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Top 20 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in 2024

Are you seeking the best affiliate programs for bloggers in 2023? Yes, you’re in the right place! Here, we introduce you to the list of top affiliate programs for bloggers with attractive commissions, a wide range of products, ...

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Affiliate programs for bloggers

Are you seeking the best affiliate programs for bloggers in 2023?

Yes, you’re in the right place!

Here, we introduce you to the list of top affiliate programs for bloggers with attractive commissions, a wide range of products, and good management. You will also approach the method for starting affiliate marketing with your blog.

Whether you are a new blogger cum affiliate marketer or a seasoned guy in this field, our reviews and instructions will help you to improve your performance!

Top 20 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in 2023

Here, you will see the roundups of the best affiliate programs for bloggers. Such information will help you in choosing the best affiliate marketing opportunity. Let’s scroll down!

Amazon Associates

#1 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the most common ways for bloggers to monetize their content. Usually, they join this program, create product reviews, and wait for affiliate sales from customers browsing their sites.

Being one of the most popular online marketplaces, Amazon provides you with a wide variety of things to promote. Its goods can be of any niche, such as fashion, electronics, software, etc. You are free to choose which is most suitable for your blog.

The program’s commission rates are variable, depending on the categories. They can range from 1% to 20%. Its cookie life is a 24-hour session. It’s short, but don’t worry; the program’s driven conversions are usually high.

Who can become an Amazon affiliate? Any bloggers with a qualifying website or content creators with a mobile app can join. You can refer to their participation requirements for specific details.

Commission rate 1-20%, depending on categories
Cookie duration 24 hours
Payment method Check, Direct Deposit, Amazon Gift Certificate
Payment threshold Check: $100
Direct Deposit: $10
Amazon Gift Certificate: $10
  • A wide variety of products from different niches
  • Super easy to use and set up links
  • A low minimum threshold for Direct Deposit
  • High rate of driven conversions
  • Too short cookie duration


Kinsta Affiliate Programs

If you aim to find the highest-paying affiliate program, you can try web hosting affiliate programs. They have one-time commissions and lifetime ones, and their numbers are attractive.

Kinsta affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers in the field of website hosting. It offers a $50-$500 payment and 10% recurring commissions if you refer a customer using its managed WordPress hosting. It is a 5% recurring commission for application and database hosting. The program’s cookie time is also great, up to 60 days for tracking.

You can get your monthly commission via PayPal between the 15th and 20th of each month. The minimum payout is $50. With its high conversion and low churn rate of only 2%, you can really improve your passive income.

As the Kinsta affiliate program is high-quality, the hosting provider is selective in approving affiliates. You’ll need a website to apply. And remember, they screen it manually.

Commission rate Managed WordPress Hosting: $50-$500 one-time commission plus 10% recurring monthly commissions
Application Hosting: 5% recurring monthly commissions
Database Hosting: 5% recurring monthly commissions
Cookie duration 60 days
Payment method PayPal
Payment threshold $50
  • Offer affiliates with a good commission model
  • Provide a long cookie period
  • Have a low minimum threshold
  • High conversion and low churn rate
  • In-depth guides and available assets for affiliates
  • Only have one payment method
  • Selective in choosing publishers


Quickbooks Affiliate Programs

The Quickbooks affiliate program is the next option in the best affiliate programs for bloggers. As a famous accounting software in the US, Quickbooks is easy to promote and sell. If your blog is about finance or accounting, it should be your choice.

The program offers publishers a 10% commission rate—a great number for your affiliate income. You can get your payment monthly via Check when your account reaches $50. The cookie life is also long, up to 45 days. In addition, it provides many banners, logos, content, and links to support affiliates.

The program is free to join but is only open to US affiliates now. Any creator who wants to join should have a website. Any creator who wants to join should have a website.

Commission rate Up to 10%
Cookie duration 45 days
Payment method Check
Payment threshold $50
  • Own a high commission rate
  • A well-known brand in accounting software
  • Provide many supporting materials
  • The program is free to join
  • Only accept the US affiliates
  • Only pay via check for now


Esty Affiliate Programs

Etsy’s affiliate program is also one of the most popular affiliate programs for bloggers. Here, you can see many handmade and vintage products like arts and crafts, clothing and accessories, etc. If your niche falls within art & collectibles, craft supplies, home and living, jewelry, accessories, etc., Etsy is an ideal place.

The program offers US publishers a 4% commission rate, while other countries’ affiliates can earn 5%. You can get a commission if your audience purchases via your affiliate link within 30 days (for browsers) or 7 days (for app) of the tracking day. Such numbers are good compared to other e-commerce programs.

