefit me?” If you take too long to respond to that query, they will quickly leave your referral page.

How lengthy should your recommendation message be?

It’s typically on a case-by-case basis, but according to Boomerang’s research, sales emails (referral messages are sales emails, after all) with 50 to 125 words had the highest response rates of more than 50%.

If you must write over 150 words, divide your message into manageable paragraphs that are no more than two or three sentences long so the prospect won’t be put off or afraid to read it from beginning to end.

Have a captivating headline

A fascinating headline is vital for capturing recipients’ attention and encouraging them to interact with your referral letter. A successful headline should be brief, captivating, and related to the recipient’s hobbies or requirements.

You can consider utilizing phrases that arouse interest, enthusiasm, or emotion, encouraging the receiver to discover more. In addition, presenting a compelling advantage or incentive early on helps arouse attention and inspire action.

Personalization is another great way to make the headline more relevant and interesting to the receiver. There’s a greater chance that the receiver will pay attention to your message if you use their name or reference previous contacts they may have had with your business.

Moreover, enhancing the headline’s effect and promoting prompt action may be achieved by adding action verbs or power words that express significance or urgency.

Overall, an attention-grabbing headline draws readers in, persuades them to read on, and eventually prompts them to take the desired action by setting the tone for the remainder of the referral message.

Add eye-catching visuals

Including eye-catching images is one of the greatest techniques for developing an effective referral letter. Visual components like photographs, graphics, or videos may considerably improve the message’s appeal and efficacy.

Furthermore, your choice of image or video is an excellent approach to demonstrating your brand’s individuality.

Impressive banner images may attract readers and encourage them to interact with the information as they browse through emails or social media feeds.

Visuals may communicate more engaging and memorable information than words, whether via an eye-catching picture showing off the good or service you sell in actions or a video showing how simple it is to use a friend message.

Furthermore, including branded graphics that are consistent with your business’s look and personality strengthens brand awareness and trust.

To maximize the effect of high-quality product images in referral messages, they must be of good quality, relevant, and suited for different devices and platforms.

You can stand out from the crowd with your referral message and boost the possibility that receivers will act on your request skillfully using eye-catching image.

Personalize your referral message

One essential best practice to boost the impact of your referral message and make a stronger connection with the receivers is to personalize it.

By customizing the message for each recipient, you show that you appreciate their connection and understand their special wants and preferences.

This may be accomplished by greeting the receiver by name, noting previous encounters or purchases with your business, or mentioning shared connections or hobbies. Furthermore, the personalized image creates a relevant and important message to the receiver rather than just saying their name.

This might include emphasizing how the recommendation will benefit them directly, such as fixing an issue they have mentioned, satisfying a goal, or providing a unique opportunity customized to their interests.

Additionally, using information and understanding about the receiver, such as their demographics, surfing history, or purchasing habits, allows you to modify further and make the message more attractive.

Make it in the voice of your customer

It’s essential to adopt your customer’s voice when creating a recommendation message so that it speaks to their experiences, feelings, and language. Before moving forward, you must recognize your target audience’s preferences, issues, and communication styles.

You can use relatable language and a tone to ensure the message speaks directly to their wants and goals. To develop authenticity and connection, you may use words or expressions often used by your clients while reflecting on their language and conversational style.

Furthermore, it is important to concentrate on showcasing the advantages or results that are most important to your consumers. In addition to providing value or resolving an issue for them or their friends, emphasize how generating a recommendation can help your company.

You can also boost the chance of engagement and action by displaying the message from their point of view and demonstrating how referrals connect with their interests and ambitions.

Additionally, you can use storytelling to elicit empathy and develop an engaging narrative that reflects your consumers’ experiences. Providing client endorsements or success stories to demonstrate recommendations’ beneficial effects can help you build brand trust.

Referral SMS Templates To Boost Your Referral Program 

With referral program templates designed for every merchant, we cannot demonstrate our creativity. In order to get the required results, you can still base your SMS campaigns for your successful referral program on these generic templates and then add your brand’s unique approach.

For Referral Program Promotion And Discount Offer

Hello, [customer name]. Welcome to the [brand name] family. Let us share our delight! If you recommend a friend or relative, they will get [discount %] off their subsequent purchase. You’ll get [discount%] on your next shopping after they finish theirs. Click [link] to learn more.

Hello, [customer’s name]. Would you want more of [brand’s name or product name]? When you recommend us to your friends and family, you can receive a [discount%] on your subsequent purchase. Sign up here. [link]

Hello, and thank you for selecting [brand name]. We hope you like our stuff. If you do, use [referral link] to recommend your friends and earn [discount%] off your next purchase. Click [link] to learn more.

Hey [customer’s name], here’s [discount%] for your friend’s first order with us and [discount%] for you throughout the whole product catalog. Begin referring! More details at [link].

Hello, [customer’s name]. We’d like to welcome you to our referral program. We provide a [discount %] on products purchased by your friends, and you get $30 in exchange. More details at [link].

Update The Customer When A Referee Joins

Hello, [customer’s name]. Your friend has successfully made his first purchase using your referral link. As promised, we have credited your account with [points]. With these points, you may get [a flat $ off or a discount of %] on your subsequent purchase.

Bingo! Your friend successfully made his first purchase. Thank you again for recommending us to your buddy. We’d like to thank you for this [discount %] off your next purchase. To get the discount, just enter [coupon code] at the checkout page.

Hurray! [Name of friend] recently bought his first product. As promised, here’s a flat [discount%] off your next order. To receive the discount, enter the [coupon code] at the checkout page. Keep referring!

Hey, guess what? Your buddy successfully made his first purchase with your referral link. Enjoy your next purchase with a flat [discount%] with [coupon code]. Begin shopping: [link].

Remind Customers To Redeem Their Coupons

Hello there, your winter [collection, product, or catalog] has arrived, and you still haven’t utilized your coupon. Hurry and enter your [coupon code] for a flat discount of [discount%].

Remember that a [discount%] flat discount is waiting to be applied. Apply the [coupon code] now before it’s too late.

Hello, the discount coupon you have for referrals ends today. Hurry and receive a flat [discount%] off your next purchase. Use [coupon code] now.

Last time to get your referral discount. Use your [coupon code] now for a flat [discount percentage].

Hello, [client name]. It seems that you did not take advantage of your [discount%] referral discount. You do not need to worry; you may still accept the offer. To redeem the code, visit [website] and enter [coupon code] at the checkout.


Your referral message is one of the most critical elements of your referral program. After all, this is likely your referral prospects’ first experience with your brand. In other words, it’s where the real deal becomes real.

Getting a customer to suggest you to potential customers may increase your reputation, but ultimately, how you show your brand to potential customers will determine whether or not you close the sale.

Your referral program will receive the boost it needs to accelerate your development via referrals if you create a successful referral message and adhere to best practices for referral marketing.

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