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clickmagick affiliate program

ClickMagick Affiliate Program

What to know about the ClickMagick affiliate program? This article provides all you need to know, including the commission rate and payment methods.




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ClickMagic is a comprehensive platform that helps marketers track where their traffic comes from and assess campaign performance. They also have an affiliate program with great perks.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the ClickMagick Affiliate Program and how you can benefit from it. We will also provide some insights for marketers to boost earnings through the program.

An Overview Of ClickMagick

Founded in 2014, ClickMagick is a popular all-in-one affiliate marketing tracking and optimization software. It provides tools to track, automate and optimize campaigns to maximize ROI.

ClickMagick lets you create and manage affiliate links, connect with networks through API integration, build landing pages, split test variations, track conversions, detect fraud, analyze data, and more.

With over 122,000 users worldwide, ClickMagick makes affiliate marketing more efficient by consolidating all tracking needs into one robust platform. It’s designed for businesses, agencies, bloggers, and affiliate marketers.

How Does The ClickMagick Affiliate Program Work?

The ClickMagick affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by promoting their tracking and optimization trial. You receive a unique referral link and earn a commission when someone signs up through your link.

The program is free to join and open to anyone. ClickMagick provides several marketing materials, including banners, emails, and landing pages.

The program is well-suited for advertisers, online entrepreneurs promoting their own products or agencies managing multiple client affiliate campaigns.

Commissions and Payment Details

ClickMagick affiliate program provides a 35% commission on all sales. You’ll earn commissions as long as the referred user stays active.

The program features a 30-day cookie duration, ensuring affiliates receive credit for sales made within a month of the initial referral.

ClickMagick pays affiliates daily via PayPal once earnings exceed $50. There is a brief 14-day lag time accounted for potential refunds.

ClickMagick Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High commission rate (35%) Delay in payments
Recurring payouts Minimum payout ($50)
Valuable promotional resources Limited payment option (only PayPal)

The ClickMagick affiliate program boasts several advantages for its affiliates. First, it offers a high commission rate, earning a substantial 35% on all sales. The recurring payout structure adds to the appeal, allowing affiliates to continue earning commissions as long as the referred users maintain active subscriptions.

Additionally, ClickMagick supports affiliates with valuable promotional resources, like unique links, banners and landing pages. These resources contribute to the success of affiliates by enhancing their promotional efforts and maximizing their potential for conversions.

A significant concern is the delay in payments, which might affect affiliates seeking immediate compensation. Moreover, there is a 14-day lag time to account for potential refunds.

Plus, you need to exceed the payout threshold of $50 to receive affiliate earnings. There is also only one payment method via PayPal.

ClickMagick Affiliate Program Sign Up: A Step-by-step Guide

Here are the four key steps to join the program:

Step 1: Visit the affiliate page
Go to the ClickMagick affiliate program page and review the program terms.

Step 2: Create an account

Fill out the sign up form with your contact information and PayPal info to create your affiliate account.

Step 3: Get approved
The affiliate manager will review your affiliate application before approving you in 2-3 business days.

Step 4: Start promoting

Once approved, you’ll gain access to your unique affiliate links, banners, text links to insert in your blog post or social media. You can integrate them strategically to generate sales.

Tips To Boost Your Earnings with ClickMagick Affiliate Program

Here are some tips to help you boost your income as an affiliate.

First, you can create engaging tutorials and demos that showcase the key features of ClickMagick. This not only helps potential users understand the software better but also gains the trust of your audience.

To incentivize potential customers, yu can consider negotiating exclusive promotions or discounts with ClickMagick. People are more likely to sign up through your affiliate link if they perceive added value, such as a limited-time discount or special offer.

Additionally, you should share your personal experiences or success stories from users who have benefited from ClickMagick. This social proof can build trust and credibility, making your audience more comfortable with the idea of trying the product.

Furthermore, you can leverage the power of reviews by writing comprehensive assessments of ClickMagick. For example, you can highlight its strengths and unique selling points and, crucially, compare it to other software in the market. Potential users often seek comparisons to make informed decisions, and your insights can influence their choices.

Another useful tip is to foster a dedicated email list focused on your niche, and regularly communicate with your subscribers about the benefits of ClickMagick. You can use newsletters, updates, and exclusive content to keep them engaged. A responsive email list can be a powerful tool for driving ClickMagick referrals over time.

Is the ClickMagick Affiliate Program Worth It?

For affiliate marketers, ClickMagick delivers immense value as both an income stream and a software tool. The recurring commissions provide stable passive earnings.

Let’s analyze the income potential. With a 35% commission and a $69 basic monthly plan, you would earn $24 per signup. To generate $1000 in monthly commissions, you need around 42 monthly referrals.

Realistically, driving 20 signups per month is achievable by niche targeting. You can earn $400 monthly alongside valuable marketing software to boost your promotions.

Overall, ClickMagick’s generous commissions, bundled tools and recurring payout model make it a lucrative option.


Who should join the ClickMagick affiliate program?

The ClickMagick affiliate program is best suited for advertisers, online business owners, and anyone involved in online marketing campaigns.

Is there a fee to join the ClickMagick affiliate program?

No, there are no fees to join the ClickMagick affiliate program.

Are there any requirements to become a ClickMagick affiliate?

ClickMagick does not impose any specific traffic or revenue requirements. However, you need an established website, blog, or social media following to be approved. Having an audience interested in marketing tools is beneficial.

What is the commission rate of the ClickMagick Affiliate Program?

The ClickMagick affiliate program provides a commission rate of 35%.

Can the ClickMagick program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Definitely, ClickMagick complements other software, course, and tool affiliate programs. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote multiple offers together.

What are the best ClickMagick affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are AWeber, TubeBuddy, GetResponse, Leadbit, MaxBounty, ClickBank, LeadDyno, and Voluum.