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Why Should Merchants Have The Referral Program FAQs Section?

Launching a referral program is an excellent way to scale your business. Your existing customers can become the best advocates, sharing your brand with their friends and getting rewarded. Creating a referral program FAQs section for ...

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referral program faqs

Launching a referral program is an excellent way to scale your business. Your existing customers can become the best advocates, sharing your brand with their friends and getting rewarded.

Creating a referral program FAQs section for your referral program is critical to ensure a smooth referral process. In this blog post, we’ll cover all common questions! Include the program’s detailed information, rewards, promotional process, tracking method, and customer support!

Finally, we will explain why you should have this section and what should be covered! Let’s get started!

Common Referral Program FAQs You Can Refer To 

When you launch the referral program, we ensure your business will get a hundred questions from customers! So, to make it easier, you can create common questions people ask to provide all information about your program and relevant issues!

referral program faqs 1

Below are our suggestions you can refer to!

FAQs About Program’s Detailed Information

First of all, you must give customers detailed information about the program. The more precise information, the more the participant’s ability.

What is referral program?

When customers ask about your program, they seek to understand its fundamentals, purpose, and benefits. Therefore, it is essential to provide them with a concise overview of your program and any rewards you offer.

referral program faqs 2

Some ideas for this question are:

  • Our referral program is a fantastic opportunity for all eligible existing customers to invite family and friends to [company name] & earn [type of reward].
  • The referral program is an effortless and effective way to spread the word about [company name] to others! It rewards your friends for trying out [company name] and gives you the satisfaction of making a successful referral.
  • Are you ready to make some serious cash? The [name of program] is the perfect opportunity for you! You can earn substantial money by referring your audience to [company name]. Don’t let this chance slip away! Sign up for the [name of program] today and start earning!

How does this referral program work?

To answer this question effectively, merchants must provide customers with a clear and concise explanation of how the referral program works. Make sure to emphasize how user-friendly your program is and how easy it is to follow the steps.

This question is meant to outline the inner workings of your referral program, and your customers want to know exactly what’s expected of them to receive a reward.

referral program faqs 3

You must mention this information

  • The place where the customer can access the program
  • The place where customers can share (Social media, email, or across all platforms)
  • Do participant customers have to send their friends a referral link or a code?
  • What are the referral incentives? Is it a one-sided or a two-sided reward system?
  • What are some of the criteria for receiving a reward?
  • Explain how referring a friend and getting rewarded is incredibly easy.

Why should I join this referral program?

This question requires the merchants to list all the benefits customers will give! It can highlight the attractive incentives!

Another way is to mention how great it is when customers spread high-quality products to their loved ones! Their positive feedback and experience can help someone know about merchants’ services and elevate their living quality!

FAQs About Rewards and Eligibility

This is one of the best questions about rewards that customers will interested in! So you must provide information attractively and impressively!

What reward can I get when referring my friend successfully?

It is where you tell the customer the reward structure they’ll receive for referring your brand to their friends and family.

referral program faqs 4

Are you providing discounts, store credit, free products, cash, or something else as an incentive for referrals? Will you be offering product upgrades or early access to an event?

You can allocate a specific question and answer to talk about the rewards you offer. The best rewards for your business depend on the nature of your business.

Will my friend get a reward as well?

Have you ever heard of the power of two-sided programs? They are an intelligent psychological trick that can work wonders in increasing customer referrals.

They are so effective that referrers are rewarded, and their friends benefit from accepting the referral. It will create a great win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you have a two-sided referral program, let your customers know about it. They will appreciate the opportunity to earn rewards for themselves and their friends. By clarifying that your program is two-sided, you can simultaneously encourage more referrals and boost customer satisfaction.

So why not give it a try and see the results for yourself? It’s a simple but effective manner to grow your business while keeping your customers happy.

Is there any condition for me to get my reward?

It’s important to note that simply sending a referral link to someone might not be enough for the referral to count. Referrals usually only count if the referred person makes a purchase or creates an account, although this can vary depending on the company.

By understanding the conditions for earning a reward, customers are more likely to refer people interested in the product!

referral program faqs 5

You need to clarify a few things!

  • Will the referee explicitly use the link the referrer provided so merchants can associate the referrer with the referral?
  • The referral forgot to use the referral link. Is there a way to track it back to account?
  • What happens if the family/ friend cancels their subscription or deletes their account?
  • Can referrers receive payment for previous customers they referred before the Referral Program was launched?
  • Is it necessary for the eligible referrals to be completely new customers who have never purchased or used your brand before?
  • Can people who have used the product/service earlier but currently hold an inactive account also be eligible for a referral?
  • Does the referee need a unique email address that has never been referred before?

