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dermstore affiliate program

Dermstore Affiliate Program

The Dermstore affiliate program is your gateway to beauty commissions and skincare success. Check out more in our thorough guide.


Up to 15% per sale


30 days


BACS, international wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, domestic payments

Dermstore is a popular online store for beauty and skincare products. It also provides partners with a lucrative opportunity through its affiliate program. 

Whether you’re a Dermstore fan or want to make money from beauty content, this guide will help you decide if the Dermstore affiliate program is right for you. Let’s explore the benefits and possibilities of the program together.

Overview of Dermstore

Dermstore is a top online store for beauty and skincare in the USA. Found in 1999, Dermstore offers high-quality skincare, haircare, beauty, and makeup products from well-known brands.

They have over 200 premium brands and 25,000 products, offering a wide selection of sought-after beauty and wellness items. Some popular brands on Dermstore include SkinCeuticals, NuFACE, Sunday Riley, Oribe, RevitaLash, and more.

Dermstore stands out by only selling products recommended by skincare experts like dermatologists and estheticians. They regularly add new, advanced products that you may not find elsewhere.

Overview of the Dermstore Affiliate Program

The Dermstore affiliate program lets partners earn a commission when they refer customers to buy something on Dermstore.com.

It’s free to join through the Awin affiliate network. By joining the program, you can access the affiliate portal and get a special affiliate referral link and promotional tools. When people use your link to buy things, you make a commission.

Besides, Dermstore offers a dedicated support team to help its partners in their promotion efforts. Affiliates can also access the brand’s marketing materials, like product feeds, banners, and weekly newsletters.

The Dermstore affiliate program is ideal for bloggers, influencers, and content creators in the beauty niche. Whether you have an engaged following interested in the latest beauty items or simply love Dermstore’s selection yourself, you can leverage the program to earn extra affiliate income.

Dermstore Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

The Dermstore affiliate program provides attractive commissions of up to 15% on all purchases made by referred customers. The commissions apply to the entire order value, not just specific products. 

The program boasts a substantial 30-day cookie lifetime, giving you an entire month to effectively persuade your referrals to take action. With more time on your side, the potential to earn a significant amount of money significantly increases.

Awin pays Dermstore affiliates on the 1st and 15th of each month through BACS, wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, and domestic payments. If you opt for monthly payments, you get paid on the 15th for what you earned up to the previous 30th.

The minimum amount you need to earn to get paid is £20 for GBP, €20 for Euros, and $20 for USD. For other currencies, the minimum is the same as $20.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Dermstore Affiliate Program

Here’s the table summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of the Dermstore affiliate program.

Pros Cons
High commission (up to 15% for select brands) Competitive niche
High-value products ($100+) Lack of exclusive Dermstore coupon codes
30-day cookie duration $20 minimum payout requirement
Dedicated support (affiliate manager, resources)

The Dermstore affiliate program comes with many advantages. Firstly, you can earn big with up to 15% commissions on high-end brands at Dermstore. Their pricier products, many over $100, mean more affiliate income with just a few sales.

They also give you 30 days to earn a commission, increasing your chances to earn extras on repeated purchases. Besides, Dermstore also provides a dedicated affiliate manager, weekly newsletters, banners, and updated product feeds to help you promote Dermstore more easily. 

However, the program poses some disadvantages. The beauty niche is highly competitive, making it tough for beginners to stand out. Plus, without exclusive Dermstore coupon codes, boosting conversions and cart value might be challenging. Also, you need to hit $20 before they pay you, something to keep in mind if you’re just starting out.

Dermstore Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the Dermstore affiliate program through the Awin network:

Step 1: Visit the Dermstore affiliate program page

Go to the Dermstore affiliate program homepage at https://www.dermstore.com/info/affiliates.list. Then, click the “Sign Up” or “Join Now” button to begin the signup process.

This will take you to the Awin registration page.

Step 2: Fill out the affiliate application

Provide your contact info, promotional type, and promotional space. Then, click the “Sign up” button to finish your registration.

Step 3: Get approved

Dermstore will review your application within 2-3 business days. 

Step 4: Dermstore affiliate program login

After approval, you can log into your Awin affiliate dashboard. Here, you can access your unique affiliate links and marketing materials.

Step 5: Promote Dermstore & earn commissions

Place your Dermstore affiliate links and banners on your website and social media. When visitors click and buy something, you’ll generate affiliate income on those sales.

How to Boost Your Income as a Dermstore Affiliate

Here are some effective strategies to consider if you want to maximize your affiliate income with the Dermstore affiliate program.

First, you can create comprehensive reviews of new Dermstore products, complete with swatches and detailed insights. These in-depth reviews tend to perform well, providing valuable information to potential buyers. Remember to put your affiliate links in your reviews. This way, your audience can click on them, and you’ll earn commissions when they buy the products.

You can also engage your audience through video content, especially tutorials featuring Dermstore products. For example, you can mention your favorite products, add affiliate links in the video description, and guide viewers to Dermstore. 

Lastly, you can utilize the visual appeal of Instagram to showcase new arrivals and bestsellers from Dermstore. For example, you can craft visually appealing posts highlighting the products and include your affiliate links. This way, your followers can easily click through to purchase the featured items, contributing to your commission earnings.

Is the Dermstore Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Dermstore affiliate program offers attractive benefits that make it a worthwhile consideration, especially for those in the beauty, skincare, and makeup niche. These benefits include competitive commissions, a long cookie lifetime, and dedicated support. 

However, it’s important to consider some challenges, such as the high competition, the absence of exclusive coupon codes, and a $20 minimum payout requirement. 

Despite these considerations, if you can handle the challenges well and make the most of the program’s advantages, joining the Dermstore affiliate program can be a valuable addition to your revenue streams.


Does Dermstore have an affiliate program?

Yes, Dermstore runs an affiliate program on Awin, allowing partners to earn commissions by promoting their products. 

What is the commission rate for the Dermstore affiliate program?

Dermstore affiliates can earn up to 15% per qualified sales from their referrals. 

Who should join the Dermstore affiliate program?

The Dermstore affiliate program is perfect for beauty bloggers, skincare influencers, and makeup and wellness website owners who want to earn commissions in the beauty niche.

Is there a fee to join the Dermstore affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the Dermstore affiliate program. 

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Dermstore Affiliate?

There are no strict minimum requirements. However, Dermstore does vet affiliates to ensure you have an established beauty-focused website, social media account, or audience that is relevant to their products and brand.

Can the Dermstore program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can absolutely run the Dermstore affiliate program alongside other complementary beauty, skincare, makeup, and wellness-related affiliate programs.

What are the best Dermstore affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Space NK, SkinStore, LookFantastic, Cult Beauty, and Beauty Bay affiliate programs.