You must be at least 18 years old to join this affiliate program. Etsy also requires a website for affiliate registration. Moreover, Awin, the affiliate marketing network hosting this program, will charge €/£/$1 (or equivalent) upon registration as a refundable fee.

Commission rate 4% for the US publishers
5% for publishers in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the EU, Scandinavia, and the Rest of the World
Cookie duration 30 days for browsers7 days for apps
Payment method Domestic payments, International Wire, Payoneer, SEPA, BACS, ACH
Payment threshold €/£/$20
  • Various homemade and vintage products
  • A good commission level for affiliates
  • Require a low minimum payout
  • Offer a long cookie term
  • Provide many promotional materials and guides
  • Charge a refundable fee of €/£/$1 (or equivalent) when registering as an affiliate


Shareasale Affiliate Programs

If you want to join multiple programs instead of separate ones, you can register an account on an affiliate network like ShareASale. Founded in 2000, the network has a long history and wide reputation. Until now, it has over 16550 affiliate marketing programs.

You can choose which programs you prefer when coming to such a large network. It’s simple to find suitable programs with ShareASale’s merchant search function. The network also provides intuitive reporting for affiliates to track and optimize their results.

As an affiliate on ShareASale, you will obtain your monthly payment on the 20th, when you get at least $50. The network’s registration is quite easy without any website requirements.

Commission rate Varies, depending on the program
Cookie duration Varies, depending on the program
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH
Payment threshold $50
  • A long-lasting network with a good reputation
  • Have a large number of affiliate programs
  • A good tracking system with intuitive reporting
  • There is no website requirement for registration
  • Don’t include PayPal as a payment method


Converkit Affiliate Programs

If your orientation is the email marketing industry, we recommend the ConvertKit affiliate program as one of the top affiliate programs for bloggers. As a nice software supporting email marketing, ConvertKit has been chosen by many creators.

When signing up as its affiliate, you will enjoy a 30% recurring commission for 24 months since the referral month. The program’s cookie term is long, up to 90 days. You can get your money via PayPal when you earn commissions. That means it doesn’t apply any minimum payment threshold.

ConvertKit also provides many helpful resources for its publishers, such as a training course with The Pat Flynn, graphics, videos, and even evergreen webinars. Sounds attractive? You can now join it via LinkMink. Anyone can sign up, as the registration process is so easy.

Commission rate 30% recurring commission (for 24 months)
Cookie duration 90 days
Payment method PayPal
Payment threshold None
  • A high commission for each sale
  • Provide a long tracking time
  • No requirement for a payment threshold
  • No website requirement for signing up
  • Many helpful resources are available for usage
  • The commission is limited to 24 months instead of a lifetime.
  • Have only one payment method (PayPal)


Aweber Affiliate Programs

The AWeber affiliate program is another one you should consider for the email marketing niche. It is a recommended affiliate program for bloggers due to its great features.

AWeber is a trusted name in online marketing with all-in-one solutions and unrivaled support. Its service is easy to sell and retain customers. The program pays 30-50% recurring commissions, making it one of the high-paying affiliate programs.

You will earn an affiliate commission when a customer registers AWeber’s service within 365 days after clicking on your referral links. It will pay via PayPal when you get $30 (for US affiliates) or $50 (for non-US affiliates).

You can sign up to be AWeber’s affiliate via its website. The process is easy, but you’ll need a website URL to register.

Commission rate 30-50% recurring commissions
Cookie duration 365 days
Payment method PayPal
Payment threshold US affiliates: $30non-US affiliates: $50
  • Good service with a trusted name in the field
  • High recurring commissions for publishers
  • The cookie duration is super long.
  • Low minimum payment requirement
  • Have a wide variety of creative assets
  • Only pay via PayPal


Semrush Affiliate programs

As a blogger, you might have known Semrush, right? It’s a nice solution for many online marketers or content creators!

How about the Semrush affiliate program? Yes, it’s great also! It pays you $200 when you bring sales and also pays commissions for free trials ($10 for a trial lead) and even sign-up only ($0.01 each). With such a mechanism, it’s an opportunity for bloggers to build a regular stream of affiliate income.

You can register for the program on Impact.com. Any content publisher, marketing agency, paid search specialist, course creator, or all-around marketer can become a Semrush affiliate.

Here, you will enjoy a cookie life of 120 days, a good number for tracking. You can get payment every month via Direct Transfer, BACS, or PayPal without any minimum payout required.