As you can see, merchants should clearly outline the specific conditions of their referral program to ensure clarity and understanding. It helps improve the customer experience and ensures everyone is on the same page.

How do I get my reward?

Can customers expect to receive free coupons through email? Will they be offered discounts via text message? How about cash through PayPal?

Will they accept gift cards or free products through mail? Or a combination of rewards and delivery methods?

Make sure to inform them about the available options!

How can I know if I get a reward?

When the referral has enough conditions to get the reward, how can they know? What is the expiration of rewards? The merchants will notice through email, phone number, or other manners! Let your customer know!

FAQs About Promotional Process/Tools 

It would be better if the program showed customers how to refer friends! So, the customers will feel easy with step by step!

How can I refer my friend?

If you want your customers to refer their friends to your business, making the process easy is necessary. You’ll need to explain how simple it is to your customers and let them know what they need to do to refer a friend.

referral program faqs 6

The most common way to do this is by sharing a unique referral link or code, so your company can track the referrals. Your customers may also appreciate knowing how to refer a friend through email, social media, text, or other methods.

You desire to make it easy for customers to refer friends? That’s good! Not only will you must make it easy for them, but you also have to highlight how easy the process is.

Will I be provided a referral link/code?

We will discuss referral codes and links as effective ways to encourage customers to refer their friends to your business.

Customers can share their unique referral codes or links via email or other messaging platforms! It lets them spread the word about your brand with just a few clicks.

Your business can then easily trace referrals back to the customer, giving you valuable insights into your referral marketing efforts.

When implementing a referral program, it’s essential to clearly communicate to your customers how they can receive  & send out their referral code or link to ensure the success of your program.

Where can I find my referral link/code?

Please remember to answer the following questions in your FAQ section to give customers peace of mind!

  • Will customers be automatically sent a referral code or link, or must they generate one independently?
  • If a customer loses their link or code, how can they retrieve it?

This information will help customers know how to start referring others right away. Generally, customers’ referral codes/ links can be easily accessed from the user dashboard! It also can automatically appear when they share a referral link from the dashboard.

Remember to emphasize the ease of generating a link or code, as customers prefer a smooth and straightforward process.

Can I use my own referral link to purchase?

What an interesting question! Merchants must clarify whether the customer can use their referral link to purchase!

Once again, many things could be improved when launching a referral program if we see customer questions!

What if my friend forgets to use my referral link/code?

It’s common for customers to wonder whether a referral code & link can be applied retroactively. To avoid confusion, ensure your refer-a-friend FAQ clearly states your terms and conditions.

Sometimes, a friend might forget to use the tracking referral link or code the referrer sent. In such cases, it is essential to explain to your customers that there’s no way to track referrals back to their accounts.

To be eligible for a reward successfully, the referral must sign up using the unique link provided by the customer.

Where can I share my referral link/code?

You must let customers know referral codes and links can be shared anywhere! However, you must inform your customers if you want them to be kept from a particular platform.

For example, you may permit customers to send referrals through Facebook and Instagram rather than through TikTok.

referral program faqs 7

Ensure you clearly state the conditions and consequences if someone breaks the rules. It will help everyone understand what’s allowed and not, making the referral process fair for all.

FAQs About Referral Tracking Method

How can I track my performance?

If the program has a referral dashboard where customers can track the status of their referrals, you must define the meaning of each status.

Generally, there are two stages: “pending,” which means the friend has received the referral but hasn’t made a purchase yet! And “completed,” which means the friend has made a purchase.

If your referral program includes tiered rewards and a tracking system, it’s crucial to explain to your customers how many referrals they need for each reward and how to track their progress. This information can motivate customers to send more referrals and earn more rewards.

How can I know if I’ve successfully referred someone?

When someone refers a friend to your product or service, it’s vital to keep them in the loop about the success of that referral. To help with this, merchants should inform customers if the business offers a notification system to notify customers when one of their referrals has been successful.

For example, they will receive an email letting them know that their friend has made a purchase or taken the desired action. Additionally, merchants guarantee that rewards from successful referrals will be sent to their accounts within five business days.

This way, the customers can stay informed and feel confident they will receive the rewards they deserve for their efforts.

Where can I see all the rewards I’ve got?

One way to encourage customers to send more referrals is by showing them how well their referrals are doing. Same questions with “How can I track my performance?”!

referral program faqs 8

To do this, you can create a referral dashboard to help  customers check the status of their referrals. However, you must explain the different statuses on the dashboard so that customers understand.

It can motivate them to follow up with their friends and send more referrals to earn even more rewards.

FAQs About Customer Support

Where can I get support when I have trouble/questions?

Make sure to add this question as the last one in your referral program FAQ. You won’t be able to answer every inquiry your customers may have about your referral program. Besides, your FAQ would be too crowded if you tried to do so.

