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adorama affiliate program

Adorama Affiliate Program

The Adorama affiliate program is your gateway to earning with photography and electronics promotions. Learn more in our detailed guide.


2% base rate + bonuses


30 days


Direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal

Adorama is a go-to destination for photography enthusiasts and professionals. For affiliate marketers interested in the photography and electronics niche, Adorama’s affiliate program presents an intriguing opportunity to earn commissions. 

In this in-depth guide, we’ll break down exactly how their program works and what to expect as an affiliate.

An Overview of Adorama

In the world of photography affiliate programs, Adorama stands out as a top contender. With a generous commission structure, a vast product selection, and a reputable brand name, the Adorama Affiliate Program offers a compelling opportunity for content creators and photography enthusiasts to earn income by promoting the gear they love.

Founded in 1974, Adorama has become a highly trusted online retailer in the field of photography equipment and electronics. The company is headquartered in New York City and boasts a vast catalog of over 500,000 products.

The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a diverse range of photography-related products. Adorama offers free shipping on orders exceeding $49, along with a generous 45-day return policy and a price match guarantee. These customer-friendly policies contribute to the company’s reputation for reliability. 

The Better Business Bureau has awarded Adorama an A+ rating, further solidifying its standing as a reputable and trustworthy business.

What is the Adorama Affiliate Program?

The Adorama affiliate program lets affiliates earn commissions and extra incentives by promoting Adorama products. 

Joining is free, and anyone with a website or social media influence can sign up to earn money from their audience. However, you can’t join if you’re in Rhode Island, Arkansas, North Carolina, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, or Kansas.

To sign up, you can go directly through the Adorama affiliate portal or Impact Radius, a popular affiliate network. Once you’re approved, you’ll get a unique affiliate link and access to various promotional materials and tools like banners, text links, buttons, product feeds, and deep links.

Besides, Adorama affiliates can enjoy other exclusives like free shipping on most Adoram products, constant communication of promos, deals, etc. 

Adorama Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

The base commission rate for Adorama affiliates starts at 2% for all general sales. Besides, there are extra rewards based on your performance.

The program offers a 30-day cookie duration. This means you can earn extra commissions on repeated purchases from your referrals during this period. 

Impact pays your commissions 45 days after the referred order is shipped. If a product that earned a commission is returned or canceled within 45 days, the order is marked as such, and no payment is given.

You can receive your money via direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal once your account balance reaches $10. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Adorama Affiliate Program

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the Adorama affiliate program.

Pros Cons
Established brand with a large product selection Low base commission (2%/sale)
30-day cookie duration $10 minimum payout threshold
Marketing tools and support Highly competitive niche
Exclusive deals and promotions for partners
Advanced reporting and tracking technology

There are a lot of benefits you can get when joining the Adorama affiliate program. First, they have over 250,000 products in photography and electronics for affiliates to promote. Additionally, the 30-day cookie duration lets affiliates get credit for repeated sales, increasing affiliate income.

Adorama also provides useful marketing tools like banners, product feeds, exclusive deals, and team support for affiliates. This makes promoting Adorama products much easier and more effective. 

However, there are some potential downsides to consider. The electronics niche is highly competitive, making it challenging for affiliates to stand out. Besides, the 2% base commission may take a long time to get substantial income.  

Adorama Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Adorama affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Adorama affiliate program page

Go to the Adorama affiliate program homepage at https://www.adorama.com/g/adorama-affiliate-program. Agree to the terms and conditions, then click the “Join Now” button. 

Step 2: Fill out the application form

Provide your name, email, website details, and payment info, and specify how you plan to promote Adorama’s high-quality products.

Step 3: Wait for approval

Adorama and Impact will review your application and website to approve you for the program, which usually takes a few business days.

Step 4: Adorama affiliate program login

Once approved, you’ll gain access to your affiliate link and creative assets.

Step 5: Start promoting Adorama

Now, you can add your Adorama tracking links to your platform, drive traffic, and generate commissions.

How to Promote Adorama Products as an Affiliate

To maximize your affiliate earnings as an Adorama partner, it’s crucial to use smart strategies that connect with your audience and take advantage of the program’s special features.

First, you develop comprehensive guides that delve into specific Adorama products or categories. Make sure you provide valuable information, highlight unique features, and include your affiliate link. 

You can also incorporate video content to review and demonstrate Adorama products. Engaging videos can provide a more in-depth look at the products. Whether unboxing videos, tutorials, or reviews, visual content can enhance your affiliate marketing efforts and encourage viewers to purchase through your affiliate link.

Another good strategy is to showcase Adorama’s daily deals with discounted items. These short-term offers make people feel they need to act fast and pay money for your products. 

Lastly, concentrating on expensive items like Adorama cameras and audio gear can bring in more money. These products usually cost more (an SLR lens often costs $1,000-$2,000), which means affiliates earn bigger commissions.

Is Promoting Adorama Worth It?

Joining the Adorama affiliate program offers exciting possibilities for those interested in promoting photography and electronics products.

You have a broad range to showcase to your audience and a long affiliate cookie window for potential repeated purchases. The program further supports affiliates with various marketing tools and from the affiliate management team. You can even have a chance to get extra rewards based on your performance.

However, there are some challenges to keep in mind. These include the highly competitive nature of the electronics niche, low commission rate, and minimum payout requirement. 

Ultimately, the decision to join the Adorama affiliate program depends on how well it fits with your audience and content. If you can handle the challenges and make the most of the benefits, it can be a valuable addition to your income streams.


Does Adorama have an affiliate program?

Yes, Adorama runs an affiliate program on Impact, allowing partners to earn extras by promoting their digital products. 

Who should join the Adorama affiliate program?

The Adorama affiliate program is for people who want to earn money by promoting Adorama products. These people include photographers, videographers, electronics enthusiasts, influencers, online publishers, and affiliate marketers.

Is there a fee to join the Adorama affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the Adorama affiliate program. Signing up and maintaining an account is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an Adorama Affiliate?

Adorama limits affiliates in certain states to join their affiliate program. These states include Arkansas, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Minnesota. Also, they check if your website is a good fit before you can join.

How to use the Adorama affiliate program?

After joining the Adorama affiliate program, you can log in to your Impact affiliate dashboard. Here, you can find ready-to-use promotional materials to start promoting Adorama products. They use advanced technology to track your generated sales. You can also find detailed reports in your affiliate dashboard. 

Can the Adorama program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, the Adorama affiliate program can definitely be combined with promoting other affiliate offers from complementary brands and niches. Many successful affiliates use a diverse portfolio of programs.

What are the best Adorama affiliate program alternatives?

Some additional affiliate programs to the Adorama affiliate program include B&H Photo Video, Amazon Associates, and BestBuy affiliate programs.