Commission rate A new sale: $200
A new trial: $10
A new sign-up: $0.01
Cookie duration 120 days
Payment method Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPal
Payment threshold None
  • A high commission for new sales
  • Pay for free trials and sign-ups
  • A long cookie tracking term
  • No minimum payout required
  • Not provide specific information on application requirements


Teachable Affiliate programs

Doing affiliate marketing for online learning platforms is a great idea if your blog is about education, building an online business, or becoming a solo entrepreneur. We recommend the Teachable affiliate program as a good option for bloggers.

As a platform allowing teachers to host and sell online courses, Teachable is becoming increasingly popular with online education business owners. It provides up to 30% recurring commission for the first year of referral. The cookie life is 30 days, a good number for getting sales.

The program will pay via Direct Transfer, BACS, or PayPal with no minimum payment applied. You can join it via Impact.com, which requires you to have a website and be at least 18 years old.

Commission rate Up to 30%
Cookie duration 30 days
Payment method Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPal
Payment threshold None
  • Its service is popular for hosting online courses
  • A good recurring commission level
  • Offer a long cookie period
  • Don’t request a minimum payment
  • Require a website to sign up

CJ Affiliate

Best Affiliate Programs for Content Creators 3

CJ, standing for Commission Junction, is one of the largest networks for affiliate marketing. Here, you can find many affiliate programs for bloggers. You can pick the most suitable programs based on your affiliate marketing strategy.

CJ will pay you via Direct Deposit, Check, and Payoneer. The payments will be on the 20th of each month for all currencies and the 28th for USD, GBP, and EUR. The network allows you to set the minimum threshold.

It’s easy to participate in CJ as long as you have an active website. The registration process is free also.

Commission rate Varies, depending on the program
Cookie duration Varies, depending on the program
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
Payment threshold Self-set
  • Various affiliate programs are available
  • Suitable for many blog niches
  • Can self-set the minimum threshold
  • Free and simple to register
  • Not include PayPal as a payment method

WP Engine

WP Engine Affiliate Programs

Another name in our list of top affiliate programs for bloggers is the WP Engine affiliate program. If you want to introduce hosting services or website themes to your audience, consider WP Engine.

The program allows publishers to earn $200 or one month’s payment when referring a hosting customer. If you bring a theme customer, the commission rate is 35%. The tracking time here is super long, 180 days for hosting plans and 60 days for themes.

WP Engine also has a two-tier tracking mechanism. It means you can refer a new affiliate to its system and earn $50 when such an affiliate makes a referral. That’s great, right?

Commission rate Hosting plans: one-month payment or $200 at minimum
Theme purchases: 35%
Cookie duration Hosting plans: 180 days
Theme purchases: 60 days
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH
Payment threshold $50
  • Offer high commissions for affiliates
  • Have two-tier tracking and earning
  • A very long tracking time
  • A low payment minimum threshold
  • There are no recurring commissions


Astra Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate marketer, you shouldn’t miss out on the Astra affiliate program. It is one of the most beloved themes, trusted by 1.6 million websites. Astra allows you to earn a 30% commission on each sale within a 60-day tracking term.

When registering as an Astra affiliate, you can enjoy the potential of getting $375 per sale. It also provides you with lots of assets and guides, real-time tracking, and in-depth analytics. Various creators, including bloggers, Youtubers, social media marketers, etc., are welcome to join.

You can enroll in the program by signing up on the Brainstorm Store. It will pay you via PayPal when your account has at least $210.

Commission rate 30%
Cookie duration 60 days
Payment method PayPal
Payment threshold $210
  • A high commission rate
  • Provide a long cookie period
  • Have many assets and guides
  • In-depth analytics on the dashboard
  • Only one payment method
  • A high minimum threshold


A screenshot of Cloudways’s website

Let’s come to the next pr1ogram in the top affiliate programs for bloggers! Yes, it’s the Cloudways affiliate program.

The program has a flexible commission structure. Here, you can choose between slab, hybrid, or custom models. The slab commission structure will give you performance-based earnings, while the hybrid can bring $30 upfront plus 7% lifetime commissions. The custom model with $200 per sale will be for affiliates with more than 81 monthly sales.

Besides the great commissions, the program’s cookie life is also nice. It’s up to 90 days of tracking. The only thing that should be considered here is the payment threshold. It seems higher than others, with $250 for PayPal and $1000 for Wire Transfer.

