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getyourguide affiliate program

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

The GetYourGuide affiliate program allows you to earn commission in the travel niche. Let’s dive deep into our review to learn more.


8% base rate


30 days


Bank transfer, PayPal

If you have a passion for travel and are looking to monetize from your blog or website, you’ve come to the right spot. This article will delve into the details of the GetYourGuide affiliate program, providing insights into how it can positively impact both you and your content.

Overview of GetYourGuide

Founded in 2009, GetYourGuide is a leading online booking platform for tours, activities, and attractions worldwide. They work directly with local operators and suppliers to offer authentic, high-quality experiences at competitive prices.

GetYourGuide simplifies travel planning with a vast catalog of over 50,000 experiences across 170+ countries. Travelers can effortlessly search, compare prices, read verified reviews, and instantly book tours and activities using the GetYourGuide website or mobile app.

Overview of the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

The GetYourGuide Affiliate Program allows partners to earn commissions by promoting GetYourGuide experiences on their websites and platforms.

As a GetYourGuide affiliate, you will receive a unique trackable link to promote on your website, content, email lists, etc. When visitors click on your link and make a booking, the sale is attributed to you as a commission.

The GetYourGuide Affiliate Program is ideal for travel bloggers, content creators, influencers, travel companies, and website owners related to OTAs, metasearch, loyalty, and cashback sites.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program: Commission Rate and Payment Details

GetYourGuide offers a competitive minimum commission rate of 8% on completed bookings. The exact commission percentage may vary depending on the type and location of the booking.

GetYourGuide offers a 30-day cookie duration, so you’ll earn commissions on bookings made up to 30 days after clicking your link.

Your earnings are made monthly based on 2 payment methods. You can choose to get paid via Paypal with no payout threshold. If you prefer a bank transfer,  your commission must exceed $50 to be eligible for withdrawal. You can see more details on the GetYourGuide Resources Center.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program: Benefits and Drawbacks

Let’s consider the benefits and drawbacks when promoting the GetYourGuide affiliate program:

Pros Cons
Huge product inventory Lack local expertise
High commission rates (8%) Limited availability in some markets
Easy-to-use dashboard
Marketing tools
Dedicated support

You’ll get several benefits as a GetYourGuide affiliate. First, they have over 50,000 bookable travel experiences worldwide, giving you plenty of products to choose from. The 8% base commission rate is also very competitive in the travel activities space.

Plus, GetYourGuide provides various assets, including banners, text links, and travel content, to help you promote easily. A user-friendly analytics suite and automated widgets also help maximize your income.

However, GetYourGuide has disadvantages that affect promotion. Being an online platform, GetYourGuide may lack local expertise and struggle to provide authentic experiences in some destinations. Their services may be limited in certain countries, such as Asia countries.

How to Become a GetYourGuide Affiliate (Step-by-step)

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the GetYourGuide affiliate program in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the program signup page

Visit the GetYourGuide affiliate program page and click “Sign up”. This will take you to the signup page.

Step 2: Fill in the application

Fill in all the required information about yourself and your website. You need to 3 steps to complete your application.

Step 3: Submit and wait for approval

Submit your application after you read through and agree to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. GetYourGuide will review your request and get back to you soon on your approval status.

Step 4: Get links and promote

Once approved, you will gain access to your unique affiliate links and tracking IDs. You can use these to promote GetYourGuide and start earning commissions when referrals make bookings.

The process is quick and easy to get up and running. Just focus on driving relevant traffic and conversions once you are accepted.

How to Maximize Your Earnings as a GetYourGuide Affiliate

Here are some tips to help maximize your earnings as a GetYourGuide affiliate:

First, it’s essential to focus on high-commission products. Several popular, high-ticket walking tours, attractions, and activities offer commissions of over $50 per purchase. You can highlight unique and sought-after experiences that travelers are likely to book.

Next, consider creating targeted landing pages catering to your niche and locale. For example, if your audience is interested in historical sites, create a landing page featuring popular historical tours available through GetYourGuide.

You can utilize social media to promote GetYourGuide products. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer various attractive content, including reels, videos, or images. This approach can easily capture the attention of your followers.

Plus, you should optimize your promotional efforts for conversions by incorporating clear call-to-actions and trust factors. You can feature customer reviews and security badges to instill confidence in potential users.

You can also consider offering exclusive promo codes for GetYourGuide to your email subscribers and social media followers. This adds value for your audience and provides an extra incentive for them to use your affiliate links when booking.

Is the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Worth It?

Whether the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program is worth it depends on your niche, audience, and business model. But used strategically, it can certainly deliver solid commissions.

To estimate your potential earnings, you’ll need to look at:

  • Your website/platform traffic – How many visits do you get per month? What is your website conversion rate?
  • Relevant product selection – How many GetYourGuide products match your audience’s interests?
  • Niche competition – Does GetYourGuide dominate bookable activities in your vertical/location?
  • Commission rates – What is the average booking value you can expect to earn 8% on?

Compared to other affiliate programs, GetYourGuide offers high commissions in the tours and activities space. However, it may take time to build up substantial earnings, especially in competitive markets. Set realistic expectations, test different products and promotions, and focus on quality over quantity referrals.

With clever marketing and optimization, you can certainly leverage the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program to generate secondary income streams from your platform over time.


Who should join the GetYourGuide affiliate program?

The GetYourGuide affiliate program is ideal for travel bloggers, website owners, content creators, tourism boards, travel companies, OTAs, metasearch sites, loyalty and cashback sites, and anyone with an audience interested in booking travel activities.

Is there a fee to join the GetYourGuide affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the GetYourGuide affiliate program. You can sign up for free on their website or through an affiliate network.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a GetYourGuide Affiliate?

There are no major minimum requirements. GetYourGuide reviews all applications and accepts affiliates globally. Having an established travel website, social following, or email list can help boost earnings potential.

Can the GetYourGuide program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, absolutely. You can promote GetYourGuide with other travel booking sites, location-based affiliates, credit cards, and more. Combining multiple programs can help diversify your earnings.

What are the best GetYourGuide affiliate program alternatives?

Top alternatives for booking travel activities include Viator, Klook, Musement, Voyagin, Ticketbar, and Tiqets affiliate programs. For general travel bookings, major OTAs like Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, TourRada, Viator, WayAway, Hostelworld, EconomyBookings, Omio, and Tripadvisor also offer affiliate programs.