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asos affiliate program

ASOS Affiliate Program

Founded in 2000, ASOS is a globally renowned online fashion and cosmetic retailer with a fast-fashion model


Revealed once registered; 0.8%-4.8%


30 days


Paypal, ACH transfer, Wire transfer ; Bank transfer. Wire transfer. Check

Founded in 2000, ASOS is a globally renowned online fashion and cosmetic retailer with a fast-fashion model. It ships trend-focused clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty products to over 200 countries from fulfillment centers in the UK, US, and Europe.

With over 85,000 products spanning women’s and men’s fashion, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and beauty, the brand introduces 500 to 2,000 new weekly items to stay current.

Overview of the ASOS Affiliate Program

This program suits fashion, lifestyle bloggers, and social media folks with audiences who like ASOS products. To join, your website or social media account should have good content and a decent number of visitors.

Once you’re in, you can share your unique links and ASOS banners on your website, social media, videos, emails, and more.

When someone clicks their special links and buys something from ASOS, you get a piece of the sale, which is a commission.

ASOS Affiliate Program Commission

The ASOS Affiliate Program offers commissions that can go as high as 4.8%, depending on the network you’re joining through.

If you sign up through FlexOffers, you can earn a commission between 0.8% and 4.8% for each sale when someone purchases through your referral link within a 30-day period.

ASOS Payment Methods and Thresholds

ASOS pays its affiliates every month using PayPal. But to get paid, you need to make at least $50 in commissions. Once you hit or pass that $50 mark, you’ll get your money through PayPal at the end of the month.

Pros and Cons for Affiliate Marketers

When you decide to join an affiliate program, there are several factors to consider. Here, let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of the ASOS affiliate program.

Pros Cons
  • High Average Order Value
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Strong Brand Recognition
  • Variety of Promotional Content
  • Highly Competitive Niche 
  • Slow Approval Process 
  • Limited to Top-Tier Countries 

With a high average order value exceeding $75, ASOS customers’ substantial spending contributes to enhanced commissions.

Also, you benefit from a dedicated account manager who offers personalized guidance and the latest product information, empowering your success.

You can leverage the strong brand recognition of ASOS can enhance your website or channel’s credibility. Access a wide range of promotional content, including lifestyle images, videos, banners, and text links, to bolster click-through rates and drive sales.

How about the drawbacks?

Operating within the fashion affiliate industry is highly competitive, with numerous publishers endorsing ASOS, making it a challenge to distinguish yourself.

And the approval process can be slow, lasting 4-6 weeks, due to ASOS’s meticulous affiliate vetting procedure.

Additionally, the program’s availability is restricted to select top-tier countries, exclusively open to publishers based in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, Germany, France, and Italy.

How to Join the ASOS Affiliate Program?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the ASOS Affiliate Program

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Make sure your website or social media account meets the program’s requirements. Your site should publish high-quality, original content related to fashion, beauty or lifestyle and have a decent amount of traffic. ASOS accepts individual influencers, bloggers, and content publishers.

Step 2: Submit an Application

Go to the ASOS Affiliate Program page on Sovrn or FlexOFfers and click “Apply Now.” You must provide information about your website or social media channels, demographics, and content focus.

Step 3: Get Approved

ASOS can take 4-6 weeks to review and approve affiliates. Be patient during this process. Check your email – including spam folders – for any follow-up questions or requests from ASOS.

Step 4: Access Affiliate Account

Once approved, you’ll gain access to your ASOS affiliate account dashboard on Awin. Here you can access your unique affiliate links, download creatives, view performance reports, and contact your account manager.

Step 5: Start Promoting

Now it’s time to start sharing your ASOS affiliate links and marketing their products. Focus on relevant products and new arrivals your audience would like. Use affiliate links in blog posts, videos, emails, social posts, and anywhere else you actively promote.

And that’s it! Just be sure always to follow their guidelines and create engaging, optimized content around ASOS products.

How to Make Money with ASOS Affiliate Program?

To boost your ASOS commissions, consider implementing these effective strategies:

Firstly, when sharing ASOS products, focus on specific product links that align with your audience’s interests. Directing your audience to particular items can result in higher conversion rates compared to generic links to ASOS.com.

Next, take advantage of email marketing. Segment your email list based on gender and preferences, and send targeted emails with product recommendations and affiliate links. This personalized approach can drive more affiliate sales.

Additionally, highlighting and promoting new arrivals can be a successful tactic. Fresh collections often captivate fashion-forward followers, motivating them to make purchases.

Another valuable strategy is to review ASOS products in blog posts or videos. When you showcase items and include affiliate links, it becomes convenient for your viewers to make purchases, contributing to your commissions.

Lastly, encourage ASOS customers who have previously purchased through your links to continue doing so for their subsequent purchases. This can help you earn recurring commissions and build a consistent revenue stream.

ASOS Affiliate Program Alternatives

When looking for alternatives to the ASOS Affiliate Program, there are several popular options which are:

ZARA affiliate program

This program offers an opportunity to promote the renowned ZARA brand’s trendy clothing and fashion items. By joining this program, you can earn up to 3.50% per sale, making it an excellent choice for fashion-oriented affiliates.

REVOLVE affiliate program

For affiliates interested in high-end and designer fashion, the REVOLVE Affiliate Program is an attractive option. 

You can promote a diverse range of luxury fashion brands, earning 5% commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links. This program caters to a more upscale and fashion-savvy audience.

H&M affiliate program

H&M, a globally recognized fashion brand, offers an affiliate program that allows you to promote their affordable and trendy clothing. Becoming an H&M affiliate allows you to earn up to 10.5% commissions by directing your audience to their popular selections.

SHEIN affiliate program

SHEIn is known for its diverse range of affordable fashion items. You can get between 10% to 20% as an affiliate with a 30-day cookie duration.

Each alternative provides unique opportunities, catering to different aspects of the fashion industry and enabling you to diversify your affiliate marketing efforts.

Should You Join Asos Affiliate Program?

The ASOS Affiliate Program can earn attractive commissions and bonuses by tapping into ASOS’s huge customer base and high average order value. Their tiered commission structure and regular promotions allow you to maximize your earnings over time through persistence and optimization.

However, because it is a popular, competitive niche, standing out requires creating engaging, high-converting content with excellent visuals. The approval wait time and geographic restrictions could limit some publishers.

But the ASOS program presents a lucrative opportunity for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers with a relevant, loyal audience – particularly in the core countries.


Does Asos Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, it is. The ASOS affiliate program is ideal for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers, influencers, and content publishers with an audience interested in the type of apparel, accessories, and beauty products ASOS sells.

Is there a fee to join the ASOS affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the ASOS affiliate program. Submitting an application and getting approved as an ASOS affiliate is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an SOS affiliate?

Yes, your website or social media account should have a decent amount of high-quality, relevant traffic and content to get approved. ASOS reviews each application carefully.

What are the best ASOS affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives for fashion affiliate programs include Zara, Revolve, H&M, Nasty Gal, SHEIn, PrettyLittleThing, etc. Evaluate commissions, cookies, brand recognition and geographic availability.