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ecwid affiliate program

Ecwid Affiliate Program

Ecwid affiliate program offers a lucrative opportunity for publishers via a recurring commission structure. Get started today to make your steady extra income!


20% lifetime commission


Not required



Ecwid is one of the leading cloud-based e-commerce platforms empowering merchants to start their businesses. Ecwid allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting this platform.

Today, we’ll help you learn about the Ecwid affiliate program in this comprehensive article. Let’s dive in to see if this opportunity is right for you!

Overview of Ecwid

Ecwid is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create an online store directly on their website or social media pages. Founded in 2009, Ecwid is now favored by over 1.5 million merchants worldwide.

Ecwid offers free and paid subscription plans for small businesses, online sellers, and brands. It makes e-commerce easy and accessible to the masses with various features like order pickup and advertising tools.

Overview of the Ecwid Affiliate Program

The Ecwid affiliate program provides an opportunity to earn competitive commissions by attracting paid subscriptions. For each plan sold through your affiliate link, you will receive a recurring commission from Ecwid.

Ecwid allows everyone to sign up for this program. Whether you are an Ecwid user, website manager, influencer, blogger, or freelancer, it’s open to you. And publishers do not need to pay any kind of fee to sign up.

In addition, affiliate partners of Ecwid will receive customized referral links to incorporate into their sites or channels.

Ecwid Affiliate Commissions and Payment Details

Ecwid pays a 20% lifetime commission for its affiliate marketers. When your audience signs up through your shared link and purchases a plan, you will receive 20% of that subscription’s value. You will still be commissioned if your referral maintains the subscription. As.

There is no cookie duration applied in this program. As a result, affiliates are under no time pressure to conduct promotional activities. Once you become an Ecwid affiliate, you gain access to a dashboard with automatic commission tracking.

To withdraw money, your affiliate revenue must reach at least $100. Your commission payouts are processed on the 10th of each month via PayPal only. In case your income is less than $10 on the 10th, then your affiliate payouts are paid on the 10th of next month.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Ecwid Affiliate Program

Joining this program can bring you both benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits Drawbacks
Recurring commission (20% per subscription) High minimum payout balance ($100)
No cookie duration Limited payment method (PayPal only)

The biggest benefit of this program is its competitive recurring commission (20%). Once your referrals are eligible, you will automatically receive commissions every month given that their payments are maintained. This can ensure you a steady stream of affiliate income.

In addition, Ecwid does not apply a cookie policy for this program. Affiliates can freely conduct their promotional activities without time constraints.

However, affiliates need to reach at least $100 in the Awaiting Payout field before they can receive their income. Also, having only PayPal as the payment option might be inconvenient for recipients.

Ecwid Affiliate Program Sign-up Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Ecwid affiliate program.

Step 1: Visit the Ecwid affiliate homepage

To learn more about this program, you can visit its main site at: https://www.ecwid.com/partners/affiliate?repeat=w3tc.

Step 2: Access the registration site

On the homepage, click the “Let’s Work Together” button to move to the application site.

Step 3: Complete the application form

You need to fill in the required information. Then, read through the agreement on terms and conditions before ticking the acceptance box.

After that, click “Become an Ecwid WebPartner!” to submit your request.

Step 4: Wait for approval and begin promoting

It may take several days for Ecwid to review and respond to your application request.

Once approved, you will receive your unique referral link to start promoting. Now the affiliate dashboard will be your real-time performance tracking.

How Can You Maximize Your Income As an Ecwid Affiliate?

To increase your income, affiliates may consider utilizing some tips below.

Firstly, publishers should invest in developing their affiliate sites to attract and convince the audience. A well-built site can enhance your credibility and drive more sales

Next, discounts are a great way to urge your audience to make purchases. Affiliates can negotiate with Ecwid for special deals or discount codes to share. Customers will be pleased to pay less money for a high-quality product.

What’s more, it’s important for creators to align their content with search intent through SEO tools. This can help you save lots of time while ensuring your posts’ high visibility in the search engines and page results.

Additionally, publishers may take advantage of Ecwid’s automatic tracking tool to analyze and monitor their performance. It helps you identify the most effective strategies and adjust your approach accordingly.

Affiliates have keep in mind that each of their strategy must be in line with the program’s terms and conditions.

Is the Ecwid Affiliate Program Worthwhile?

The Ecwid affiliate program offers a recurring passive income stream, making it a lucrative opportunity.

For example, if you referred 10 new customers for a $82.5 unlimited subscription, you could potentially generate $165 in monthly passive earnings. While it may take consistent effort to get to this level, the income will continue as long as your referrals stay active.

Compared to other software affiliate programs, Ecwid provides an accessible opportunity to tap into recurring revenue from ongoing merchant subscriptions.

For publishers with a wide audience, the program is definitely profitable. By maintaining seamless integration, affiliates can accumulate a large income over time.


Does Ecwid operate an affiliate program?

Yes. Ecwid’s affiliate program allows publishers to earn lifetime commissions by promoting this platform.

Who should join the Ecwid Affiliate program?

The Ecwid affiliate program is ideal for website owners, bloggers, and influencers in e-commerce, online selling, online business, and WordPress.

Is there a fee to join the Ecwid Affiliate program?

No. There is no fee to join the Ecwid affiliate program. Sign-up is free to start earning commissions.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an Ecwid affiliate?

Ecwid does not appear to have any specific minimum traffic or sales requirements. However, your application must be approved before promoting Ecwid.

Can the Ecwid program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. Ecwid affiliates are free to promote other complementary software, e-commerce, and SaaS affiliate offers along with Ecwid.

What are the best Ecwid affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are Omnisend, Optimizepress, Outgrow, Shopify, Wix Stores, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3dcart, and Squarespace e-commerce affiliate programs.