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Social Snowball Alternative? We got your back

Learn why UpPromote is the best Shopify affiliate apps option on the market. How does UpPromote compare with Social Snowball? What’s the best Shopify affiliate app? What is the best alternative to Social Snowball? Explore our ...

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Social Snowball Alternative

Learn why UpPromote is the best Shopify affiliate apps option on the market.

How does UpPromote compare with Social Snowball? What’s the best Shopify affiliate app? What is the best alternative to Social Snowball?

Explore our unbiased comparison of UpPromote and Social Snowball.

Are you looking for a Social Snowball alternative?

Launched in 2020, Social Snowball is one of the top affiliate apps in Shopify. It assists Shopify sellers in creating effective affiliate marketing campaigns. It also helps you manage the entire program process, from creating offers, building campaigns, and managing affiliates to measuring performance and reporting.

However, this affiliate app only adapts to the needs of merchants looking for simple features with insufficient features for a robust affiliate program. If you’re looking for a more powerful Social Snowball alternative, consider UpPromote.

However, this affiliate app primarily caters to the demands of retailers seeking a simple affiliate program with basic features for an affiliate campaign. Consider UpPromote if you want a more powerful Social Snowball alternative.

UpPromote is a featured-rich affiliate campaign that boosts your affiliate program’s productivity, increases conversions, and saves more money simultaneously.

UpPromote has served over 35.500+ businesses worldwide. Join them in offering world-class customer service at a bargain price.

Let’s explore this Social Snowball review below more about why UpPromote is a better alternative to it.

Social Snowball Alternative – UpPromote and Social Snowball

#1 More Shopify’s market leaders recommend and trust UpPromote

Customers are more satisfied and trusting of apps that rank high on Shopify.

UpPromote is one of the top Shopify affiliate apps, with over 1700+ reviews and 4.9 stars, ranking #1 in the field of affiliate marketing.

It is undeniably highly suggested and verified by numerous consumers.

Meanwhile, Social Snowball has 4.9 stars in the app store but only has 110+ reviews.

In terms of ranking, UpPromote is the winner.

Social Snowball Alternative - App ranking
Social Snowball Alternative – App ranking

We can’t say enough great things about this app & the UpPromote team! There are so many amazing & powerful features, that we were easily able to custom tailor exactly what we needed to launch our affiliate opportunity. Their support is THE BEST.
There’s quite a bit to getting everything set up the way you want it but the user guides are very comprehensive, and I love the automated process for onboarding new affiliates. The flexibility and features far outweigh what we had on DoveTale.
Wagateur CEO

#2 Bargain price for all–size businesses

Social Snowball offers users a generous 30-day free trial, whereas UpPromote only provides a 14-day free trial. However, UpPromote gives businesses four options: free plan, $21.99/month, $69.99/month, and $139.99/month.

However, Social Snowball is pricey, starting at $99/month, even more, expensive than UpPromote’s professional plan.

The most costly plan choice is $499 per month, which appears to be extremely expensive for many retailers.

That being said, UpPromote is appropriate and affordable for businesses of all sizes, from small to large.

#3 Outstanding customer service with a premium experience

Not every merchant is tech-savvy, so using such an affiliate at the outset may be challenging as they have no idea where to start. They require a wide range of assistance, such as a proactive support team, instructional guides, and learning hubs.

Regarding supporting and training possibilities, UpPromote has a superb customer success team that responds to any problem in a blink of an eye through various support types: FAQs/Community, Email/Help Desk, Phone, Chat, and Knowledge Base.

UpPromote provides a free active support staff available 24/5 and will guide you through every vital step, solving any difficulties and customization feature requirements. Every potential query will be answered immediately.

#4 Powerful management in an easy-to-use and comprehensive affiliate app

Social Snowball isn’t enough anymore. The app comes at an unjustified cost with less robust feature options for building and managing your affiliate program. Customers demand more opportunities for a professional campaign to manage their affiliates more effectively.

With UpPromote, you can easily manage your affiliate team with various comprehensive features, including commission types such as auto-tier commission, Commission on order value, and First-time Commission. And growing network features, including automatic coupons, MLM, customer referral, etc., which Snowball: Affiliate Marketing does not have.

#5 Explore the UpPromote Marketplace for top-notch affiliates

In UpPromote Marketplace, affiliates can join many affiliate programs with varying commissions from many great brands to promote their services, providing merchants a hand for ambassadors to contact them.

You can discover affiliates proactively by listing your affiliate program on UpPromote Marketplace and letting them join in.

UpPromote Marketplace - Social Snowball Alternative
UpPromote Marketplace – Social Snowball Alternative

#6 Set up robust referral programs in an affiliate app

What sets UpPromote apart from Snowball: Affiliate Marketing is its powerful feature: Customer Referral which allows you to build up a referral program in an affiliate app.

Your clients can suggest your products/services to friends using this function without requiring an affiliate account. Your clients will receive an easy-to-share referral link and a substantial incentive (store credit) for any successful referral orders when their friends receive a discount for the item.

UpPromote and Social Snowball perform an excellent job of offering email capability to assist businesses in quickly interacting with affiliates.

However, UpPromote provides customers a unique feature: in-app chat for faster information exchange and more timely contact between merchants and affiliates.

#6 Better way to work with affiliates professionally

A successful affiliate program requires efficient communication between merchants and affiliates.

Merchants need to motivate and empower their affiliates; with UpPromote, you can send (bulk) emails or personalize them to send to affiliates; you can also share your marketing materials with them to facilitate information interchange.

These functionalities are only accessible in UpPromote and not in Social Snowball.

#7 Staff accounts make it easier to access and manage multiple stores simultaneously

Although both have similar target users in large businesses, only UpPromote provides users with two vital features: staff accounts for empowering team members to manage affiliate programs (Professional, Enterprise plan) and multiple store connections for quick access to each account and measuring affiliate performance across all linked stores (only Enterprise plan).

A pro tip: leverage these features for easier access and management while running affiliate programs in multiple stores.

Those are outstandingly superior points of UpPromote to Social Snowball: Affiliate Marketing. Don’t miss the chance to start a more excellent journey with UpPromote today.

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