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notino affiliate program

Notino Affiliate Program

The Notino Affiliate Program provides a profitable chance to earn commissions with the beauty niche. Read more detailed information in the article!


4% - 6% per sale


15 days


Direct Deposit, Check, PayPal or Payoneer

Notino is Europe’s largest online retailer of beauty and health products. The brand’s massive traffic and repeat transactions offer publishers a lucrative opportunity through their affiliate program.

This article goes into the details of the Notino Affiliate Program, providing useful information to help you decide if it’s right for your promotions.

Overview of Notino

Founded in 2004 in the Czech Republic, Notino has become one of the leading online stores in Europe for beauty products.

Notino sets itself apart by offering a wide range of over 83,000 products from over 1500 top brands. This includes popular drugstore brands, premium cosmetics, niche and professional hair/skincare ranges, fragrances for men and women, and more. They also stock health products, makeup tools, and accessories.

With fast shipping, excellent customer service, and competitive prices, it’s easy to see why Notino is so popular among beauty lovers. Notino delivers to over 28 countries worldwide and has opened 26 stores, with localized sites and payment/shipping options to make ordering convenient.

Overview of the Notino Affiliate Program

Notino Affiliate Program is a beauty affiliate program. Hosted by Commission Junction – CJ Affiliate, the Notino Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions by promoting beauty and perfume products from Notino. When your referrals click and buy Notino products via your link, you will earn commissions.

The program is free to take part in, and there are no special requirements before applying. As a Notino affiliate, you’ll have access to text links, display banners, and other promotional materials to incorporate into your website, emails, social media, etc.

The program is ideal for beauty and fashion bloggers, influencers, and website owners in related niches like cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrances, health, and wellness. With Notino’s enormous catalog of beauty products, you’ll find plenty of options to showcase and recommend to your audience.

Notino Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

The Notino Affiliate Program offers a 4% – 6% commission rate on all sales you generate. Commission applies to all products site-wide, excluding gift cards. With 40 GBP as the average order value, you can earn at least 1,6 GBP per online order.

The cookie duration is 15 days. This means you’ll earn commissions for 15 days on any purchases made by users you’ve referred to Notino.

Monthly payments will be made to you via Direct Deposit, Check, PayPal, or Payoneer based on CJ Affiliate methods. There are no minimum rewards, and commissions can be withdrawn at any time.

Pros and Cons of the Notino Affiliate Program

Pros  Cons
No minimum requirements Low commission rate (4-6%)
Turnkey assets High competition
Various beauty items
Free to sign-up

There are several advantages to becoming a Notino affiliate. Notino has a huge selection of over 83,000 beauty items making it easy to match products to your audience. Besides, Notino offers a lot of promotional affiliate marketing for you to choose and use.

However, the program provides a low commission rate (4% – 6%) on all products. This number will take a long time for you to gain a sustainable affiliate income. On the other hand, the high competition in the beauty niche makes it harder for you to compete with top affiliates.

How to Boost Your Affiliate Income with the Notino Affiliate Program?

Here are some pointers to help you earn more money as a Notino affiliate:

Firstly, on your website or blog, you can create dedicated posts reviewing or recommending Notino’s products in depth. Remember to link your affiliate links and utilize Notino’s promotional materials along with the posts.

After that, you should diversify your promotional activities to hold and gain more customers. You can create YouTube videos featuring/demonstrating Notino products or leverage influencer marketing by reaching out to beauty influencers (Offer them an incentive to partner with you),…

Another effective approach is to build an email list and send out regular promos with your affiliate links. You can offer incentives such as discount codes, special events of Notino seasons, new products, etc. Sometimes, you might send emails to remind them about Notino’s selection.

The final step is to manage the promotion’s effectiveness. To ensure your progress with the program, you can track your affiliate work over a week, a month, or a quarter. You also can ask for support from CJ Affiliate or Notino to gain more information about your affiliate work. This reflection activity can help you grow better in affiliate work.

Is the Notino Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Notion Affiliate offers at least 1,6 GBP for each online order and a turnkey promotional asset. Those things are worth the benefits for beginners to start with.

With over 83,000 beauty products, you likely won’t have trouble finding relevant products that your audience will love. Thus, you can gain good commission based on their various and high-demand items.

Moreover, Notino has a good reputation for the long term. This means you can persuade customers to buy their beauty product more easily than the newcomers.

Suppose you have a strong presence with international followers or can create high-quality content centered on mid-range and luxury beauty brands. In that case, the Notino Affiliate Program has excellent earnings potential.


  • Who should join the Notino Affiliate Program?

Beauty, cosmetics, and fragrance bloggers or influencers should join the Notino program to earn commissions promoting their products. The program offers attractive rewards for driving sales in the beauty niche.

  • Is there a fee to join the Notino Affiliate Program?

No, there are no fees to join the Notino affiliate program as an approved publisher. Sign-up is free.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Notino affiliate?

Notino does not list any minimum traffic or sales requirements to join, making the program accessible for beginners.

  • How long does getting approved for the Notino Affiliate Program take?

The approval process takes 1-3 business days after applying to the Notino affiliate program.

  • How long is the cookie duration for the Notino Affiliate Program?

The Notino Affiliate program cookie duration is 15 days for tracked clicks and sales.

  • What is the payment method for Notino Affiliates?

Notino pays affiliates monthly via Direct Deposit, Check, PayPal or Payoneer.

  • Can the Notino program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, the Notino program can be combined with other affiliate offers as it allows the promotion of non-competitive brands.

  • What are the best Notino Affiliate Program alternatives?

Top alternatives include Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and other major cosmetics and fragrance brands with high commissions.