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Acorns affiliate program

Acorns Affiliate Program

Considering the Acorns affiliate program? Read our review to make an informed decision.


$5 per lead


30 days


Investment bonus

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Acorns affiliate program. You’ll learn how it works, commission details, tips to boost earnings, potential drawbacks, and whether it’s a worthwhile money-maker for your website or channel.

Overview of Acorns

Acorns is a revolutionary micro-investing and savings app that makes it easy for anyone to invest in their future. Founded in 2014, Acorns has become one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies, with over 9 million users.

The Acorns app helps users effortlessly save and invest their spare change from everyday purchases. By linking credit cards and debit cards, the app automatically rounds up purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the change. This makes passive investing completely automated.

Acorns offers simple, low-cost portfolios of index funds tailored to an investor’s risk tolerance. Their portfolios are built with ETFs from trusted brands like Vanguard and BlackRock. Users can start investing with just $1 and add incremental amounts over time.

Overview of Acorns Affiliate Program 

Acorns affiliate program, managed through Impact network, allows you to earn commissions by referring new customers to the Acorns investment platform. Then you and your referred customers will get a commission.

Users can find their unique referral link by opening the Acorns app and tapping the “Profile” icon in the top left. Then, they can go to the “Invite friends” screen in the Acorns app to get their unique referral link. They can share this link with friends, who can use it to sign up for Acorns.

Users can also use their affiliate dashboard within the Acorns site to track commissions earned and access marketing materials.

Moreover, there is also Acorns’ Limited-Time Promo Referrals program. You can earn extra bonuses by inviting a certain number of friends within a specific time frame. Find all the details in the “Invite friends” section of the Acorns app.

Acorns Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

The Acorns affiliate program offers a straightforward commission structure. Affiliates receive a flat $5 investment in their Acorns investment account for each successful referral. This bonus is granted within 30 days after Acorns has confirmed that all eligibility criteria have been satisfied.

To be eligible for this reward, you must refer a new Acorns customer, which means an individual who has not previously initiated the sign-up process with Acorns.

Acorns Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons
User-friendly platform Only $5 investment bonuses
Growing user base Strict eligibility requirements
Extra bonuses if referring more customers Limited marketing support

This affiliate program has some benefits and drawbacks to consider.

On the one hand, Acorns is a user-friendly investment platform, making it easier to refer potential customers. Plus, Acorns has a growing user base, which means there’s potential for a larger pool of prospective customers to refer. Especially, if you can refer a great number of customers, you’ll have a chance to earn much more bonuses.

On the other hand, the program only offers a flat $5 investment bonus per referral only. Affiliates also need to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met for their referrals to qualify for the bonus. Besides, the program may not offer extensive marketing support or resources for affiliates to promote Acorns effectively.

How to Join The Acorns Affiliate Program (Step-by-step)

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the Acorns affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Acorns website

Go to the Acorns website and navigate to the footer. Click on “Affiliates” and you’ll be directed to the Acorns affiliate page from the Impact Radius.

Step 2: Click “Join Now”

On their affiliate homepage, click the orange “Sign up” button to open the affiliate application form.

Step 3: Fill out the affiliate application

Complete the application with your name, contact info, website details, and payment info, and provide details about your audience and promotion strategies.

Step 4: Accept the affiliate agreement

Review and accept the standard Acorns affiliate agreement to complete the signup process.

Step 5: Access your affiliate tools

Once approved, you’ll gain access to your Acorns affiliate dashboard, which contains your unique links, creatives, reporting, and other resources.

How to Increase Your Earnings with Acorns Affiliate Program? 

You can create content emphasizing Acorns’ unique features, such as automated investing, micro-investing, and Found Money rewards. Try to explain how these features benefit users and simplify the investment process.

It’s important that you should put your efforts into audiences who are new to investing or have an interest in financial apps. Specifically target young professionals, college students, and first-time investors who are more likely to resonate with Acorns’ simplicity.

In addition, affiliates can leverage various promotional channels, such as email lists, website banners, and social media bios/posts. Or engage with online discussion forums related to investing apps and fintech to reach a broader audience.

Moreover, you can collaborate with other influencers and publishers in the finance space. It’s a great idea to cross-promote each other’s content and referral links to tap into each other’s audiences.


Who should join the Acorns affiliate program?

The Acorns affiliate program is ideal for publishers, bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers in the personal finance, investing, fintech, and money app spaces. Anyone with an audience interested in micro-investing apps can apply.

Is there a fee to join the Acorns affiliate program?

No, there are no fees to join the Acorns affiliate program. Signing up and participating is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an Acorns affiliate?

Acorns does not list any specific minimum requirements. Generally, having a website, email list, social media account, or YouTube channel with a relevant audience is recommended.

Can the Acorns program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can freely combine promoting Acorns with other affiliate programs. There are no exclusivity restrictions.

What are the best Acorns affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are affiliate programs for apps like Robinhood, Webull, Stash, Betterment, Wealthfront, Digit, and apps in the investing and finance space in general.