If you plan to sell products online, converting website visitors into sales is indeed a challenge. Generating a sales funnel is the answer to help you work through this seamlessly. After you create a well-designed funnel, it will improve your sales and bring more value to customers.

Many platforms currently in the marketplace can assist you with this process, and one of the most reliable is ClickFunnels. This brand and its ClickFunnels affiliate program are widely approved for good reputation, business transparency, and high affiliate commission.

That is why you will need a clear understanding of this platform and how to become their affiliate. All relevant information is included in this article, along with practical tactics tips for you to get started right away!

About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is an effective tool for creating sales funnels that helps automate any online sales process. It enables you to manage the entire purchasing journey in each stage, which is highly suitable for people with entrepreneurial mindsets who lack the design and coding skills to build an online business.

Using ClickFunnels means you can build landing pages, regular websites, webinars, opt-in pages, and so on. Moreover, its customizable designs are all pre-made and ready for use to make multiple sales funnels at once.

Many entrepreneurs and businesses use ClickFunnels as a way to sell and market their products/services efficiently. At the same time, others use this platform to facilitate generation campaigns for their potential customers.

You can have a complete marketing solution with ClickFunnels, including:

  • Web host
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Email autoresponder
  • Web analytics
  • Shopping cart
  • Other marketing tools

ClickFunnels was established in 2015 and has been thriving significantly, reaching $160 million in revenue in 2022. In 2019, it already had more than 100,000 paying customers worldwide with an annual sales rate of over $100 million.

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About ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Screenshot from ClickFunnels affiliate program landing page
The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program in 2023

As many businesses aim to boost sales and traffic with top marketing strategies, ClickFunnels decided to expand into affiliate marketing and create the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

When you promote ClickFunnels products on your website or social media, this program will pay you a commission fee of up to 40%. Whether this fee comes from a bonus incentive or regular sales, it is certainly a good bargain to work with them and earn a passive income.

Moreover, you can join the ClickFunnels affiliate boot camp to learn strategically designed plans to boost sales and gain better income with their program.

How Does the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Work? 

If you are interested in becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate, the first thing to do is apply and wait for their approval. Then, you will get access to the Creator Dashboard to make your unique affiliate links.

When you input these URLs into your website or blog content, visitors can click on them and be directed straight to the ClickFunnels page. If a customer buys a product/service that day or within 45 days, you will earn compensation in the form of a commission fee.

Cookie Duration

If you are interested in becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate, the first thing to do is apply and wait for their approval. Then, you will get access to the Creator Dashboard to make your unique affiliate links.

When you input these URLs into your website or blog content, visitors can click on them and be directed straight to the ClickFunnels page. If a customer buys a product/service that day or within 30 days, you will earn compensation in the form of a commission fee.

However, keep in mind that the program follows the last-click operations rule. For example, 2 different affiliates send their URLs to the potential shopper. Who will receive a commission from that purchase? Whosever link they last clicked on before purchasing will.

But this case does not usually occur unless your customer is targeted by multiple ClickFunnels affiliates.

How much do ClickFunnels Affiliates Make?

Since the ClickFunnels affiliate commission rates are built differently from other programs, you must understand this factor thoroughly before signing up.

The program pays you over 40% recurring commission for each referral converted into a paid user. If you can refer 5 other users per month, your annual income would be approximately $2500. Note that you have to be its paying member first.

The affiliate program offers a 3-tier referral commission structure, as 40% is only for premium members:

Affiliates Tier

Tier 1

Tier 2 

Tier 3





Tier 1 Affiliates

Newbies will earn a 20% commission on the premium subscription plans. This makes a $19.4 monthly commission for regular subscriptions and $59.4 monthly for the platinum plan.

Here are what Tier 1 ClickFunnels affiliates can promote:

  • The One Funnel Away Challenge ($100)
  • 5-Day Lead Challenge (no commissions available on leads, but challengers would be led to OFA for $100)
  • 2CCL (100% only for the front end)
  • 30-Day Summit (40%)
  • Expert Secrets Book, DotCom Secrets Book, Traffic Secrets Book ($1 for book, 40% for upsells)

Tier 2 Affiliates

Any affiliate who gains at least $1000 commissions is moved to Tier 2. On this level, your commission rate is boosted to 30% for premium plans. So your income would be $29.1/month for regular plans and $89.1/month for platinum.

