jon cook

Jon Cook


"Last year, UpPromote helped us to reach over $1 million in sales on affiliate marketing. We have 5 thousand affiliates at the moment. We do use other platforms to grow the sales but most of our sales are from the UpPromote platform"

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michael saba

Michael Saba


"What I can see UpPromote stood out from others is the affordability. The pricing was very fair and reasonable. We felt that, compared to other things on the market involved in the same functionality. Better cost is very important, especially when we first started. "

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gabriel seah

Gabriel Seah

Chief Executive Officer

"Since last year’s Q4, UpPromote has contributed to 15-25% of our monthly revenue with a 10-15x ROAS compared to other digital marketing assets"

wolfgang pichler

Wolfgang Pichler


"We generated over 100 affiliate partners in our first month and generated total revenue of 105.000 EUR – more than 90% of our revenue comes from affiliate partners and leads of affiliate partners. UpPromote gave us more control over the affiliate workflow and the interface is easy to use for both parties – for us as a vendor and for the affiliate partner"

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connie ouk

Connie Ouk


"A great way for our affiliates to earn extra money is by sharing their experiences with the affiliate program and encouraging others to sign up. Once their affiliate referrals sign up, they get additional revenue and can serve as a mentor for the new affiliate"

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electra harris

Electra Harris


"UpPromote support is amazing. This is not the thing someone else can replace and not everyone has that. I would say the UpPromote’ support is gorgeous because it is always online. So that’s something important as a brand owner because everything I need is a live person"

thien pham

Thien Pham


"UpPromote is very user-friendly. There’s a lot of functions and options that can help you optimize your affiliate marketing. Being able to track clicks, sales, and referrals has been very useful and help us analyze the success of our campaigns. Compared to manually tracking all of our affiliates, this function has helped accelerate our operations with little investment."

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matthew peters

Matthew Peters


"With this UpPromote app, we had one of our affiliate move over $2000.00 worth of product in her first month of signing up.‌
At the moment, we have promoted over 140 products and will be boosting new line of product soon (hempcrete for building homes)"