Armin Reischer: How we monitor all affiliates and boost our sales

We – UpPromote had an interview with Wolfgang – The CTO of Armin Reischer store. He told us about his business, how he knows about  UpPromote app and how our app could help him with the business. Let’s hear his story!

The company

We run a digital consulting business. We offer digital online courses and digital live training. We also offer our clients the opportunity to become an affiliate for our products. Armin is a mentor who, with his vision and mission, the society of thinking of lack is transformed into clear action.

The challenge

#1 Need a good affiliate marketing dashboard where we can monitor all affiliates and their sales.

We know that the best marketing is “word-of-mouth” marketing. Satisfied customers keep coming back. Enthusiastic customers take friends with them. So we have to have strong affiliate software that seamlessly integrates with Shopify and our current online infrastructure.

#2 Find an easy, cheap and intuitive MLM interface that works with Shopify would be game-changing in the market.

In the past I implemented big MLM models and software to companies – good MLM software starts at 20K +2k/month – and just about 2-3 companies that can handle seamless integration to Shopify stores. Besides, it’s pretty hard on the market to find good and affordable software for startups who want to get started with an MLM model.

The solution

#1 We implemented UpPromote to Shopify – the whole process took us only about 1 hour (customizing the interface and setting everything up) – after that, we were ready to start.

We generated over 100 affiliate partners in our first month and generated total revenue of 105.000 EUR – more than 90% of our revenue comes from affiliate partners and leads of affiliate partners. UpPromote gave us more control over the affiliate workflow and the interface is easy to use for both parties – for us as a vendor and for the affiliate partner

#2 MLM Feature – that they can also earn from their downline and therefore they drive leads to our store and our sales team.

It’s the MLM Feature that drives the revenue so in all cases. Especially in our case – an affiliate can earn good money because we have no retail products but consulting products – starting with 97 EUR/month, 397 EUR, 4997 EUR, 24.997EUR.

Armin Reischer multi-level marketing model

Currently, we have a pretty simple model – 10% front line – 10% in the first level – 5% in second-level – overall we give aN overhead commission for our sales directors 5% extra on the total volume of the sales in their entire downline.

Sidenote: it’s pretty hard on the market to find good and affordable software for startups who want to get started with an MLM model – so expanding this part would maybe a booster for UpPromote.

Right now we have 123 Affiliate Partners. We started with our existing network. We started with 6 Affiliates. We know that everyone has a network of people who are actively looking for opportunities and we give them the opportunity – so they tell other people about becoming an affiliate in their team.

For us, all affiliates are also customers or clients – so it’s like a bonus on top to get cashback with new leads. Meaning – if they bring us new leads and customers they earn back the money they paid us for our products & services.

Because we do consult and digital products and services we have a very high margin – so of course, we are able to give high commissions – this is also a big difference to “normal” retail stores.

It’s evident that Armin Reischer had a major breakthrough with us, and you can accomplish the same when you start with UpPromote here.


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