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draftkings affiliate program

DraftKings Affiliate Program

The DraftKings affiliate program offers a lucrative opportunity for publishers to earn substantial income from attracting new users.


25-40% per valid referral



Check, Wire, PayPal

DraftKings is one of the largest daily fantasy sports and sports betting operators. The DraftKings affiliate program offers immense earning potential for affiliates who can promote their platforms

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the program. By the end, you’ll find out whether it’s right for you. Let’s dive in!

What is DraftKings?

DraftKings is a renowned sports entertainment and gaming company. It offers a dynamic platform for daily fantasy sports, sports betting, and online casino games.

With a user-friendly interface and a vast array of sports and contests, DraftKings provides an immersive experience for sports enthusiasts. Known for its innovation and commitment to fair play, DraftKings has become a leading destination for those seeking the thrill of fantasy sports and real-money gaming.

How Does the DraftKings Affiliate Program Operate?

The DraftKings Affiliate Program allows publishers to earn commissions by referring new customers to its platform.

The program is ideal for websites, blogs, influencers, and publishers in fantasy sports, sports betting, gambling, or sports niches. Any platform with an audience interested in DraftKings products makes a great fit.

When a referred customer clicks your link to join as a DraftKings user, you earn money in commission. As an affiliate, you receive a unique DraftKings tracking link to promote across your website, social media, email, YouTube, etc.

DraftKings Affiliate Commissions and Payment Details

DraftKings affiliates can earn between 25-40% revenue share. Specifically, DraftKings offers a 40% commission for the first 30 days and a 25% recurring commission on further purchases.

DraftKings manages all tracking, reporting, and payments in-house. Your commissions and metrics are viewable in your affiliate dashboard.

Payments are made monthly by check, wire, or PayPal in USD only. Publishers must have at least $75 for their payment to be processed.

Pros and Cons of Joining the DraftKings Affiliate Program

Pros Cons
High and recurring commission rates (25-40%) High payout threshold ($75)
Detailed tracking & reporting Limited geographical reach
Diverse promotional support

The program possesses many different pros and cons for publishers to consider.

In fact, DraftKings provides one of the most lucrative commission structures up to 40% for the first successful recommendation. Hereafter, you will receive a 25% recurring commission based on the referral’s net revenue. It also provides many marketing materials like banners to help you promote effectively.

In contrast, there are some concerning issues. $75 is such a high minimum payout balance that it will cost affiliates long-term efforts to receive a substantial income. Also, it only operates in a limited number of countries worldwide.

How to Join the DraftKings Affiliate Program

Follow this step-by-step guide to join the DraftKings affiliate program:

Step 1: Visit the DraftKings Affiliate homepage
Go to the DraftKings affiliate homepage to learn about the program via: https://www.draftkings.com/affiliates. Click the “Contact Us” button in the center to move to the application form.

Step 2: Complete the registration form
This form appears as the “DraftKings Affiliates Interest Survey”. Fill in all the needed information and click “Submit”.

Step 3: Wait for approval and start promoting
After submitting the application, DraftKings will review and get back to you within 1 week.

Once approved, you will gain access to your DraftKings affiliate dashboard to start promoting and earning commissions.

Best Ways to Achieve Success in the DraftKings Affiliate Program

To increase your DraftKings earnings, publishers may consider applying the following tips.

It’s necessary for creators to utilize multichannel marketing. You can leverage multiple marketing channels, including social media, blogs, and email newsletters, to reach a broader audience. Tailoring your promotional strategies for each platform can maximize visibility.

Moreover, it’s highly recommended for creators to stay updated on related trends. Publishers should keep themselves informed about sports trends, upcoming events, and changes in sports schedules. Timely content related to popular sports events can attract more traffic to your affiliate links.

What’s more, engaging with the DraftKings community can provide insights, foster credibility, and enhance your affiliate marketing efforts. You can participate in the DraftKings community, forums, and social media groups.

Regularly evaluate your strategies to ensure you keep earning the most with the program.


Does DraftKings operate an affiliate program?

Yes. DraftKings operates an affiliate program allowing commissions to earn income by attracting new users.

Who should join the DraftKings affiliate program?

The DraftKings affiliate program is perfect for publishers, bloggers, influencers, and website owners focusing on sports. They can be interested in daily fantasy sports, sports betting, gambling, or general sports.

Is there a fee to join the DraftKings affiliate program?

No, there are no fees to join and take part in the DraftKings affiliate program. Signing up and promoting is free.

How can I promote DraftKings as an affiliate?

There are many ways for you to promote DraftKings as an affiliate partner. One of the best ways is to start a blog around the niche and use social channels to promote your links

Can I earn $1k a month with the DraftKings affiliate program?

There is no limit on how much you can earn. Yet, you have to consider the fact that it is quite hard to find a warm audience in this niche. Still, with a large user base, $1k a month isn’t a big milestone to achieve.

What are the payment methods provided by the program?

DraftKings affiliates can withdraw money via cheques, PayPal, or bank wire transfers.

How long does it take for the withdrawal process to be finished?

DraftKings will process it within five business days.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a DraftKings affiliate?

No, there are no minimum requirements. It’s important to create content your audience finds valuable to join.

Can the DraftKings program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. You can combine promoting DraftKings offers and products with other affiliate programs. There are no exclusivity restrictions.

What are the best DraftKings affiliate program alternatives?

Some alternatives include Fanduel, Betmgm, Sportsbook, Caesars Sportsbook, Prizepicks, etc.