Instead, refer your advocates to your customer support email, phone number, or chat. Keeping this information at the bottom of your FAQ will ensure that your customer support team is contacted only when necessary for the more obscure and specific questions.

You can also offer other resources in this section, such as a knowledge base or video tutorials.

Why You Should Have Referral Program FAQs 

Customer referral programs are an excellent manner for businesses to grow their customer base. However, they can also lead to repetitive queries from customers. A well-structured Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section comes in here.

Here are five reasons why a FAQ section is vital for a referral program.

Saves Support Team Time

A FAQ section can significantly reduce the time the support team spends addressing repetitive queries. Customers can find the information they need without contacting support by providing answers to common questions upfront. It saves the support team time and allows them to focus on more complex issues.

referral program faqs 9

According to a study, 60% of customers have used the help center or FAQs on a company’s website in the last 12 months in the US. It indicates that a well-structured FAQ section can effectively reduce the support team’s workload.

Enhances Customer Experience

From a psychological perspective, when customers encounter a problem, they want it resolved quickly. Waiting for a response from customer support can lead to frustration and a negative experience.

An FAQ section provides immediate answers, enhancing the customer experience by reducing waiting times & providing instant gratification. It shows that the business appreciates the valuable time and proactively addresses the customer’s concerns.

Improves Communication

Clear and brief FAQs improve communication between your business and your customers. They ensure customers understand the referral program, its benefits, and how it works, reducing potential misunderstandings.

This increased clarity can lead to more effective communication and a better relationship between the business and the customer.

referral program faqs 10

FAQ Section Sets Expectations

FAQs help set the right expectations about your referral program. They can clarify what customers can expect when they refer someone, what the referred person needs to do, and when and how the referrer will be rewarded.

By setting clear expectations, customers are likelier to participate in the referral program and less likely to be disappointed or confused by the process.

Boost Conversion Rates

By addressing common objections and questions in your FAQ section, you can increase the likelihood of customers participating in your referral program. As a result, it can generate higher conversion rates & more successful referrals.

Customers are more likely to take action When they understand how the referral program works and what they stand to gain. This understanding, facilitated by a comprehensive FAQ section, can directly impact conversion rates and the overall success of the referral program.

What Should Be Covered in Your Referral Program FAQs?

We separated all detailed types of FAQs above, this part will summarize and write it in the list! So you can understand an overview of what should be covered in your referral program!

1. Program Overview

  • Explains the purpose of your referral program
  • Highlights the benefits for both the referrer and the referred

For example, mention how the program encourages customers to share their satisfied experiences with others, expanding your customer base. It’s also important to highlight the rewards that both parties will receive, creating a win-win situation.

2. Eligibility Criteria

  • Clearly defines who can participate in the referral program
  • Specifies any restrictions, such as age or location requirements

Clear eligibility criteria can prevent confusion and ensure only qualified individuals participate in the program.

3. How to Refer

  • Provides a step-by-step instruction on how customers can make a referral
  • Involves sharing a referral link via email or social media, filling out a form on your website, or using a referral code during checkout

The easier you make the referral process, the more likely customers will participate.

4. Referral Rewards

  • Details the rewards the referrer can earn
  • It could include discounts on future purchases, cash back, and points! That can be redeemed for services or other incentives
  • Explains when and how these rewards will be given

For example, you should mention that rewards will be issued once the referred person makes a purchase.

5. Referred Customer Benefits

  • Outlines the benefits for the referred customer
  • It could be a discount on their first purchase, free shipping, a welcome gift, or other incentives

Highlighting these benefits can encourage more people to accept referrals and become new customers.

6. Tracking Referrals

Explain how referrers can track their referrals and rewards. It should be through a dashboard in their account, email notifications, or by contacting customer service. Providing a way for customers to track their referrals increases transparency and trust in your program.

7. Terms and Conditions

  • Includes any critical terms and conditions of the referral program
  • Covers expiration dates for referral links or rewards, limitations on the number of referrals, and other rules.

Clear program terms will help prevent misunderstandings and set expectations for customers.

8. Support Contact

Finally, provide contact information for customer support in case users have additional questions or issues with the referral program. It could be an email address/ phone number or links to a contact form on the website. Providing easy access to support can increase customer satisfaction and trust in your program.


The referral program FAQs section is undoubtedly one of the most critical sections of your program. We understand the value of having a well-crafted FAQ part! And that’s why we have carefully analyzed all the reasons why you should invest your time and effort in optimizing it to the highest level possible.

We have taken the liberty of listing and noting down all the factors you should cover to create an FAQ section that will set your program apart from the rest.

To make things even easier for you, we have included some common sample questions and provided answers to help you visualize how to write your answers best. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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