Commission rate Slab model:
1-5 referrals: $50/sale
6-20 referrals: $75/sale
21-45 referrals: $100/sale
46-80 referrals: $125/sale
Hybrid model:
$30 plus 7% lifetime commissions
Custom model (for 81+ monthly referrals):
Up to $200/sale
Cookie duration 90 days
Payment method PayPal, Wire Transfer, Funds Transfer
Payment threshold PayPal: $250Wire Transfer: $1000Funds Transfer: $100
  • Flexible commission structures with high payments
  • Have a long cookie duration
  • Pay affiliates via popular methods
  • High thresholds for payment


Optimonster Affiliate Programs

The OptinMonster affiliate program is a nice affiliate marketing opportunity for bloggers. As a top lead generation software, OptinMonster is trusted by over 1.2 million websites. Its popularity is an advantage when promoting.

The program gives you a 20% commission rate. You can earn up to $118 per sale, depending on the subscription. You can get payments via Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH if your account reaches $50.

The ShareASale network hosts the OptinMonster program. So, you’ll need to sign up for an account on ShareASale first, then register to be its affiliate.

Commission rate 20%
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH
Payment threshold $50
  • A popular software for online marketing
  • Offer affiliates a high commission rate
  • Require a low minimum payment
  • Fast approval for affiliate application
  • Don’t include PayPal as a payment way


Namecheap Affiliate Programs

As a blogger, you should have known Namecheap—a famous name regarding domain registration, SSL, and hosting services. Namecheap affiliate program is well-known, too. It has clear and specific commissions for each produ

The program is available on Impact.com, CJ, and ShareASale. Its cookie duration is 30 days, a nice number for you to accumulate customers. You can get paid via many payment methods, depending on the networks.

To be a Namecheap affiliate, you should have an active website with aligned content. Sites like coupons or cash back can join but will enjoy a lower commission than a standard rate.

Commission rate Domains: 20%
Hosting packages: 35%
SSL certificates: 35%
Private Email: 20%
PremiumDNS: 20%
Apps: 0%
Marketplace and Premium Domains: 0%
Hosting add-ons: 0%EasyWP: Check out the entire program here.VPN:
1-month plan: 100% – first purchase; 53% – next 6 renewals
1-year plan: 53%

1-month plan: 50% – first renewal, 25% – next 11 renewals
1-year plan: 30%

Cookie duration 30 days
Payment method Impact.com: Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPalCJ: Direct Deposit, Check, PayoneerShareASale: Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH
Payment threshold Impact.com: $10CJ: Varies, depending on currenciesShareASale: $50
  • Specific commissions for many products
  • Provide a long cookie duration
  • Available on many networks
  • The brand is a top name on the market.
  • Need an active website with aligned content to


If you want to promote VPN affiliate programs, you should pay attention to the ExpressVN affiliate program. As top #1 rated by CNET and Techradar, it is one of the most considerable names in VPN services.

The program provides many banners, infographics, screenshots, videos, and logos. You can use such marketing materials to promote via your website or social media platforms. It also has dedicated affiliate managers to support and advise you on campaigns.

You can log in to Impact.com to enroll in the program. Depending on the plan you can sell, it will pay from $13 to $36. You can get your payments via PayPal or Direct Transfer (for commissions exceeding $1,000 monthly) with a minimum threshold of $50.

Commission rate 1-month subscription: $13
6-month subscription: $22
12-month subscription: $36
Payment method Direct Transfer, PayPal
Payment threshold $50
  • A top-rated brand in VPN services
  • Many marketing materials are available
  • Dedicated affiliate managers to support
  • A low minimum payment threshold
  • Not have recurring commissions


Shareasale Affiliate Programs

Skillshare affiliate program is a trusted name in online learning referral programs. Here, you can see many courses in illustration, design, photography, and more. The platform also has a free trial for users, making it easier for you to promote.

It offers affiliates a 40% commission rate within a 30-day tracking period. It also provides you with special promotions every month.

You can join the program via Impact.com. It doesn’t strictly require a website, so you can have any channel like a Facebook group, a TikTok channel, an Instagram account, etc. It means with this program, you can do affiliate marketing without a website. Besides, Skillshare also requests affiliates to have a free Skillshare account.

Commission rate 40%
Cookie duration 30 days
Payment method Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPal
Payment threshold None
  • A high commission rate and long cookie life
  • Offer special promotions each month
  • Have many courses in different fields
  • Don’t need a website to register
  • Must register a Skillshare account


Siteground Affiliate Programs

The SiteGround affiliate program is a reputable name in the affiliate programs for bloggers. As the top #1 hosting provider for beginners, SiteGround’s services are easy to promote and sell.

The program offers you a performance-based commission structure. The more sales you bring, the more commissions you can earn. Its cookie duration is also very long, up to 60 days.

One of the greatest things is its payment. The program pays every week on Wednesday. Most affiliates will get payments via PayPal without any minimum payout. For high-performing affiliates, it may transfer via Wire with a 5000 EUR/USD/AUD/GBP threshold.