The 30% commission is on software, including Funnel Builder Secrets, Funnel Hacking Secrets, and the 14-day free trial. While 40% is for these front-end products:

  • 30-Day Summit
  • One Funnel Away ($100)
  • Expert Secrets Book
  • DotCom Secrets Book
  • Traffic Secrets Book

Tier 3 Affiliates

The top affiliate tier requires you to have at least 40 premium users who signed up on ClickFunnels via your referral link.

In Tier 3, your commission rate is 40%, meaning your monthly earnings are $38.8 per month and $118.8 per month if the referrals are ClickFunnels customers. Commissions for both front-end products and software are now 40%.

You can promote the following products as a Tier 3 affiliate:

  • 14-day free trial
  • 30-Day Summit
  • One Funnel Away ($100)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Expert Secrets Book
  • DotCom Secrets Book
  • Traffic Secrets Book

When Does ClickFunnels Pay Affiliates?


Once an order is placed via your affiliate links, it will require 30 days later to receive commissions. ClickFunnels partnered with Tipalti.com to pay affiliate commission fees on the 1st and 15th of each month. The minimum ClickFunnels payout must be $100 in commissions for you to be paid.

Who Should Join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

If you are wondering which type of people can benefit the most from ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing, here is a list of potential members for the program.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended for beginners in this field since they should learn more about WordPress basics first. Their priority should be building a website and getting organic traffic from Google rather than immediately jumping into sales funnels.

Small business owners/Consultants

Because small businesses need a landing page to promote special offers, they must have a powerful means of support like the ClickFunnels affiliate program.


If you already own an online business and have a fair amount of traffic to your website, ClickFunnels would be the perfect enhancer. For instance, if your current affiliate income is $2500 per month, spending an extra $97 is worth it.


Making over $3000 a month from affiliate marketing means you are an advanced marketer. As a result, you can afford the premium plans, which will give you a major advantage whenever you launch a new product or advertise a service.

Requirements and rules of ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

Screenshot from ClickFunnels Affiliate Agreement
ClickFunnels Affiliate Agreement

Here are some of the rules in the ClickFunnels affiliate program, which are fairly straightforward:

  • Include their Privacy Policies on all of your pages when promoting ClickFunnels
  • Include the Forward-Looking Earning Statements on all of your pages when promoting ClickFunnels
  • Include a Terms of Service statement on all of your pages when promoting ClickFunnels
  • Do not represent yourself as a regular customer when promoting their offers
  • Do not spam other users on social media or via email
  • Be transparent about being a ClickFunnels affiliate and earning commissions from purchases made via your links

In general, you can easily abide by these requirements. Also, remember to read their fine print (in the ClickFunnels Affiliate Agreement) before signing up for any affiliate program so that you do not violate their terms.

Pros & Cons of ClickFunnels Affiliate Program


✔️ Amazing platform that is cost-effective for designing sales funnels and marketing

✔️ Can be integrated easily into custom domains or WordPress sites, or some email providers to send automated emails

✔️ Easy-to-use and flexible Editor tool

✔️ Functionality for Membership Area

✔️ Professional templates available for all types of funnel

✔️ The Legitimate Page Builder allows you to keep track of changes during the process

✔️ Impressive onboarding process to learn the software

✔️ Created funnels are shared easily for you to earn affiliate commissions

✔️ Combined with Stripe to take payments easily

✔️ Commendable customer support with unique video screen grabs


❌ Limited pages, funnels, and visitors in standard plans

❌ Sometimes can be confusing for novice marketers

❌ Cannot promote their trial as an affiliate without responding to strict requirements

❌ Basic split testing and a steep learning curve

❌ Your landing pages stop running if ClickFunnels ever collapses

❌ URLs might be a bit funky when using a free domain

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What to Promote on ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

In this ClickFunnels affiliate program review, we will also provide information about interesting products available for affiliates to promote, along with the commission you can receive by selling them.

