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Michael Kors Affiliate Program

Michael Kors Affiliate Program

Discover if the Michael Kors Affiliate Program is right for you. We'll check out the good stuff, possible downsides, and if it suits your affiliate marketing goals. Let's find out if jumping into the Michael Kors affiliate world is a smart move for your online journey!


3% on all items, 6% on all items


30 days


Amex, PayPal PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoin and credit cards

Discover if the Michael Kors Affiliate Program is right for you. We’ll check out the good stuff, possible downsides, and if it suits your affiliate marketing goals. Let’s find out if jumping into the Michael Kors affiliate world is a smart move for your online journey!

Overview of Michael Kors

Established in 1981 by designer of luxury accessories Michael Kors, the globally renowned American luxury fashion brand Michael Kors is celebrated for its chic and glamorous style in ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for both women and men.

With over 450 retail stores worldwide, it has become a multibillion-dollar business offering a range of products, including handbags, watches, jewelry, footwear, apparel, fragrance products.

Their popular MICHAEL Michael Kors handbags and the Runway watch collection are noteworthy, embodying the brand’s accessible luxury and aspirational lifestyle.

Overview of Michael Kors Affiliate Program

Michael Kors Affiliate program is one of the famous luxury affiliate programs list.

The Michael Kors Affiliate Program allows publishers and influencers to earn income by promoting Michael Kors products and driving sales.

Once approved, affiliates access various resources, including banner creatives, text links, exclusive deals, and commission payouts. Geared towards fashion, beauty, lifestyle bloggers, influencers, content creators, loyalty, cashback, and deal websites focusing on women’s accessories, the program allows affiliates to share unique discount codes.

By directing new customers to michaelkors.com through their links, affiliates earn commissions on qualifying purchases, making it a mutually beneficial arrangement for affiliates and the brand.

Michael Kors Affiliate Program Commissions and Payment Details

To team up with Michael Kors through their affiliate program, you can sign up on either Commission Factory or Awin network.

Commission Factory offers a 3% commission on all items with a 30-day cookie period. You can cash in through Amex or PayPal.

Awin, on the other hand, boosts the commission to 6%, and the cookie lasts for 30 days. Payments roll in via PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoin, or credit cards with a payout threshold of $50.

Your commissions are tracked for purchases made within 120 days after a click on your affiliate link. Payouts happen monthly once you hit the minimum payment threshold set by your affiliate network.

Benefits & Drawbacks for Affiliate Marketers

Before deciding to join the Michael Kors affiliate program, weighing several factors is crucial.

Pros Cons
  • Popular Luxury Brand
  • High Lifetime Value
  • New Product Launches
  • Marketing Assets Provided
  • Global Ecommerce Presence
  • Seasonal Opportunity for Affiliates
  • Dedicated Affiliate Team
  • High Competition
  • Duplicate Content Risks
  • Impact of Sales and Seasonal Offers

Joining the Michael Kors affiliate program offers numerous benefits, including the appeal of a famous luxury brand and high customer lifetime value.

Affiliates can leverage new product launches potential influencer collaborations, and access a range of marketing assets. The global ecommerce presence and seasonal opportunities add to the program’s appeal, complemented by the support of a dedicated affiliate team.

However, it’s essential to consider the cons. Exclusions exist on promotional products, potential challenges due to high competition, and risks associated with duplicate content.

The impact of sales and seasonal offers on baseline commission rates and the limitation to monitored affiliate platforms are factors to weigh when evaluating the program’s suitability for individual affiliate marketers.

How to Become a Michael Kors Affiliate?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join the Michael Kors affiliate program:

Step 1: Choose an Affiliate Network
Sign up for an affiliate network with Michael Kors like Commission Junction, Impact, Rakuten Marketing, or Pepperjam.

Step 2: Submit an Application
Once signed up with a network, find Michael Kors in their advertiser list and submit an application to join their program.

Step 3: Get Approved
The Michael Kors affiliate team will review your application and approve or deny based on relevance of your website/audience. Approval usually takes a few days.

Step 4: Access Links and Creatives
After approval, login to your affiliate network dashboard to access your unique Michael Kors affiliate links, banner ads, text links, promo codes, etc.

Step 5: Start Promoting
Place links, banners, or content on your site. When visitors click and purchase at michaelkors.com, you’ll earn your commission.

Maximizing Your Earnings

Try these savvy moves if you aim to amp up your earnings while promoting Michael Kors goodies. Dive deep into the details with reviews and style guides, spotlighting the newest handbags, shoes, and watches.

Capture attention by comparing top-selling Michael Kors items, and create some buzz with unboxing videos and initial impressions, especially for the latest launches.

Keep your audience in the loop about sales and seasonal deals during holidays and events, and sweeten the deal with promo codes.

Improve your online visibility by targeting keywords like “Michael Kors bag review” and “Michael Kors watch unboxing.” Extend your reach through social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, and don’t forget to tap into your engaged mailing lists with tempting email offers.

Lastly, keep an eye out for seasonal affiliate contests to add an extra dash of excitement to your strategy.


Does Michael Kors have affiliate program?

Yes, it does. You can join the Michael Kors affiliate program via Commission Factor and Awin networks.

Is it free to join the Michael Kors affiliate program?

There is no fee to join the Michael Kors affiliate program. You simply need to get approved through one of their affiliate platforms like Commission Junction, Impact, or Rakuten Marketing.

What are the best Michael Kors affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are other luxury fashion brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, Gucci, as well as general apparel affiliate programs like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and ShopStyle

Where can I join the Michael Kors Affiliate Program?

You can join the Michael Kors affiliate program via Commission Factor and Awin networks. The Commission Factor network offers a commission of 3% while Awin offers 6% on all items.