It’s easy and quick to join the program via its website. Per its policies, you don’t need a website to join and can promote via social media or email.

Commission rate 1-5 sales/month: $50/sale
6-10 sales/month: $75/sale
11-20 sales/month: $100 /sale
21+ sales/month: custom commissions
Cookie duration 60 days
Payment method PayPal, Wire Transfer
Payment threshold PayPal: None
Wire Transfer: 5000 EUR/USD/AUD/GBP
  • High commissions with a performance-based model
  • Provide a long cookie duration
  • Pay affiliates every week
  • No minimum threshold for PayPal
  • A high threshold for Wire Transfer


Flexjobs Affiliate Programs

If you want to refer your audience to remote or flexible jobs, join the FlexJobs affiliate program. You can find many great working chances to introduce to potential customers here. The jobs listed on the platform are hand-screened, so you can trust its quality.

You can join the program via CJ. It will pay you up to $15 for each referral within 24 hours of tracking. The payment will be made through PayPal. FlexJobs also provides you with many banners, text links, and deep links for your promotion.

Commission rate Up to $15
Cookie duration 24 hours
Payment method PayPal
  • Various flexible jobs to introduce
  • A high-quality platform with hand-screened jobs
  • Provide many promotional materials
  • The cookie life only lasts 24 hours.


Mailer Affiliate Programs

If you want to introduce email marketing services, don’t forget to join the MailerLite affiliate program. It offers affiliates a 30% recurring commission for each sale, helping you accumulate lots of passive income.

The brand hosts this program itself. It means you can join via MailerLite’s site. Here, it provides you with many free marketing assets. It also has a dedicated partner support team, so you can ask for any advice or guidance.

It recommends joining if you are a marketer, blogger, or business owner. You can get paid via PayPal when your account has at least $50.

Commission rate 30% recurring commission
Payment method PayPal
Payment threshold $50
  • A high recurring commission rate
  • Provide many marketing assets
  • Have a dedicated supporting team
  • A low minimum payout
  • Only pay via PayPal

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog?

So, do you know how to start affiliate marketing on your blog? Or how to become an affiliate marketer? Let’s check some useful tips below!

Pick the right affiliate programs

As you see, there are many affiliate programs available. Your duty here is to choose the right programs. It can be an independent affiliate program or programs on the network like ClickBank, FlexOffers, Pepperjam, and Rakuten.

No matter where it is located, it should focus on your niche and audience. For example, you shouldn’t promote hosting services when your audience is mostly crafters and DIY makers.

Include affiliate promotions in popular posts

You can put affiliate promotions in your popular posts for the best performance of affiliate marketing. It will help to earn lots of traffic and bring sales to you. For instance, Tom’s Guide has attached affiliate links in a recent post about JBuds Mini wireless earbuds.

Craft product reviews and recommendations

Making reviews and recommendations is one of the greatest ways to generate sales. Many bloggers use this method for their affiliate marketing strategy. You can refer to some sites like Wirecutter or Hoodmwr.com for specific examples.

Add affiliate ads

Besides producing posts and inserting your links, you can also try ads for affiliate marketing. Of course, you should check your chosen program’s policy to ensure its permittance of this promotion method. Based on your audience and niche, you can choose Google, Facebook, or other channels’ ads to promote.

Promote your content

You can promote your content on many platforms to have many readers and sales. If you’ve just made a useful blog post, you can put its info on your Facebook or Instagram account. Or you can introduce such content in your videos. In this way, you will have more leads to your blog and increase the potential of earnings.

Create an email list

You can also create your email list for affiliate marketing. Giving your audience gifts like relevant e-books or documents on your site may be an effective way of accumulating emails. Then, you can regularly connect with them via email and refer them to affiliate products.


Q: How can a new blogger earn money?

A new blogger can make money through ads displaying. This form will not demand many skills; you just need to register your blog with Google Adsense. You will get paid for every 1,000 visitors seeing the ads.

Q: How much can a blogger earn for 1,000 page views?

Normally, it will be around $0.2 – $2.5 per 1000 views. The exact number will depend on your audience’s location, website content, registered ad network, etc.

Q: Which affiliate programs are recommended for beginner bloggers?

There are many programs beginners can choose from, such as Amazon Associates, the Etsy affiliate program, the ShareASale network, etc. You can browse our detailed list above for details.


In general, many affiliate programs for bloggers are available. Your duty is to choose the best ones for your niche and audience.

We hope our reviews of top programs have provided a comprehensive view of your choice. And don’t forget to adopt our tips for starting affiliate marketing on your blogs.

Now, let’s get started!

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