One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA)

The OFA on ClickFunnels is one of the high-paying products to promote on your website/social media. The platform gives you a 100% commission if you sell it; therefore, you can earn $100 from OFA, which is equal to its price.

Banner from LinkedIn
One Funnel Away Challenge on ClickFunnels

From our experience, you should first participate in the OFA program and show people how it helped leverage your online business. That way, customers would feel more convinced and be converted into sales easier.

Dotcom Secrets

Selling this free-plus-shipping book will come with a $1 commission and $966 on multiple back-end offers when users purchase it.

Expert Secrets

You can make a $1 commission from front-end sales and $926 for back-end offers.

Traffic Secrets

Your commission would be $1 on the plus and $291 for back-end offers.

Copywriting Secrets

This book’s commission is $1, and $329 for back-end offers.

Network Marketing Secrets

Similar to other ClickFunnels books, you can get $1 from selling the free book and $174 for back-end offers.

Funnel Scripts

If you sell a copy of the Funnel Scripts software, you will receive a one-time payment of $318.8.

Another benefit you can have as a ClickFunnels affiliate is when you refer 100 members to subscribe to this platform, they will offer about $500 a month as the lease for your dream car. If your referrals increase to 200 active members, this monthly amount will increase to $1000 with the same award.

How to Become ClickFunnels Affiliate?

#1 Getting started

Screenshot from ClickFunnels
Log into ClickFunnels to create an affiliate account

Sign in to your ClickFunnels account and set up an affiliate account. Register to become their user first if you have not signed up for this platform yet.

#2 Getting paid

Once you have a ClickFunnels affiliate account > Create your Tipalti account > Click on Set up my Tipalti account on top of the dashboard. Tipalti is used to keep track of what happens in your account, such as payouts, sales, and commissions.

#3 Fill out tax forms

Screenshot from ClickFunnels
Fill in required tax forms from Tipalti

It is obligatory for all affiliates to complete Tipalti’s tax documentation in the next step. US citizens paying taxes in the US region will be prompted to set up W9 information while setting up their Tipalti.

If you are outside the US and have questions about submitting which type of documents, you should contact a local tax professional for consultancy.

#4 Affiliate payout compensation

Next, review Section 4 in the ClickFunnels Affiliate Agreement about compensation (link attached above). The affiliate tiers mentioned earlier also give insights into your commission rate for each level.

#5 Guidelines

After reviewing and completing all necessary forms and agreements, the FTC Endorsement Guidelines is the last document you need to take a look at. Now that you are all set, wait for ClickFunnels to approve your application.

How to Promote ClickFunnels – Best Tips for ClickFunnels Affiliates

After becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate, you can promote the platform in the following ways:


One of the most effective ways to promote ClickFunnels is by writing a blog or article, as you can get free blogs from WordPress as well.

You should write a detailed article that includes an in-depth review or make comparisons with other sales funnel-building tools to highlight how ClickFunnels work.


It is also a good idea to increase traffic to your article by answering some questions on Quora. There are hundreds of questions related to ClickFunnels on this platform.

You can link your articles while giving them the answers, but make sure you only link twice, or Quora might ban you from this activity.


Content ranking on Youtube is quite easy; thus, this platform is ideal for beginners to produce videos with minimal effort. You can create unique ideas and present them in the videos, which will help promote ClickFunnels.

Your videos would not be in the top rank right away, so you need to be patient. But you will definitely get consistent traffic that may convert over time.


You do not have to be a ClickFunnels user to sign up for their affiliate program, so just register and get approved as an affiliate. It is recommended that you take the 14-day free trial to get familiar with how the platform works before starting to promote it.

Although many affiliate programs charge you certain fees to promote their products, the ClickFunnels affiliate program is free. Therefore, you do not have to pay for anything to join other than completing the simple signup process.

Overall, the support team from ClickFunnels is helpful and always tries to answer the request within several hours. However, it can be problematic if you want quick support because they take longer to answer queries.


If you are wondering which affiliate program to opt for that will bring your online business to the next level, ClickFunnels affiliate marketing is exactly what you need. This platform is suitable for all kinds of affiliates to thrive, and you can start earning a stable passive income within a few months as their partner.

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